About Ukraine, and Narratives.

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     There are narratives that are formed that take public policy in directions that are not rational, viable or sustainable. That is what most narratives are, by default. The narrative that started Ukraine may have started at the beginning of civilization, like all peoples origins, but the one that captivates the public about Ukraine, while most don’t see it is how Ukraine was crafted from a previous story and turned into a graft empire for a select few, then made into a scapegoat for starting a war. If you need a narrative, someone is lying.

     We tend to view Ukraine in a way of a post Soviet domain that a post Soviet KGB officer wants to use to rebuild his former empire. Maybe that’s true, but Ukraine, with all it’s historical events, many faults, is not to blame. That former KGB officer, who had his origins in criminal activity in St. Petersburg, and probably all over Russia(Soviet Union included) had been accumulating power, since before the fall of the Soviet Union. Ukraine is the victim. Don’t forget that. Politics and corruption is to blame, and not only from that Putin guy. We tend to fall back on historical events, from previous wars. That NAZI Brigade comes to mind, to me, and it tends to stick, when it shouldn’t. George Soros enters the equation and funds a rebellion. Soros is an enemy one minute, and a friend the next, depending on what evil he is trying to accomplish at the moment. Remember that Putin and Soros have had nothing good to say about each other, for years, if not decades. Those two have a shared but disparate interest in Ukraine. Soros is a thief, like Putin. Both are evil people. Then, there is Volodymor Zelensky, a complex individual, who is in charge of a country that is being torn apart by a product of both of the above, but for different reasons. Soros only uses Zelensky as a useful idiot. Don’t forget that. I won’t call someone I don’t know, like Zelensky, a saint, but don’t go so fast calling him the problem.

     I don’t presume to have all the answers that explain the narrative that was created around these three, because an American got involved in the mix:Joe Biden, and a handful of other criminals who have corrupted an already corrupt country, and have left a country full of good people at risk for everything. So, the problem is more complex and convoluted than the narrative suggests. From what I see, the narrative is just an idea that the good and the evil are not the ones you might think, for an ideology that knows no bounds when it comes to twisting ideas into benefits for bad actors. The narrative portrays a country that is full of corruption, good guys abound are trying to fix Ukraine, one by “de-NAZI-fying”, another trying to make it into the bastion of democracy and using NATO to make it a whole nation, while what I think is happening is that both are trying to destroy it. Biden needs Ukraine to go away, and is using Russia as his excuse to do that, yet, he wants you and I to think he wants it to be a successful functioning democracy, fairies and unicorns included, when all he wants is to save his ass and start a war with Russia, all because Hillary Clinton made up a lie about Donald Trump. Yeh, that’s right.

     The media would have you believe that Biden is the good guy and Putin is the bad guy. Simple enough. Biden is using his position in all this to distract you and I from everything that Biden did wrong, from day one of his presidency, which has fairly well destroyed his Democrat Party, and done irreversible damage to the US. Putin saw weakness in Biden, and Putin got his opportunity to take the rest of Ukraine. Zelensky is the one who is getting tossed around, either good or bad, any minute of the day the media choose to change him, by portraying him as a dictator who will suspend political opposition. I’m not defending his actions on this, but he is in the middle of defending his country, and if I was caught with that as a distraction, I might do the same. A time of war is something I think he wasn’t well prepared for. His actions afterwards are something I might change my mind over, but at that time, not now.

     We tend to use our yardstick when measuring how other countries act or respond to aggression or violence, when our yardstick may not be appropriate. After all, Ukraine is a country that was never like the United States, having been caught up in nefarious games from the Romanovs to Stalin to Putin. Our yardstick is one built on our founding principles, not found anywhere else in the world. Joe Biden is using Ukraine as a scapegoat to fight a war against Vladimir Putin, period. The only other thing he cares about is his own neck, well, and his son’s escapades, and Ukraine could be destroyed, for all he cares. You will never hear that in some news report, because it can never be a part of a narrative involving a criminal who is a sitting president. Well, maybe Tucker Carlson will get around to explaining that part, but I doubt anyone else will.

     Have you noticed how the money and arms we are sending to Ukraine is escalating? It is becoming exponentially higher as friction between Putin and Biden rev up. The proxy war is becoming the war against Russia, and Ukraine is becoming a pawn. All this because everything else that Biden’s administration has done has caused death, destruction and loss of freedom and increasing burden on Americans, from the gas pump to the grocery store, to the life of the unborn. In other words, one big, costly distraction that will cost the lives of everyone because no one likes what this president did, while vice president, and as president. I’ll bet very few ever realized how the stolen election of 2020 ended up like this. Because of that stolen election, “This is your world, now”, to borrow a garbage statement from a leftist MSNBC host, Rachel Maddow.

It is one big understatement to say that none of this would have happened if not for that stolen election, and all we got was a sick lying narrative as an excuse, with a lot of dead bodies, and more to follow. I’m just along for the ride, down the slippery slope. It is being greased by a sick, twisted narrative.

Pray to God that this stops, real soon. We need competent, rational leadership, like we had, with Trump. He didn’t go around starting wars, like this old fool we have now is, to cover up for all his faults and crimes. Trump led a country, our country, back to opportunity, for all. I’m not here to suggest how we go about getting him back, only that we need him back, right now. 

     I wrote a piece about long trains of abuses, a while back. This is one more to add to the list. How many will it take to finally deal with the problem? Our problem is right here, at home, and that problem, if solved, would correct Ukraine’s problem.

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