Words and Actions: the Inherent Misuse of Each, by Citizen Writer: Alan Hand

Words and Actions: the inherent misuse of each

Xenophobic, Homophobic, Racist, and an endless list of other terms have gained mainstay use in these days and times. They are used to try and shame or guilt, or even silence a group out of some fear they are suppose to imply. I don’t fear these words. I neither fear nor harbor prejudice they imply by definition. Yes, without a doubt, there are those that meet the definition. Those people need help as much as those that recklessly throw the terms around to apply to all that disagree. 

However, there is one absolute that is without exception applied to those that sling those arrows ALETHOPHOBIA. Within its definition there is the standard fear or dislike, however it also clarifies “unwillingness” to believe the truth. Fear or dislike is a fractional portion. But the unwillingness to accept truth abounds in all of those that cling to their belief that deviation from the norm is natural and should be accepted.

When we leave this world, if our bodies are dug up, our sex will be that assigned as that we are given by God at birth. Our Genetic material, our skeletal remains with not be what we associate our self as being. We will be labeled man or woman based on birth. Not some broad umbrella that is cast by those that want to justify their actions. The reason is because those things that cause us to deviate are mental. They are not physical attributes. This is where those that are unwilling to hear or accept the truth face Alethophobia. They are unwilling to accept the truth for their behavior. 

     Now, many so called Christians will fail in God’s plan because they are not able to Love these people while still working to save their soul for all eternity. As Christian’s, we are not without sin. We must repent of our sins, allow God to Convict us, and we must Love and work toward, not accepting the practice, but still Love the person. We also are charged to rebuke the hearts of those that are suppose to stand with us in Christ but allow Satan to poison their hearts. Hearts poisoned by hate or fear. God Loves all people, but he will not accept us in heaven if we fail to accept him and try our best as sinners to live by his words. Gods word does not change with time or man’s acceptance of practice. God does not make mistakes…..We do. 

     Every deviation, murder, theft, adultery, hate, fear, greed, prejudice, and sexual orientation, are from mental breakdowns and not knowing the living God. Lucifer, Satan, was created in the beginning. He was there in the Garden of Eden. God did not create this evil. Lucifer wanted to be like God and have his throne on a mountain. He became corrupt and took 1/3 of the angels in heaven with him. That is how he can whisper, it’s fine, do it, I got you.

God will allow you to be outside his protection and make your choice. He loves, and wants us to love, each and everyone. But he expects us to follow him. We cannot allow ourselves to be corrupted by these mental deviations. We cannot hate and want to help at the same time. Great are my sins and no less so than those of others. That is true of us all. We are called to battle for righteousness.

David did not kill Goliath because he hated. He loved God and would not stand back as Goliath taunted the Army of God. Matthew 5-44 tells us to love our enemy. But that does not mean we allow our enemy to steal us away from the word of God. Likewise, even though those that deviate are not our sworn enemies, we are called to Love but to challenge. Stand firm in Love. Stand firm in testament. Knowing the truth is something that many are unwilling to accept. We do not win by joining them.


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