The Democrat Party Has Become A Danger To America

You cannot reason with the unreasonable.  You must have a set of mutually agreed upon rules that both sides must acknowledge.  Otherwise, you may not debate, argue, or stipulate positions in a manner that will elicit substantive responses from your opposition.  For instance, if one side cannot even agree to the simple statement that the sun is an extremely hot, gaseous object in the center of our solar system, then what chance have you in engaging in any meaningful debate? The Democrat Party has indeed become a danger to America.

Can two football teams play each other with two different sets of rules?  Can two chess players?  Two tennis players?  Without a common foundation there can be no resolution to contests, debates, and especially societal and governmental issues requiring solid answers and solutions.  Truth cannot be relative.  If basic truths are up for debate, there can be no honest debate.

When one major political party in the U.S. loses its collective mind, it can’t be reasoned with and becomes a danger to the Republic.  The leadership of the Democrat Party has literally lost touch with reality.  They simply refuse to acknowledge basic facts, truths.  This has been a long time coming, but it’s here.  Any semblance of reason or logic has dissipated amongst the party elite.  For goodness’ sake, they can’t even agree with normal Americans what a woman is or a man or a boy or a girl.  They are having no part of common sense or logic.  Their only focus is on maintaining power and doing so at all costs. 

Case in point, the Democrat power apparatus has succumbed to the anti-Trump fervor it has engendered in the country to the point that it publicly takes the position that an armed raid of the immediate former President’s personal residence is no big deal and very much warranted (no pun intended).  They refuse to acknowledge the dangerous precedent this sets, to their own peril.  They refuse even to acknowledge that to many, attacking the potential political rival of the incumbent president with the full force of the federal law enforcement apparatus can be suspect in any way.  They want us to believe that this unprecedented act in 246 years of our country’s existence is just business as usual.  These same Dems accused Donald Trump of weaponizing the DOJ

“Despite the Trump-era accusations made by the House Democrats, the party, overall, is now silent or lauding the Justice Department after Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home in Florida was raided by FBI agents on Monday.  Pelosi said Tuesday she believed the FBI must have “justification” for the raid.”

Can the Dem party bosses be this naïve?  Can they truly be this callous and politically tone deaf?  Merrick Garland, the DOJ and FBI seem to be purposely gaslighting us.  Their reputation of integrity has vanished.  They pee on us and then tell us to enjoy the rain.  The DOJ’s and FBI’s methods and motives have been suspect for quite some time now.  Merrick Garland has done absolutely nothing to disabuse the public of the merit of such suspicion.  In fact, just the opposite is true.  His actions have only caused more and deeper suspicion among many Americans, including independents and apolitical citizens.  Apparently, he doesn’t care about all that.  Does he have some fixed marching orders from Biden that he is focused on accomplishing?  It seems so.

If the two major political parties can’t agree that 1st world republics don’t criminalize and imprison political opponents any time, but especially during an important campaign season, then we are no better than a 3rd world Banana Republic. 

A Danger To America

We need thoughtful, rational leadership because the world is a dangerous place.  Arguing about the definition of a woman may seem funny and even trivial to some.  Our enemies are amused by all the nonsense occurring in our country, but our allies cannot be.  Taiwan, South Korea and Israel face existential threats at their borders 24/7.  They don’t have the luxury of all this silliness.  Their very survival depends on the decisions of lucid, rational leaders who are firmly entrenched in reality.  We live on the same planet as they do but our current crop of leaders seem to be living on an alien one.  Perhaps planet Xenon or some such.  Their thinking has devolved, not evolved and dangerously so. 

In the midst of a purposefully induced, Democrat policy inspired crime wave, we have a “serious” U.S. Senate candidate who believes releasing 1/3 of his states prisoners won’t result in more crime and more crime victims.  Talk about delusional.  He’s got the prisoner vote locked up, so to speak. 

This same candidate, John Fetterman (D) PA, just so happens to have lived off his rich mommy and daddy for the first fifty years of his life and never held any job outside of mayor and his current state elected office, except for two years in an insurance company.   This big oaf has never grown up.  He’s never had to face reality.  His only time facing hardship has been the recent stroke he had.  It has left him barely coherent, kinda like Joe Robinette but without the articulateness.  He is in no physical condition to take on the position of U.S. Senator, never mind that he’s a complete leftwing loon. 

If we can’t agree that a recovering stroke victim with no real-world experience and unwilling to debate before the voters is not a good candidate for the world’s greatest deliberative body, what can we agree on?  Yet Senate Minority Leader Turtle McConnell claims Republicans have weak candidates.  Who needs opponents when you have leaders like The Turtle supposedly on your side?

