Is Russia-Putin-Threatening to Use Nuclear Weapons-Weapons of Mass Destruction-in Ukraine? And We Were Told the Bad Orange Man was Gonna Cause This!

President Biden, President Putin
President Biden, President Putin: Public Domain

Doesn’t it seem strange that with all the hysteria over war mongering politicians and presidents over the past 60 years-including the egregious treatment of candidates like Barry Goldwater-recall the LBJ political cartoon of Daisy Girl happily holding flowers on a sunny day when a nuclear detonation suddenly reflects in her eyes (two additional great candidate moments, one an “Ike” ad with a simple message for simpler times, the other the “Gippertaking back the narrative)-but the only one other than JFK during the Cuban Missile Crisis who has actually been responsible for causing nuclear saber rattling-is the return to normalcy and serious diplomacy “guy,” President Biden?

What has Biden done-or failed to do-that has encouraged Putin to talk about nuclear weapons in the midst of invading Ukraine-or to invade Ukraine in the first place-after some nearly 8 years of tension and uncertainty on the border and also Crimea? Biden is guilty of projecting weakness: on the world stage, strength matters. Weakness wafts out there like a lack of deodorant on a steamy day in an elevator.

President Bush once said that he “looked into Putin’s eyes and saw his soul,” which many pundits agreed was laughable on its face-as likely did Putin, since Soviet KGB officers prided themselves on having neither soul nor heart. Biden has made similar ridiculous and frankly juvenile comments about Putin that one-or both men-know is a bunch of “hooey.

Now that Biden is the “most powerful man in the world,” does anyone think Putin has changed his opinion of him? This somewhat dated account tells a lot about the proverbial order of the knights between the two men. A quick summary from the piece that tells you all you need to know about why one of these men would be saber rattling about nukes, knowing the other one has no appetite for the conversation:

McCormick recalled a press conference in which he stood about five feet behind Putin and about 12 feet from Biden, who then was vice president. About 10 minutes in, McCormick said, Biden “attempted to start lecturing about his decades-old part in U.S.-Russian negotiations with the dreaded phrase, ‘I’ve been around a long time. The first time I was here …’

Biden got about one sentence further when his microphone and the TV camera lights suddenly went off and the media was sternly commanded to leave. “This was Putin in all his KGB ruthlessness,” McCormick said, stealing Biden’s audience and rendering him “speechless.”

“Across the table, I could see Vice President of the United States Joe Biden, in the now dimly lit room, looking as duped as an exhausted fish in the bottom of a boat. No protest, no complaint. No, hey, I wasn’t finished. Nothing. He was humiliated,” McCormick said.

Why would Putin rattle sabers, let his people talk about nukes, bring in Chechnyan assassination squads, use aerial bombardment and missiles against apartments, knowingly going after the population?

He knows Biden is not going to do anything about it. Why didn’t he make his move while the inexperienced and in theory untested Donald Trump was in office? Because Trump had punched him in the mouth multiple times-in Syria, pushing NATO funding, developing LNG alternatives, energy exports, weaponry upgrades to Ukraine, etc., and Putin respects a man who knows how to punch: as simple as that.

What has the “most experienced politician” to ever occupy the oval office done over the course of the last 8 years assessing the situation in Ukraine and positioning the US for this contingency? We can’t forget that Biden was Obama’s point man for Ukraine over the earlier timeframe. All his experience, trips to the country, meetings with leaders, what came of it? Apparently, nothing noteworthy, insightful, or well thought through. His idea of a solution was to contact Zelensky to offer an evacuation. Germany stepping out and finding its voice is significant and telling and has consequences for the future of NATO.

I’ve quoted Robert Gates comments before about Joe Biden being “wrong about every foreign policy issue of the last 40 years”. His updated commentary in this article reflects that he was sick for several days and realized-it was the Afghanistan withdrawal that was causing it. How would you like to be interviewing a highly qualified reference and they make that comment about the favored candidate?

Would Putin use nukes? He would be a fool to do something like that with no justification whatsoever: what justification could be touted, speed up his operation? If the world could agree on anything these days-outrage against use of nukes would be “it.” His current path is likely to crater the Russian economy if the invasion goes on very much longer-there is nothing more expensive to maintain than an army engaged in the field. Even if he knows Biden would do nothing about it, Europe is energized and acting and watching, and the US isn’t always going to be on the sidelines observing like some spectator.

Would Putin have invaded if DJT were POTUS? We can speculate all we want about that question, but there is no apparent surface level rationale for Putin to wait out DJT other than the expectation that the US under Trump would contest the invasion. Obama and Biden never even offered Ukraine defensive weapons, while the Trump administration provided weaponry a plenty.

Nothing emboldens bullies like weakness. Weakness on a world scale is dangerous and sends bad signals to those who can only be deterred by strength-in Putin’s case, he needs to be punched in the mouth hard and repeatedly-it’s the only thing that will get his attention, to be challenged in every area he currently thinks he has the upper hand in, with all of America’s might.

