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America First. Before I sat down to write this, I checked the emails. Our Class President announced the death of a good friend. You hang your head, say a prayer and you remember all the times when you were young, when you were in top physical form, when no word could spoil your day, when you were ready to serve and protect this great Nation no matter the consequence. Yes, the remembrance of our youth and the realization that old age is the number one cause of death.

Tears come to one’s eyes as they realize how much the world has changed since those days of glory on the field of competition, since those days standing at attention on a Parade field, those days cheering a team to victory, followed by hours standing watch on a rolling ship in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Looking back, it is amazing how much the Nation has changed. Yet, one must ask “Has it actually changed at all?” Or, has the corral gate been left open? It seems that when all standards of behavior are allowed, then there are no standards of righteousness and good.

As with many Americans, I listened to the President of the Ukraine ask Congress for money, for weapons, for help. I watched as they applauded and cheered. It was heartwarming that America would come to the aid of a Nation in peril, a Nation attempting to survive within their boundaries, maintaining their customs and history. And apparently, our Congress supported the quest of Ukraine to simply be Ukraine.

And then the bull started. One of the initial take-always from the request for support was the response of the Democrat party, a response that sickened me. They proclaimed that they were the party supporting Ukraine, while they slammed the Republicans as the party supporting Putin.

My God! Once upon a time, we could talk, we could discuss, we could compromise. Now everything is about power. It is a game to control. The mantra of the Democrat Party made me think that the whole thing has been staged so that they could have a platform to win the midterm elections, especially since their national policies suck. Talk about a conspiracy theory, the powers of China, Russia and Ukraine coming to the aid of corrupt American leaders, from both parties, so that the Democrat Party could win the midterms and complete the “fundamental transformation of this Nation.”

And then I think about my friend. He was Italian in heritage. Did the various families of the underworld unite for power in New York City, Chicago, Vegas and Havana? Please do not take umbrage with that statement. Folks my age watched Elliot Ness; we were entertained by the Godfather. We studied the history of the inner-city wars between the Irish and the Italians, both sides wanting dominance, both sides wanting power, while others in the neighborhoods simply wanted to provide for their families.

The Party Supporting Ukraine versus the Party Supporting Putin! Is there no other option? Has power, money, and influence completely corrupted the entire elected bodies of these great States and this great Nation? Has want, lack of motivation, sloth and video games reduced the citizens to voting for mere handouts? Has the vision of color turned us against each other, superseding all the gifts of freedom and liberty? What is going on?

I think about my friend. Talking on the phone, laughing at reunions, showing up at his home unannounced with Czech kolaches!

There was an America First attitude in the late sixties, with a counter vision of American inequities toward blacks, women and non-Americans. A foreign undeclared war in an Asian nation split the loyalties of the Nation. Assassinations of national leaders garnered the headlines, as did the execution of a Communist soldier on national TV. America landed on the moon, but people were starving. Legislation was passed to “help” those that could not, or would not, help themselves.

Yes, it was the public initiation of a counter revolution that started in earnest in the early 1900’s. It was centered in our neighborhoods; it was a radical departure from the historical nature in which this Nation behaved toward its citizens and other Nations. The messaging from our elected leaders started to change. For many in this Nation, it was ignored for it was difficult to understand just how bad we were as we loved our neighborhood, we helped each other, color and accents were not an issue.

In the late 60’s, we started to shift from an “American First” agenda to a multi-cultural agenda focused on groups. Do not misunderstand. This Nation is not perfect, this Nation has never been perfect which is why the Preamble to our Constitution starts with the phase “We the People, in order to form a more perfect Union”.

But in that time of our Nations history, many of our elected leaders shifted from “America First”, and it has been building ever since.

Today we stand for Ukrainian borders, but not for the American border. Today we stand for “Black Lives”, versus American lives. Today we stand for handouts and welfare packages, instead of supporting manufacturing within America. Today a political party demands total government control through mandates, edicts, taxes, regulations, yet that political party accuses another political party of supporting tyranny. And worst, America now stands for weakness as witnessed in energy policies and withdrawals from endless war enriching the elite.

Our enemies do not welcome us as we lose our strength, our enemies take advantage, crushing the dreams and aspirations of American citizens.

It is time to restore the values of this Nation, values and ideals that elevated the condition of all people around the world! The exportation of the values of freedom, liberty and personal accountability are more powerful than all the weapons of the world. The beneficial use of our resources crushes the demands of despots who would deny freedom and opportunity to their citizens as they would the rest of the world.

We must return to “America First”. It is difficult, it takes sacrifices, but it is our calling. We are the only Nation in the history of the world where every color, creed and nationality have risked everything to land on our shores. “America First” and say a prayer for my friend.

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