The leader of the free world informally declared war on his political rivals Thursday night and their supporters.  He declared, like a tyrannical despot, using two full-dressed Marines as stage props, that half the country is too dangerous for the other half of the country.  Not since Hillary Clinton placed her rivals in a “basket of deplorables” has an elected leader, in this case the POTUS, spoken in such a divisive manner about his fellow citizens.  It is one thing to attack your political opponent.  It is quite another to directly attack voters rather than trying to win them over with your political rhetoric.    

He said Thursday night in a prime-time speech in the City of Brotherly Love,

“Donald Trump and the MAGA Republicans represent an extremism that threatens the very foundations of our Republic.  There’s no question the Republican Party today is dominated, driven and intimidated by Trump and MAGA Republicans, and that’s a threat to this country.”

This from a member of the Democrat Party that really did threaten the existence of this country with a 4 year long Civil War, our deadliest.  In earlier remarks, Biden called Republicans “semi-fascists”.  That’s like being a little bit pregnant.  He is basically declaring war on half the country or at least a large plurality of it. 

If the POTUS declares, nastily on national television, that fascist enemies of the country are threatening our very existence, what is next, suspension of habeas corpus?  That sounds like a call to arms.  Abraham Lincoln was the last President forced to declare war on his fellow citizens. However, Joseph Robinette is not being forced to, but he is nonetheless and he’s no Abe Lincoln.

He also said,

“MAGA Republicans do not respect the Constitution. They do not believe in the rule of law. They do not recognize the will of the people.  They refuse to accept the results of a free election and they’re working right now as I speak in state after state to give power to decide elections in America to partisans and cronies, empowering election deniers to undermine democracy itself.”

These “MAGA Republicans” sound dangerous and completely out of control.  They must be stopped by any means necessary, right?  Right. 


The elected officials of the Democrat Party have become desperate like a rabid animal cornered.  Their Dear Leader is lashing out in painfully embarrassing and threatening ways.  The Great Uniter, that never was, has morphed quite comfortably into The Great Divider, the Divider in Chief.  But his threats are not only verbal, as the Mar a Lago raid proves as well as the ongoing persecution of January 6 political prisoners. 

This continuing delusion, the deranged fantasy of a Republican threat to the country is itself a real threat.  We have witnessed firsthand just how dangerous and violent the Democrat base can be.  Their Antifa and BLM shock troops are standing ready for their marching orders.

The Democrat party’s controlled media stooge, Joe Scarborough, egged on one of his egghead guests, Eugene Robinson, into calling Brandon’s Thursday night address a call to war.

“The speech last night to me sounded like a president delivering a wartime address,”

When the Democrat Party declares its rival party as both evil and an existential threat and its leader delivers a “wartime address”, what comes after that?  A new Civil War?  If the Democrat party can’t agree that this rhetoric is unacceptable, what can we agree with them on?  This kind of hateful, overheated talk is what enflamed and broadened the George Floyd riots. 

If the evil, vile, anti-American, unconstitutional, democracy-destroying, fascist Republican Party wins the elections in November, what can we expect from the patriots of the Democrat base?  Surely, they must rise up to defend their “democracy”!  We can expect nothing less of “patriots”.  The very existence of our country depends on ending the threat, i.e., MAGA Republicans, per their leader.  It’s “wartime” afterall.  Stay tuned.       

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6 thoughts on “The Democrat Party Has Become A Danger To America”

  1. If conservatives take control of the house and, hopefully, the senate I expect that all of the 2020 street thugs that the democrats tacitly supported, will pick up where they left off in 2020. Because the executive branch will still be in dem hands, there will be no support from any federal law enforcement agency to quell the violence. The result…chaos and anarchy.

  2. Civil War need not be violent. Much can be done without resorting to arms. It’s to the right’s advantage to operate with violence. However, the basic person on the right doesn’t consider nonviolent action as viable and usually dismisses it – the fools. Counting on elections is not enough – it’s foolish.

    This is a battle against a “childish” opposition – a danger itself. We’ve been attacked and must counter the attack.

  3. Any war we became a party of, in our own country, has already gone from being civil, and replaced with violence past all the rhetoric that started before CHAZ and the George Floyd riots happened. Civil included in any statement involving the word “War” just means that civility has run its course and violence has overtaken civility. When one adds violent rhetoric, they already started down that path to bloody violence, which has already begun. The left is engaged in making it appear that the right started all this, but with no evidence to back their lie up. Projection! We don’t have to engage in this war for it to be a war. We just have to be diligent and see that when they resort to violence, we defend ourselves, which ultimately leads to us having to end this lunacy. In any war, there is an aggressor(or oppressor) and a defender. I have yet to see the first bit of evidence that the right has been aggressive or oppressive, just the same old desperation of the left trying to cling on to any power they think they have. When you corner a rattlesnake, expect him to strike. It’s crazy how the left cornered itself, and is still trying to corner us, to make us appear to be the one who struck first. Lies don’t last. They are always lying.

    2022 and the 2024 elections are only another start. To defeat this well exposed enemy, it will take many more to defeat their ideas.

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