The other thing that encourages bullies is incompetence, or close cousins: stupidity, delusion and malfeasance. Walking away from the regionally dominant lynch pin for operations-Bagram AFB-in favor of attempting to control a withdrawal through a commercial airport (Kabul,) leaving American citizens behind, as well as some $86 billion worth of American taxpayer funded equipment for the Taliban, lying to the American people about the situation on the ground and hanging our allies out to dry: all fodder for world leaders like Xi and Putin.

Bagram is spilled milk at this point. There is somewhat of an Economy Of Force strategy in play from a stronghold like Bagram, not the least of which is the concept of forward positioning of resources and lines of attack possibilities in all directions necessary, including east to west to augment our traditionally east facing NATO posture. Putin would have thought of that, and I believe DJT would have also.

Putin would not have abandoned Bagram as a strategic contingency-nor with any equipment that could be used to enhance a potential enemy or foe’s combat capability-and neither would Trump-and both men know that about the other. Only a fool would have made the wrong decisions at every turn in Afghanistan-it was a whole of government failure for America. Does anybody think Putin and Xi did not notice that our top military-JCS Chair GEN Milley-was praising the progress the Afghan security forces were making before congress shortly before he had to acknowledge that he never thought it possible they could fall in 11 days?

America’s institutions-the intelligence community, State Department, USAID on the ground, military on the ground-none of the people responsible for informing the president’s decision saw this coming: it’s just hard to fathom-or believe.

The Bad Orange Man was supposed to be the one whose loose talk, bravado and questionable resolve would invite probing and testing of his mettle. Not so with experienced politicians like Biden-the guy added to the thinly experienced Obama ticket to add “maturity, swamp insider knowledge and foreign policy gravitas.” Trump was not a politician of any sort, not skilled in the black arts of political weaselry as practiced by our betters in the swamp. If it was just democrats who expressed concern about him controlling the nuclear football, that would have been just DC swampy “chalk,” straw man political talking points that one would expect.

From the beginning-even before he took office-it was members of his own team calling him out. Senator Bob Corker said early and often that Trump was likely to “cause World War III” with his loose talk, talking points the LSMBTG* was only too willing to parrot and give voice to whenever possible. From the piece-

“He concerns me,” Sen. Corker said, clearly questioning Trump’s fitness to be commander-in-chief. “He would have to concern anyone who cares about our nation”….Make no mistake, this is not just a side-show spat between Trump and Corker. This is Corker channeling the Republican establishment as well mainstream America. It is no exaggeration to say that Trump is on the verge of leading the United States into at least two major, unnecessary wars. Here’s how.

What absolute and utter balderdash and claptrappery. Recall all the wars and overseas battles DJT got us involved in during his Presidency-zero: it was zero. Corker chaired the Senate Foreign Relations Committee from January 2015-January 2019, a period that includes Obama’s lack of action while ISIS reconstituted their forces, established the Islamic Caliphate and used oil revenues to fund their maniacal activities, putting together the Iran nuclear agreement (Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action) and the Paris Climate Accords. Remember the huge stink Corker put up in fighting these proposals? Nobody does, it didn’t happen.

The reason Trump didn’t get along with politicians like Corker is he lacked respect for them-they did not fight over the big issues, whether in the minority or majority, while pursuing climate issues and alternative energy sources that smelled like scam. Corker supported DACA, which Trump took to court to overturn-but the court said that-notwithstanding Obama did not accomplish a legislative or proper process to establish it, the Trump administration had not gone through a proper process to question it.

The above defines how Trump seems to deal with politicians. Do they back up their words with actions? Do they bluster and posture, talk non-stop, seek out the cameras, but don’t take actions when the time comes to back up their rhetoric? Trump’s talk was the prelude to his actions. He caused NATO to take their treaty financial obligations seriously for the first time in the post war era. He talked about doing what politicians had flapped their gums on for decades or more, including the movement of our Israel embassy to Jerusalem, developing a serious plan and timetable to get out of Afghanistan and doing the same with Iraq, as well as Syria.

Where Biden has been praised by the LSMBTG while showing weakness evidenced through poor strategy and execution across the whole of government, Trump throughout his presidency fought a 360-degree perimeter battle with the LSMBTG hell bent on calling him out for anything and everything. People-many in his own party-lost their minds when he talked about withdrawing from Syria, but the guidance given through military channels can best be judged by outcomes vice hysterical takes without facts. We drew forces down significantly but retained a very capable security force-a fighting presence-opting to up gun the talent and reduce numbers that were not necessary, given the largely defensive mission. Fairly light security numbers were backed up by an in-depth and well-rehearsed quick reaction force, well-armed and highly capable.

The rhetoric in America is not without consequences. Soon after this angst some non-descript Russian and Syrian “mercenary’s” approached Kurdish and US Joint Forces protecting a strategic Conoco gas plant, surrounding the relatively small security force with some 500 personnel, tanks, howitzers and armored personnel carriers: it was game on. By the time the battle or skirmish was done, some 300 of the enemy force were dead, there were no losses of US personnel, and Putin learned a valuable lesson in a part of the world where he had grown accustomed to being the guy throwing the punches.

