Jingle Bells

Jingle Bells….

Here comes omicron, here comes omicron,
Still bounding down the lane.
The media, WHO, and federal agencies,
Really sound so lame.

Feds still pinging,
Their hands wringing,
Preaching words of dread.
And the White House wish to you for New Year is……….
Hope you don’t wind up dead.

Does anyone else feel we’re in a game of Who Do You Trust? The CDC is still using the virus as bludgeon on folks. On the other hand, there’s continuing discussion on when is a vaccine not a vaccine. When does the “pandemic” become “endemic”—like the flu? Yet all the health organizations have had two years to get it right and where are we? Seemingly with Bill Murray in “Groundhog Day.” Last May, the FDA’s top vaccine official Dr. Peter Marks, wrote that the virus has mutated much like the flu and we’re going to have to live with it. (JAMA)

Meanwhile, it’s ruined businesses and a flourishing economy (which probably ruined a good many lives); there’s been negative social, emotional impacts on the population; educational and developmental impacts on kids; information stifled on common medications that can treat the virus—thank you main stream media and all those “social media” websites; and, a rise in anxiety and depression worldwide. Social distancing seemed to separate each of us from society and each other. But gee, aren’t you happy “staying 6′ apart” and one-way grocery aisles saved so many lives? And I guess the banks will have to take down the, “Please remove masks before entering” signs.

But consider this, why were a number of medical professionals such as Stanford medical professor Dr. Jay Bhattacharya silenced for speaking out questioning the “science.” Why was the Great Barrington Declaration shunned? Biden has admitted he can’t do anything and it’s up to the States. Thankfully, SCOTUS shot down the vaccine mandate—although HHS still requires the jab for Medicare and Medicaid associated workers. For all others, now you and your doctor can best choose what you need to do to protect yourself.

“Follow the money.” Big Pharma’s profits are still riding the Covid wave. “Hi, it’s day 1207 of the pandemic. The sky is clear and they’ve let us out for a walk in the forest. Here comes someone toward me who has no mask, face shield, or bio-suit. But I’m not worried as I’ve had my 70th booster, I’m wearing a mask, face shield, and a bio-suit. My name is Karen. This is my story.” To recap the foregoing, sometimes I feel like the Covid shot is more likely found on the bourbon aisle. Merry Christmas

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