What About Those Heroes?

When discourse has become “who shouts the loudest”, the stage is set for the hero to not be the one who revolts by words, but by deeds against those tyrants. The one who shows restraint becomes the one who puts out the fire. It only takes time before the tyrant uses force, and it will be countered by force, eventually. So, what about those heroes?

What happens when law enforcement’s hands become tied, and the military becomes useless, for varying reasons? Does the good citizen go stand in front of the firing squad then? Or does he fire back at the lawlessness of that firing squad? One saves lives, potentially, while the other is just stacking up another corpse on the pile the tyrants keep piling up. The twenty first century will be much worse than the twentieth, that much is certain.

There are many examples of good and heroic people throughout history, who have stood up, put their life on the line, and either became a martyr by sacrificing his life, and by those who fought back. What I see is that there are so many, nowadays, who have not even heard of those examples, and don’t use anything as a guide to morality, except for their own version of transactional morality, the kind that suits the expediency of “their moment”, which is nothing of value.

We have several generations, now, who have at best, only heard there might have been a Moses, and Shakespeare was fiction, maybe even both, and find no lessons to be learned. That’s a product of evil erasing historical truths from education. If you don’t get taught the truth, you never learn the truth.

Also, there are groups that will do everything they can to extinguish the idea of populism, when populism has its uses. The same goes for nationalism. Perhaps Schulz’s stand might have been more effective if he had trained his weapon at his commander for ordering him to kill innocents? Would killing evil not be seen as heroic? The fact that he took a stand and was willing to put his life on the line for his convictions is heroic, but would he not have been heroic for putting himself in harm’s way and taking evil out by his actions, instead of just words? I’m only asking because I see blood and violence coming, it is already here.

where are those heroes

We have a 2nd Amendment that was, and is intended for self protection against criminals trying to harm us, and that includes tyrannical governments, which makes violence, or the threat of the use of violence, necessary to change the government that has devolved into something it was never meant to be.

My question then becomes what is the hero who is willing to use that threat of violence, and putting his life on the line, when the Bible tells us that John the Baptist was beheaded? That’s just one of many examples. Do we just allow ourselves to be beheaded, also? Part of that lesson has to be that we have allowed our nation to fail because of the lack that kind of hero, too, isn’t it?
I believe that good people have been much too patient, and have looked at martyrs, but not learned the lessons those have given us.

The Bible says that Jesus will return for the final judgement, but it doesn’t say when. Maybe man’s incorrect understanding of what is said, over and over, in the Bible, moves that date closer.

Was Jefferson right when he said that “Evil flourishes when good men do nothing”? Does a good man not fight for those things he considers good? Is that not an heroic act, too? How does that good man fight?

I believe in God, his love for all His children, and I also believe that we should learn what He continually tells us about good and evil. I also believe that Jesus Christ was sent to show His unrelenting love for those who do what His Father commanded, when Moses received those tablets. Look on almost every courthouse in our country. We are a country founded on that ideal. Jesus will show us, in His final Judgement that He will dispense with evil by a wisp of His breath.

The problem is that we have not lived by that, and that we didn’t really learn all those lessons that the Bible gives us. Maybe it is that I have a somewhat different belief in what heroism is. It includes those who are willing to stand up and fight against evil, not just a nation state, but the individual, which is what God created; the individual and not the nation state. Man did that, and man corrupted it, along the way. The most heroic act was the day Jesus gave his life for all our sins. We can never live up to that one single act of love, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try. It seems to me that if we don’t try, we will continue repeating the same sins, over and over.

I originally intended this as a comment to my colleague, John Kachelmon’s “Where Are The Heroes, but my response turned out to be this article, which I hope compliments his fine piece. I always end up with more questions than answers.

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