Thomas Galloway: The Real Face of BLM

In April of 2021, President Joe Biden made the following statement on live television:

We won’t ignore what our intelligence agencies have determined to be the most lethal terrorist threat to our homeland today: White supremacy is terrorism.

Joe Biden

But what if I told you there was a far more insidious terror group active in the U.S.? One that has brought mayhem, destruction, violence, and even death to cities across the U.S. One that aids and abets a type of terrorist the FBI has issued specific warnings about, and that venerates terrorists of the past. One that enjoys the support of millions of U.S. citizens and has garnered millions of dollars in donations, much of which is spent on lavish personal items, including mansions. One that utilizes deceptive propaganda on a massive scale, seeks to dismantle our Republic and society completely and has infiltrated our own government all the way up to the presidency. Would you find this cause for concern?

Such a group does, in fact, exist, and you know its name: Black Lives Matter.

The destructive, violent, and sometimes lethal nature of BLM’s tactics has been on full display for a decade. The Ferguson riots over criminal Michael Brown, alone, caused not only millions of dollars in damages, but forced the terminal closure of 17 businesses, and amounted to incalculable opportunity costs in the form of lost employment, payroll/sales/property taxes, and long-term community prosperity.

Riots over criminal Jacob Blake’s shooting caused damages up to $50 million, and the nationwide riots over criminal George Floyd, in what professionals in the field called “a multi-state catastrophic event”, amounted to an estimated $2 billion worth of damage. Of course, the destruction of cities and businesses (many black-owned), attacks on police, and even arson attacks against police stations are terroristic in nature, but the murders committed during these riotous actions, along with those committed by operatives motivated by racial grievance industry rhetoric are the most unconscionable. The entire nation saw this play out when the father of 8-year-old murder victim Secoriea Turner spoke out against BLM, saying, “They say black lives matter,” Turner’s father said. “You killed your own. You killed your own this time. …You killed a child. She didn’t do nothing to nobody,”.

Of course, the terrorist acts committed in conjunction with BLM’s actions in the streets of our communities are usually waved away by the organization as acts committed by outside agitators, lone wolves, or the like. This abdication of responsibility is rather odd, in that, for a period of four years, the usual political figures who spun constant narratives insisting that then-president Donald Trump’s rhetoric drove hate crimes against minorities simultaneously marched with and even funded BLM’s hate-driven agenda with taxpayer dollars.

The bizarre nature of this denial is further compounded by the fact that BLM leaders have issued blatantly terroristic threats, such as that stated by Greater New York Black Lives Matter President Hawk Newsom, in which he declared, “If this country doesn’t give us what we want, then we will burn down this system and replace it.” This was, of course, under the letter of New York law, a terroristic threat, yet somehow went unaddressed as such.

Beyond that, the BLM denial of the terrorist nature of their organization becomes even more deceptive and ridiculous, given that some of their leaders have been charged with violent crimes committed during protests, such as Clyde Mclemore, founder of Lake County Black Lives Matter, who, during an attempt to storm a public safety building while the mayor was giving a speech, committed battery on a law enforcement officer. Another BLM organizer, Quintez Brown, attempted to assassinate a Louisville mayoral candidate and was immediately bailed out of jail by BLM affiliates.

How do they get away with this? Even the FBI has issued a warning about “Black Identity Extremists”, in which “those who use ‘political reasons — including racism or injustice in American society’ to justify violence” are designated as domestic terror threats. Yet BLM leadership is allowed to make terroristic threats and their followers are allowed to carry out terrorism without the organization being labeled appropriately. From whence does this privilege arise? The answer lies with one of the most effective propaganda machines ever assembled in recent history.

The propagandist formula utilized by BLM follows the same divide-and-conquer template used throughout history by various tyrants. A scapegoat is identified that no one of moral character could oppose fighting against and a movement built around it, with the scapegoat portrayed as the source of the misfortunes the audience has experienced, and the us-versus-them division begins.

Hitler framed his propaganda through a good-German-people-who’ve-been-impoverished vs. the-Jews-who-impoverished-them perspective. Genocidal Communist revolutions of the last century frame it through a good-workers-of-the-proletariat-who’ve-been-oppressed vs. the-bourgeoisie-who-oppress-them lens. Holy wars and witch burnings throughout history have employed this tactic. BLM now frames its propaganda through a national narrative of blacks-who-are-being-systematically-oppressed vs. racist-white-supremacists-who-are-oppressing-them.

