How they wound up with Kamala

Boy, the lefties really thought they got Donald the Road Runner president this time. They caught him on video tipping his caddy (a couple of Benjamins) while trash talking FJB and Cackling Kamala.

HuffPost said, “‘Pile Of Crap’: Trump Rails Against Biden, Harris In Unhinged Rant Caught On Video.”


The video was so damaging that President Trump re-posted it on Truth Social.

Trump: “Took [down] that old broken-down pile of crap. He’s a bad guy. He just quit you know? He’s quitting the race.”

Voice off camera: “Is that right?”

Trump: “Yep, I got him out [of the race]. And that means we have Kamala. I think she’s going to be better. She’s so bad, she’s so fucking pathetic. But can you imagine that guy dealing with Putin and the president of China who’s a fierce person? He’s a fierce man, very tough guy.”

He sounds more hinged than a Sotomayor dissent, but then again even my cat sounds calmer than the justice when it gets its tail caught.

Their Plan B is Kamala Harris, who is a joke. Passing her over would infuriate too many black voters to win. Nominating her would jumpstart the 2028 campaign to succeed President Trump.

But wait. There’s more. In order for this to work, they have to get Babbling Biden to resign because if he is still president, Democrats risk an open convention and mayhem in Chicago next month. The upside to a resignation is Kamala would be president and the party could not afford further chaos.

Senators Tim Kaine or John Fetterman would be the perfect running mates because they come from swing states. Kaine can’t because then Governor Youngkin could appoint a Republican to succeed him or failing that, just leave the seat open. And men know how women dislike it when you leave the seat open.

Despite his sudden zest for Zionism, Fetterman remains the man who let two murderers out of prison and put them on his campaign payroll.

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Don’t worry. She will find her man. She always does.

Meanwhile, Jill tries to hang on to power. NYT reported, “President Biden told a gathering of Democratic governors that he needs to get more sleep and work fewer hours, including curtailing events after 8 p.m., according to two people who participated in the meeting and several others briefed on his comments.”

Sominex is now part of his complete breakfast.

AP now shields Biden as well as Hamas. It said, “Biden at 81: Often sharp and focused but sometimes confused and forgetful.”

He’s sharp as a marshmallow.

The collapse of the Obama regime is sudden and self-inflicted. The Democrat campaign strategy was to buy and use against Trump as many Acme products as possible. Democrats began with lawfare against Trump — a series of frivolous lawsuits and trumped up charges. Democrats got their wet dream when Georgia released its mugshot of Trump.

The Hill reported:

Rep. Jamaal Bowman (D-N.Y.) shared a video of him laughing at the mug shot photo and saying, “We got you, and more to come. Clown, thug, crook, criminal.”

However, in later posts on X, Bowman added that in a “normal world” a Trump mug shot would have been the “end of his political career,” but “his poll numbers are actually going up.”

“This mugshot is not what you think it is. It’s a jackpot for Trump who will use this image to raise MILLIONS of dollars from his cult — and the worst part is they are going to use it to win even more elections so they can change our laws to make it easier to steal our Democracy,” he added.

Democrat voters pulled the fire alarm on Bowman in last week’s primary and he will not be re-elected.

After the mugshot came the trial that resulted in a jury finding Trump guilty on all 34 counts. That backfired as well.

AP reported, “Donald Trump’s campaign says it outraised President Joe Biden in the year’s second quarter, with a reported haul of $331 million.

“That number bests the $264 million that Biden’s reelection campaign and the Democratic National Committee reported raising over the same period earlier Tuesday, eliminating Biden’s cash advantage and potentially undercutting Biden’s efforts to calm fears within his party after last week’s disastrous debate performance, which has prompted calls for him to step aside.”

Not satisfied with blowing itself up with the mugshot and verdicts, the Biden campaign at the same time decided to challenge Trump to a debate — on terms it thought were so slanted against him that he would turn it down.


Under Biden’s name, the campaign tweeted, “Donald Trump lost two debates to me in 2020, since then, he hasn’t shown up for a debate. Now he’s acting like he wants to debate me again. Well, make my day, pal. I hear you’re free on Wednesdays.”

Trump accepted.

Never Trumper Jim Geraghty wrote, “Trump just agreed to a bad deal on debates.

“If Joe Biden wants to minimize potential debate damage, starting early and ending early is smart.”

I still hold out hope that someday a Never Trumper will get something right. That wasn’t the someday. Past experience told me President Trump had roped the dopes again. And he did.

The backfiring by the campaign was spectacular, but what do you expect from Freeze Frame Joe? Competence? We won the war in Afghanistan but nevertheless he surrendered billions of dollars worth of military equipment as our military vamoosed without any input from our NATO allies who also lost good men and women fighting in that war for the USA.

FJB gave billions to Iran which in turn armed the Palestinian army to the teeth, which then broke a ceasefire, committed war atrocities and immediately complained that Israel was fighting back.

Pedo Joe implemented an open borders policy that imported millions of violent criminals, spies and terrorists.

Democrats have no one better to offer the country. The press is waiting for Hunter Biden’s father to pack it in. NYT reported:

President Biden has told key allies that he knows the coming days are crucial and understands that he may not be able to salvage his candidacy if he cannot convince voters that he is up to the job after a disastrous debate performance last week.

According to two allies who have spoken with him, Mr. Biden has emphasized that he is still deeply committed to the fight for re-election but understands that his viability as a candidate is on the line.

NBC was more blunt:

In recent conversations with aides, family members and allies outside the White House, President Joe Biden has vacillated between acceptance and defiance in the face of the seismic shift in his political standing within his own party, according to four people familiar with the matter.

In some discussions, Biden has acknowledged that the blowback from his debate performance last week may grow too large to overcome, while in others he has been completely dismissive of any notion that he might walk away from his re-election campaign, these people said.

Some members of the president’s family — particularly first lady Jill Biden and their son Hunter Biden — are urging him to make changes to his staff and are increasingly conveying their views about his campaign’s strategy in an attempt to resuscitate his flailing campaign, three people familiar with the matter said.

The president sought to project confidence on Wednesday in a call with his campaign staff, even as White House officials were trying to calm nerves among the ranks inside the Biden administration.

Disney’s ABC is trying milk one last ratings grab out of FJB.

Variety said, “ABC News Moves Biden-Stephanopoulos Interview to Friday Primetime.”

That’s tonight.

It is the final countdown for Clueless Joe. The White House said Biden is much sharper from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Roger Kimball wrote, “The United States cannot afford a 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. president.”

What we really need is to go back to not needing a president 24/7.

But that is not the world in which we live, which is why we need Trump. The war-mongers, grifters and sell-outs in Washington should have let him win in 2020 because he would be gone this year. Then they could have installed someone better than Kamala, but they are as unfit to campaign as they are to govern.

This article first appeared on Don Surber’s Substack. Reprinted here with permission.

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