These stories don’t always turn out this way. Under Obama-Biden the rules of engagement often used an escalating threat matrix where in many cases American forces had to be fired upon in order to fire back. Our enemies are well aware of some of the idjiotic policies where we place our troops in harms way under restrictive rules of engagement worked out by national security council or Penthouse lawyers far away from the battlefield (resulting in silly conversations-contrast what happened above with this scenario: you are surrounded? They have tanks, artillery, APCs-do they seem hostile? No, just out for some training in Syria-obvious pajama suited Russians-like in Ukraine-indigenous forces…)

Obama-Biden decided the best way to make progress in Middle East peace was treating Israel like the problem, elevating the status of the Iranians and providing cover and sympathy for Palestinians who showed no gratitude whatsoever for the favors. Trump teamed with our best ally in the region, stopped trying to appease a people who don’t believe in a two-state solution and can’t take yes for an answer. The Abraham Accords represented a breakthrough that none of his critics saw coming, or believed was possible, and the LSMBTG just didn’t report on the accords.

Trump spoke of American world leadership concepts the same way Reagan did before him, words that became deeds, deeds that fostered actions that led to results like the dismantling of the Berlin Wall, reunification of Germany and the dissolution of the Soviet Union. Both were castigated by their enemies from the left and the opposing party who had no plans, save those that strengthened globalist causes that weakened America and undermined world leadership.

When DJT broached issues such as these he was attacked as if he had gored the swamp ox mascot: and he actually had, calling President Obama out for his Paris Peace Accord effort and also his failing to do something about ISIS as it rose from the dead and reconstituted the long sought-after Islamic Caliphate.

Will Putin make good on his veiled threat? Only if he is cornered like a mad dog, about to go broke, has no way out and it is a last act of defiance. It would make the Russians a pariah nation for the foreseeable future. Although it always seems like there is some magic reset button around that can be mashed to good effect.

Max Dribbler

4 March 2022

LSMBTG: Lamestream media echo chamber (LMEC-L) social media (SM) big tech tyrants (BT) and government (G)

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10 thoughts on “Is Russia-Putin-Threatening to Use Nuclear Weapons-Weapons of Mass Destruction-in Ukraine? And We Were Told the Bad Orange Man was Gonna Cause This!”

  1. Leave it to the corrupt machine in WDC to continue to issue fake news like all the past 5 ears on TRUMP it continues to this day until its eradicated. God Speed.

  2. Never fear, senile little girl fondling Joe Biden as put Kamala in charge of the war in Ukraine.

    Commie-la Harris was asked by a radio talk show host to break down the Ukrainian war in “layman terms”. She skillfully managed to break it down into
    ‘idiot terms”.
    Read this and weep.

    So, Ukraine is a country in Europe.”
    “It exists next to another country called Russia,” she continued. “Russia is a bigger country. Russia is a powerful country. Russia decided to invade a smaller country called Ukraine. So, basically, that’s wrong, and it goes against everything that we stand for.”

    This is what we have in the office of VP all because of a rigged election. A third grader could have explained it better. And now senile little girl fondling is sending this ignorant, incompetent moron over to Poland to discuss the war between Russia and Ukraine. One might think that her stupid statement was aimed at those who are too stupid to understand what the Ukrainian war is all about, but in fact, she actually thought she was giving a very high level explanation of a complicated subject. She is the stupid one.

    • Thanks for reading. She is a “simp.” The worst was the space video-billed as students, but actually actors. She came across as an idjiot…she’ll do well in Europe…evidence of doomage.

  3. So many nails driven in this great article! Just remember who affects Joe Biden the most, other than Joe Biden. Barack Obama once said he planned on taking America down a few notches. Joe Biden is following his previous and probably current boss down the path to Hell.

    The problem is keeping up with all those notches.

  4. “Would Putin use nukes? He would be a fool to do something like that with no justification whatsoever: what justification could be touted, speed up his operation? If the world could agree on anything these days-outrage against use of nukes would be “it.” ”

    It does not matter what the world thinks. What matters in this case is what (and how) Putin thinks. His consideration of economic sanctions as acts of war (and they are) may be a tip-off. It is dangerous to assume that your definition of sanity is universal.

    I certainly hope that you are right; but that is not the way I am betting.

    • Thanks for reading. Putin is on the razor’s edge of running afoul of the Oligarchs and closing off his oil revenue customers-36% of his under 2Trillion GDP-to one customer-China. No assumptions here-and hope is not a plan! Pressure on our representatives and the government is needed to cut off his funding source and rally the Europeans: Biden is not up to that, Kamala is going to reinforce their fears.

      • Ultimately, an country needs food, resources, and people. Russia has a lot of these. Over the long haul, me might cause them some redirection pain; but the losses of those exports to the rest of the world will cause more pain that Russia feels. That is especially true if you add in Ukrainian resources. Look especially at food and petroleum.

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