Never mind that it’s a complete fiction by any number of metrics; it’s extremely effective. As the majority in our society rightly abhors racism, no one wants to be perceived as racist, and they are easily steered as a result. Combined with the vast scope of the internet; the classic divide-and-rule-tactic is now able to be spread in a volume never before seen in history. The lack of critical thinking and short attention span of the average person in the U.S. plays a key role as well.

BLM’s propaganda machine repeatedly uses a formula in which they cite outcomes without acknowledging inputs, then allege said outcomes to be the product of racism, which the average citizen who wants to be on the “right side” accepts without inquiry. Then, when the allegations of racism are disproven later, the news cycle has moved on, and the lie is firmly entrenched as truth in the national narrative.

The most glaring example of this can be found in the fact that NONE of the deaths of blacks at the hands of police protested by BLM were ever shown to be the result of racist policing, as BLM so fervently alleged, but examples abound in numerous categories where BLM rhetoric is applied, from poverty to housing to education, and others. Of course, the deafening silence of BLM on the matter of black-on-black violence, including homicide rates, is indicative of duplicity, as well.

Media complicity and endorsement by the political elite have played a major role in the effectiveness of the BLM propaganda campaign. Fictitious coverage, lack of in-depth analysis, disguising op-eds as actual journalism, and even deliberate obfuscation, such as downplaying or omitting altogether the race of black murderers from reporting have been the default setting of the mainstream media in the U.S. during the ascendance of BLM.

Political endorsements include not only those of local leaders who kowtow to the BLM terror machine but have even been extended by members of Congress and by presidents Barack Obama and Joe Biden. That these endorsements of a terrorist organization have not prevented millions of people from voting for these political elites illustrates the effectiveness of BLM’s propaganda campaign.

Of course, some politicians, such as Olympia Mayor Cheryl Selby, who formerly endorsed BLM and abruptly reversed course after her own home was vandalizedmay experience the consequences of their endorsements (Selby was quite quick to apply the “domestic terrorism” label, once she became a victim), but largely they remain free of the consequences of their actions and thus continue to perpetuate the fictions employed by BLM.

With the admission of BLM co-founder Patrisse Collurs that she and her cohorts are, “trained Marxists”, and an examination of history, the motivation becomes quite clear. Nearly a century ago, a black former Communist Party operative named Manning Johnson described tactics and motives used by the party that are virtually identical to those in use today by the racial grievance industry at large, including BLM.

“Stirring up race and class conflict…to start local fires of discontent, conflict, and revolt….to start a general conflagration..concocted by Stalin….white leftists descended on black [sic] communities like locusts, posing as ‘friends’ come to help ‘liberate’….an interracialism artificially created, cleverly devised as a camouflage of the red plot to use the black [sic] man”. If this is sounding familiar to you, it should. To simplify; “trained Marxists” are using the very same tactics created by Joseph Stalin last century to foment violence. But to what end?

BLM not only rejects the legal system that is a barrier to criminal activity that hurts black communities (search FBI UCR tables and the National Crime Victimization for information on who-really-hurts-who) and the principles of the Republic which ended slavery and brought about the Civil Rights Act but have even recently declared that their intention is, “the disruption of Western nuclear family dynamics and a return to the ‘collective village’”.

Given the definition of the nuclear family, this “disruption” represents supplanting parental values and authority with those of the state and is a chilling reminder of the dynamics present in the Cold War, in which even children were encouraged to “inform” on their parents for any perceived disloyalty to the State-as-God. What do they want? The same level of state control and deprivation of liberty that Nazis, Fascists, and Communists implemented last century in the countries they infested.

Of course, throughout the history of the racial grievance industry, profit has been a motive as well. The notorious demagogue and tax cheat Al Sharpton, who spearheaded the Tawana Brawley race hoax in 1987, has raked in millions of dollars over the years during his tenure as race pimp (Roberts, Klein 2019), and these antics continue today as politicians, media celebrities and even actors manufacture racial crises for their own gain.

