Texas Terror

The news from Uvalde, Texas last week was horrific. A deranged man broke into a school and gunned down 19 children and two teachers. Eleven other people were wounded. Most Americans were just saddened by the cruelty and cravenness of the attack on innocent and harmless children, while an abjectly disgusting few used the deaths of innocents to push their political agenda. If it was close to being a sporting bet, one might offer odds on which side of the political spectrum the sleazy opportunists came from, but no one would bet on them being anything but Democrats, and they would all win. Aside from being disgusting, Democrats are getting to be more and more predictable. Unfortunately, they are also reliably pushing policies that are stupid and ineffective, just as they have done for years. In the case of mass murderers, their stupidity and sleaze are costing lives.

Children are dead and a town is in mourning, but the debate over what we should do rages on. There is no excuse for inaction, but the Democrats and government alike seem determined to make sure that the ONLY action is to revoke the gun rights of law-abiding citizens. Meanwhile, the GOP offers lukewarm defenses of the 2nd Amendment, but no real solutions either. The GOP needs need to offer concrete steps that communities can take to protect their citizens. Subscribing to the old dictum that “an armed society is a polite society”, conservative Americans are more than happy to allow their fellow citizens to arm themselves. Since the government and the two governing parties refuse to move off their respective and useless positions, i.e., 1) ban almost all gun ownership; or 2) do almost nothing, supposedly to avoid the slippery slope to 1); please allow your scribe to offer a step-by-step solution.

First, just like the government did for pilots after 9/11, push states to allow teachers who pass concealed carry requirements and demonstrate proficiency with their firearm to bring their guns to school and advertise the fact that the school staff may be armed and will use deadly force. It is not a coincidence that these foul predators attack in gun free zones. They might be deranged, but they are also cowards and narcissists. They go to places where they are not going to face armed opponents, and they want to make sure they might get a body count high enough to get national publicity and see themselves on TV. The suicidal ones want that too, but they are happy to assume it rather than having to see it. If armed resistance was highly likely in a school environment, a would-be killer would probably choose a different target.

Second, make premediated killing of children in schools a capital offense and expedite carrying out the sentence. Democrats love to coddle criminals and kill babies, but even hard-core leftists would pause over standing up and opposing harsh punishment for a child killer, especially a mass murderer.

Next, authorities need to go after friends, relatives, co-workers, teachers, Facebook buddies, anyone who had prior knowledge of the person’s propensity for violence and knew of their threats to commit violent acts and did not report it. Oxford, Michigan just had a case where a young man killed several schoolmates. The shooter’s parents not only knew he had made threats to do just that, but they BOUGHT HIM A GUN days before he committed his heinous crime. That kind of irresponsible and enabling behavior is unforgiveable, and it should be prosecuted. The prosecutor is doing that, and it would be a good thing if the jury finds the parents guilty and sends them to prison for years.

Fourth, strengthen laws allowing authorities to restrict gun ownership by citizens who are evaluated and determined to be a danger to others. It is sickening to read time after time that the perpetrator of a mass murder was known to be a violent, mentally unstable person before the murders. In many cases, the killer told people he was going to do it. The killer in Uvalde fit that profile almost to a tee. How is it possible that a person like that is legally allowed to buy weapons? Most conservatives have no issue with restrictions on the right of specific individuals who have demonstrated signs of being a danger to others.

Fifth, arming teachers is a first and easily implemented step, but even more effective would be to place armed guards in schools who are specifically trained to handle live fire situations. Even in a large school, two or three such shootists would make all the difference. Some folks have suggested airport type security. That would be as useless as it is at the airports. In 20 plus years, the donut munchers manning the Xray machines at our airports have not foiled a single violent crime or arrested a single would be terrorist or murderer. They have succeeded in wasting hundreds of billions of dollars. The last thing we need is ham handed federal drones pawing through our children’s back packs and sack lunches every day. The police in Uvalde apparently sat outside the school while shots were ringing out and refused to try and breach the school. FORTY MINUTES! Parents were physically restrained from trying to save their children. That is inexcusable, but it is also far too common. Armed guards on the premises with deadly force capability might have saved dozens of lives.

Finally, we need to bring back insane asylums. The whole left-wing experiment in trying to mainstream insane people is not working. There are people who will never be able to function in society and trying to act like they will and letting innocent people suffer for that misguided, and frankly, deranged notion, is criminal. Asylums do not have to be horrible dens of bedlam and abuse, but they do need to keep society safe from mentally ill predators.

That is the program, and most conservatives can love it. It will also be controversial with some. The question for those who hate any of these suggestions is: “What is your solution?” If you have nothing other than banning guns, your participation in the discussion is useless. Likewise, if your proposal is doing nothing your participation is useless. It is time for action and the path is clear. If we won’t act to protect our children, we are all useless.



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4 thoughts on “Texas Terror”

  1. The problem with most of the solutions are that they are undermined by court precedent or manipulation of what we assume, sometimes, to be valid modes of medicine, like psychiatry and/or psychology, both of which have been used as political weapons in the past, and never been corrected.
    I still see some things that keep changing about what happened in Uvalde, Texas, but the main takeaway I still hear is that all the government protection we taxpayers already allow, did not work. Any of it!
    For whatever reason they chose, the police in that town chose not to act when acting was the requirement. Maybe someone should revise what active shooter situations require, since hiding at a distance actually enabled the shooter.
    I want nothing to do with red flag laws because they are usually ripe for weaponization by those who wish to take guns. However, when someone makes as public declaration of a future criminal act, he just became a criminal, regardless of whether he does it on social media, or in front of two or more people, and since treason requires two witnesses, this should be the case, also, so no one can just make a phone call and make a claim that someone said something.

    Those insane asylums got wiped off the map when the ACLU succeeded in suing them out of existence, back in the 70s, so don’t expect them to be any help, or see insane asylums, again, except as political weapons, like the DC jail.
    Our government, if left up to its own devices, would rather jail a Peter Navarro, in public, than to protect the public, especially in our public schools. And what is especially sad is that the Supreme Court has ruled in two different cases where police are not required to “Protect and Serve” like many might think they are.

    The balance of the evidence after Uvalde, especially, tends to make me lean towards armed civilians in schools, more than armed police, because of the inactions of police in two separate shootings, the other one in Florida. Or, what someone suggested about retired military being used as security in schools, but more guns, rather than less, seems to be the answer.

    The other big problem is the information coming from the media. It is almost always wrong. Uvalde, Tx, and Marjorie Stoneman Davis High School are prime examples. The news always has to fit some political narrative, and never does a cause and effect analysis ever come into the spotlight.

    Consider this: I may make some statement about “they will never take my guns away from my cold dead hands”, and some political enemy would use some red flag law to do exactly that. Is that the type of society you want to live in. That has already happened in Tennessee. Thankfully, it got reversed, but it is still a possibility, when government gets its way.

    Harden the schools, and use the appropriate armed people to police it, but not necessarily the police. This is one situation where I would take a retired soldier over a cop, any day of the week.

    • I agree that left wing judges have ruled against some of my suggestions, but laws have been repeated before. The two most immediate solutions would be the arm teachers, and also put armed security guards in schools.

  2. One point, this POS had already committed Capital Murder by the Texas penal code. He killed more than one person in one incident. The fact he’s no longer with us make the point irrelevant, but if he was still alive, he would be looking at an execution.


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