A Gift From the Supreme Court!

I don’t know how many realize what kind of gift from the Supreme Court, the decision in New York State Rifle and Pistol Association v Bruen was.  But, I’m here to remind you. It was truly a gift by those Supreme Court Justices, all originalists, who understand what the Constitution stands for: The People and not the government.

That decision has such far reaching consequences for those who wish to disarm and remove the People from having any recourse, past a pitchfork. It might just be that the pitchfork would have been in line behind the Thanksgiving turkey carving knife. I don’t know for a fact, but well enough to conclude that all gun control that has been passed by every governing body on the planet has been done not for the sake of peoples’ safety, but for governments, so that they can better control you and I.

Every country that has gun control has a crime rate. Add up the real numbers and statistics in any country that controls that basic right and you will see that, unless the country is already under totalitarian rule, it is well on the way of being that, because people have to rely on government to protect them, and no government really does more than protect government.

Bruen changes all that because it requires that those who try to justify their tyranny, by Chevron deference, or multi tiered processes that include what the public good is(and they never get that right, because they have no interest in it, to begin with) is now to be determined to be constitutional only if the test is by the scrutiny of the words of the Constitution: Text, History and Tradition at the beginning of our country.

Recently, two different federal judges, both in Colorado, gave strong hints that they would be obeying the Bruen decision. Those two judges were one an Obama appointee and the other, a Clinton appointee. In this day and age, that is a remarkable act, since the Governors of California and New York are both in direct defiance of the Bruen decision, which should entitle both states a severe slap over their defiance. Thank you, you two judges, for following the law, so far. I hope to see you continue that trend.

Gift From the Supreme CourtTexas had a lawsuit against the director of the BATFE(ATF, I’m lazy, okay?). That suit was brought before the Bruen decision, which involves the ability of the National Firearms Act to regulate suppressors. Texas’s claim is that a suppressor made in Texas, by Texas parts, and used in Texas, has no right to be regulated by the National Firearms Act. When Bruen was decided, the Court allowed Texas to amend their lawsuit, because of the far reaching consequences–all good for the people, and not for the federal government.

Arguments have been made about the use of the Commerce Clause, which is the way the government makes its claim about its ability to regulate firearms, since most firearms are usually manufactured somewhere other than the state you and I reside. Texas challenges that argument, along with the idea of whether a suppressor is even a firearm. If you look at the NFA, GCA and just about any law that the ATF uses, along with the suppositions it comes up on its own, there is no way a pipe that has no trigger, chamber to house a projectile and stock can ever be considered a firearm. The only thing the ATF can claim is a right to tax the firearm, according to the National Firearms Act; and that is also unconstitutional, and only has yet to be thoroughly challenged. It will be challenged, and Texas is well on the way of laying that groundwork.

What is interesting is that the ATF can make no valid claim about regulating any firearm, if only the words of the 2nd Amendment are used. From 1791 forward, the only applicable text is found in the Constitution, in the Bill of Rights, which was amended to entice those states to join the newly formed Union.

History backs that up, since the NFA was in 1934, and will eventually be ruled as unconstitutional. Our Tradition tells us how important firearms were, and still are, due to the fact that, without those firearms we would still be under the rule of the British, or some totalitarian dictator, which is what gun grabbers are all about.

So, I consider it a gift when someone sees the right path and takes a strong stand, as Justice Thomas did, in his originalist opinion, along with Justice Alito’s concurring opinion, that took apart the left’s irrational dissent. It has already produced the desired results that the 2nd Amendment requires of every citizen of these United States, and more is to come. I expect that, with the Texas suit in the works, along with some real stupid regulatory decisions by the ATF, the National Firearms Act will eventually be ruled unconstitutional, as well. I only hope it is sooner than later.

The day that I can drill one more hole in the lower receiver of an AR 15, without the risk of the federal government throwing me in prison is the day I will truly feel free. That doesn’t mean I will do it, but the option is left in my hands, and not some anti gun bureaucrat, or the IRS.

So, Bruen is the gift that keeps on giving, finally.

There are more than the left, who will be sad, when what I said comes to pass, and I just have to say, you guys who paid $50,000 for an M 16, or a similar amount for that MG 34 that came home from WWII as a trophy, you used the wrong tool for an investment. A firearm is an extension tool to be used as a defense against tyranny, not as a commodity. Invest elsewhere, next time.

That’s my kind of gift!


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