BLM is no exception, having amassed hundreds of millions of dollars in funds from donations. BLM has also followed Sharpton’s lead by cheating on its taxes, has had its charitable registration revoked in eight states, and is under investigation in three others (Post Editorial Board, 2022). Investigations are mounting into the financial misdeeds of the leadership, such as racist Monica Cannon-Grant, who has attacked blacks who dare to marry outside of their race while pilfering charitable funds entrusted to her (Kerr, 2022), and even co-founder Patrisse Cullors now finds herself at the center of an investigation. Of course, the response by Cullors when called out for her racketeering, including the purchase of multiple million-dollar homes (Magee, 2021) is typical BLM deception – Cullors claims that she never heard of the IRS Form 990 used by all nonprofits (despite being the head of the organization from its beginning), declaring that, “It is such a trip now to hear the term ‘990…I’m, like, ugh. It’s, like, triggering…. I actually did not know what 990s were before all of this happened”.

She then doubles down on the absurdity by stating, “This doesn’t seem safe for us…this nonprofit structure…this is, like, deeply unsafe…this is literally being weaponized against us…that leads to deep, like, resistance and trauma”. Evidently, being a “trained Marxist” does not include exposure to the systems of taxation and financial accountability every single citizen of the Republic is subjected to any more than it does a primer on public speaking.

With the information heretofore presented in the short scope of this document, it is self-evident that BLM is racketeering, propagandizing, a terrorist organization bent on the destruction of our Republic. The question then, is – what’s to be done?

For starters, ask yourself – do I want these outcomes that BLM and the racial grievance industry are attempting to bring to fruition for my children, my family, my friends, and my community? Do I want to live in a world where terror reigns, where the propagandized mob in the street dictates destructive, top-down policies run by a racist dictatorship? Do I want to see an end to meritocracy and personal accountability? Do I wish to live in a nation where law and order are capriciously applied based on race instead of reason? Do I want to see lies and propaganda dominate the national discourse, instead of truth and integrity? Do I want to see my fellow citizens who happen to be black labeled as inferior and used as pawns in a political gambit while never seeing improvements in outcomes for their communities?

If your answer to any of these questions is, “no”, then reject it. At every turn. Stop fearing the smearing. You may be incorrectly labeled as a racist by the industry, as so many others have, but if enough people reject this tactic, it loses its power. Publicly and vociferously denounce BLM as a terrorist organization.

Do not allow their emblems and propaganda to permeate your local school systems anymore than you would permit the promotion of Nazism or other forms of racist hatred. Analyze every statement made by BLM, the racial grievance industry, and their enablers and apologists as propaganda, and learn to perceive the tactics used by them.

Understand that black voices are not monolithic and seek sources by black authors and speakers outside the popular narratives. In short, think for yourself, research everything carefully, call out lies when you detect them, and take a stand against the bullies.

Stand up for the Republic, while we still have one.

Thomas Galloway is a veteran of the military and law enforcement and has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Education, a Master of Business Administration, and multiple vocational degrees and professional certificates. Passionate about logic, rhetoric, and critical thinking, Thomas seeks to preserve the Republic through informed dialogue and responsible action at all levels.

This article originally appeared at Wrong Speak Publishing. Reprinted here with permission

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  1. What the left will never admit is that they are the ones who are the white supremacists. Listen to them, sometimes. Even Dr. Jill Biden lets it slip out on occasion. BLM is just another radical leftist violence movement, intended to destroy anything good left in the US.

    They always let it slip out when they are drunk with power, or think they are the “Almighty”. They get a little more loose, saying stuff that is offensive to blacks, or any group they think they are superior to. The rest is just a facade when they go and claim they did something for blacks.

    Anyone who bows to the altar of Margaret Sanger can’t be anything, but a white supremacist.

  2. BLM took their Marxist beliefs, multiplied them by the grifting of Jesse Jackson, squared them by the grift of Al Sharpton, and added in the violence of Antifa, destroyed millions of dollars of property, to enrich themselves at the expense of the black community on which they did not spend a dime to help. If the justice department wasn’t so corrupted, the US Attorneys would be prosecuting these people to a fare-the-well. BUT, it does no fit the corrupt justice department narrative. Sadly, by the time a conservative administration is finally installed, the statute of limitations will have run out and these thugs will skate. A two-tiered justice system at work.

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