The Face Of The Democrat Party – Ugly And Uglier

The Democrat Party is living in its own dream world, aka nightmare to normal people, where right is wrong, black is white and good is bad.  A world where there are no standards but lower ones.  A world in which leadership means kowtowing to the lowest common denominator and then lowering that bar even lower.  There is no bottom to which that party won’t stoop to.  What was once the most august deliberative body on the planet has devolved into a come as you are, pajama party of misfits, a microcosm of what they’ve turned the country into.


Exhibit A in the race to the political bottom is John Fetterman.  Fetterman is the debilitated, leftwing kook who is passing himself off as a Democrat Senator from the once great state of Pennsylvania, disguised as a high school janitor or the latest hoodie wearing white rapper, take your pick.  The Democrat Party’s lust for unencumbered, absolute power is so great that it foisted someone on the Pennsylvania body politic who literally cannot do his job.  That’s not even a policy debate.  Leave aside the fact that Fetterman is a leftist lunatic.  Forget that if left to his own devices, he would tear down all that has made this country great, our heritage, our rule of law, our founding principles.  Those are all certainly bad enough (to say the least), in and of themselves, but due to his recent stroke, he is being allowed to bring dishonor on the U.S. Senate (not that that has never been done before – Sen. Menendez, anyone?) and is causing that body to lower its standards of decorum to appease the disability sympathy crowd.


Senate Majority Leader Chuckie (not to be confused with the doll, Chuckie of the horror movies – though such confusion is understandable) has done away with the former U.S. Senate dress code to accommodate the near comatose freshman Senator from Pennsylvania.  Sweats, hoodies and shorts are now the fashion rage in our Senate, to include the floor and committees.  Just the news that Men’s Wearhouse and Brooks Brothers wanted to hear.  Be on the lookout for a discount men’s suit sale near you. 


Of course, this is a fitting compromise to a compromised Senator that can’t articulate an adult response when asked about an impeachment inquiry of Joseph Robinette.


Speaking of compromised, how is Xi Jinping’s puppet doing these days?  If poll numbers are to be believed, not too well.  Apparently, 40 or so percent of Americans still somehow, approve of the horrible state he’s put the U.S. into in just two and a half short years.  Where do those 40% live?  Nowhere near me.  With a tanking stock market, war on oil and gas, record inflation, high interest rates, continued supply chain shortages, record crime wave, no more southern border or national sovereignty…(need I continue?), what are they thinking?  Do these people live in some Democrat horror-is-good bubble?


Under the “leadership” of Comandante Dementia, our once respected and feared military is now one of the wokeist institutions in the country, and that’s saying a lot.  The former mainstay of our armed forces, underappreciated, young, white male, southern country bumpkins who have fought and won our past wars, are no longer signing up for the all-volunteer Pride Forces.  “Be All The Genders You Can Be” doesn’t excite in them the urge to defend the country.  In addition to funding an endless war in eastern Europe, the bums Joe has put in charge of our military are suing for more taxpayer funded abortions for our military birthing persons, against the law of the Hyde Amendment.  Who cares about laws? 


They’ve even threatened to hold their breath until they turn blue, till Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-AL) allows the Senate to vote en masse on all flag/woke officers that Mr. Robinette has nominated.  Thank you, Tommy! 


Our once great military is now fixated on abortions on demand and fighting climate change (with weapons of war like assault rifles, I guess), not to mention that age-old traditional warfighting goal of transitioning men to women in all ranks.  If you can’t recruit enough women, do the next best thing, create your own.  We will foo foo and shee shee our next military opponent into submission.  I can’t wait.  Neither can the Chinese.


When the corrupt, doddering fool who’s pretending to be leading the country isn’t on vacation or falling over sandbags or tripping up stairs or falling off bicycles or knocking over Brazilian flags at the U.N. then snubbing one of his fellow world travelers, what is he doing?  Americans would like to know.  I guess the impeachment inquiry committees will find out for us.  Let us pray so.

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Are you getting the picture of just how ugly one of our major political parties is becoming?  It would be bad, if this only affected the braindead folks who register as Democrats, even the dead ones.  Unfortunately, their Bolshevik style Keystone Cop quasi-Stasi antics affect the rest of us as well, and major portions of the world, with major consequences.  They are dragging us down into the slop of the gutter with them.  They are making all of us look and feel as ugly as they are.  We urgently need a makeover.  Quick, are the Hollywood makeup artists on strike too?




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  1. There is no bottom to which that party won’t stoop to…

    As a friend of mine used to say, there is no bottom, just a series of ledges (and those ledges are getting narrower).

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