Red Tsunami; So, Did We Learn Anything?

     What about that Red Tsunami? What happened to it? Was it anyone’s fault? Sure, but whose fault was it? We still don’t know several key senate and House race results. Ridiculous!

     It was our fault that we let pollsters tell us the outcome. It was our fault that we did nothing substantive to protect the integrity of the one thing we have a say in: how we elect people to public office. It was our fault that we let the foxes guard the hen house. We did this not once, but twice in a row. We let the excuse of Covid be the reason, last time, and someone found an opportunity, this time, to repeat the session.

     And it is completely our fault. We don’t protect what is in the interest of our nation’s well being when we let people who don’t have those same interests as ours to control outcomes. What’s that old saying? It’s not who votes, but who counts the votes that matter.

     We let justice take a vacation, and allowed tyranny in the door. If there is no justice, or, nowadays, if there is one-sided justice, like what happened to people who tried to protect elections, Catherine Englebrecht and Gregg Phillips, who were jailed for protecting a confidential FBI informant’s privacy, how can we expect justice to magically re-appear if our election process can no longer be considered honest and fair? They only got out of jail because an appellate judge ordered their release.

     Ronald Reagan used the saying “Trust, but verify” regarding the Soviet Union, during nuclear arms talks. Even that is not enough when considering the safety, security and honesty of elections because if we know that people are sinners, we know that there are people who are wicked and will do whatever it takes to win/steal an election. The only difference being the level of splitting hairs on how something may be legal or not. We must start making our opposition earn our trust. That’s mandatory for a civil society, now, more than ever.

     I’ve heard that we are the one western country that does not protect our elections, like the rest of the western world. France, Germany, Italy, all have elections that are tallied and reliably trusted, and we are the leader of the free world and can’t say that?

     No, I won’t go and say that that is the sole problem, but it is the elephant in our room that gives us the results that make our heads spin. I’m just glad I didn’t fall for all the hype about the “Red Tsunami”. I knew we had done next to nothing to protect us from what happened in 2020. In my lifetime, there was never a time, until 2020, and now 2022, that an election couldn’t have at least been settled on election day, or, at the worst, the next day. That’s a trend that has to end, friends.

     There is no excuse, period. This was our fault. If you want to go and blame it on Democrats, first look in the mirror, because we let them remain criminals and steal the election, by the media, by liars promising things they have no intention of upholding and by the simple fact that we won’t admit we are too complacent to do what is right.

     If we will not stand up for what is right and just, in the eyes of our Creator, we are doomed. Just remember that it was our Creator who gave us those Ten Commandments, before you go and blame anyone else. It is our responsibility to hold on to a moral and decent society, and I know we have let our Creator down.

We can’t say we are a moral and just society if we let something this easy to keep, fall away. Unlike our parents, who wanted their children to do better than they, we have fallen. Going in the wrong direction. It should ordinarily take the IQ of a rock to understand that.

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4 thoughts on “Red Tsunami; So, Did We Learn Anything?”

  1. The “we” you refer to letting all the election Dem nonsense happen is actually “they”, “they” being RINO’s. The election supervisor for Maricopa county AZ is a Republican RINO. Kari Lake wants to dump him as soon as she’s sworn in. The dumb Republican governor of AZ has done nothing to improve election results since the disaster of 2020. Nothing we can do now about dumb voters, like those in PA, until we gain control of academia, from kindergarten on up. A lot of work to do.

  2. Well, yeh, RINO supervisors are part of the problem, like the guy in Georgia, who probably let some garbage remain in the system. Raffensberger?
    But, we also had the main RINO in the senate, that Mitch guy, who moved funds away from candidates who needed the money and support, only to give it to two(Murkowsky and O’Day).
    We still have this huge problem with states still using mail-in ballots and harvesting them is a no-brainer for Democrats to do.

  3. Paul Craig Roberts has two articles about the irregularities in this election. There are others no doubt.

    Given the abysmal illegal Biden Regime’s danger to the country, the hype about a red wave was justified, and so my conclusion is another fraudulent election overall, despite some welcome results – just enough to make it look legitimate.

    If the change in the House becomes fact, there had better be results to broadly expose the illegitimate Biden Regime and Joe Biden’s criminal family operations. Otherwise, an effort to mobilize the masses to consider peaceful extra-legal remedies.

    Sundance gives a perspective on the future

    • I just read that piece. Maybe, in an alternate universe, Sundance is right, but the problem is the cheating, the ballot stuffing. I think everyone, who has a functioning brain, knows full well that many, if not most ballots brought from those ballot boxes are full of dead or illegitimate, not eligible voters. Like one or more commenters said, if we were to do that, the newly elected mafia government would go directly at the Republican side, by msm messaging that “Here are the cheaters, and they will be prosecuted!”
      What needs to happen is that the laws need to be made that all this ballot harvesting is to be outlawed, or else, and I think you know what I mean by “Or Else”.
      The left knows that they can’t be held to account for the crimes they commit, unless the laws go back to the pre-Covid, what you might consider normal. The trend and slope toward tyranny is on one of those marxist “Great Long Marches”, and the only way to change that is by having elections without all this crap concerning ballot harvesting and stuffing. But the internet problem of election counting has to stop at the same time. I don’t care if that means CBS,NBC, ABC, CNN and Fox have to have people on the ground to get official numbers and call them into their companies. The internet is never to be trusted. I think there is enough proof to do that, too. We need to disconnect every vote tabulating machine from the internet, period. Hooking up to the internet was a ticking time bomb, that blew up in 2020, or earlier.
      If those things are not done, we will never have another trusted election in our country.

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