Excess Deaths And The Jab

     Contrary to what the mainstream news and censors, like Google, Facebook and others, want you to hear, there are correlations between that “Jab” and all those excess deaths.

     The reason I decided to write this is because, yesterday, while driving through all the rain in the flood prone part of southern Kentucky to get a part from a junk yard, this radio host in Nashville was lambasting all those who get on social media and start typing out their versions of “Conspiracy Theory number Infinity”. Ill leave his name out of it, because half the time he has some thoughtful and concise topics, but this time it went full tilt against one possible source of the young man’s illness, who suffered on his place of employment: the football field. Yeh, the social media crowd should shut up, but not because a radio host, who happens to love that social media, like they do . There are a lot of things we all should take pause and do some self reflection on.

     When it comes down to all the information about Covid-19, the vaccines, or “Jabs”, and who controls narratives, the truth all too often gets cast aside. and, if some idiot radio host doesn’t like all the spew that goes on, on social media, he might just avoid looking at it, like I do. But, No! He had to trash the mob. Good luck with that. And good luck with anyone doing any serious research on the very bad, and fatal side effects that the “Jab” has caused to many. I don’t know if you have noticed this, but there have been a couple standard deviations of excess deaths, in all age groups, after the miracle vaccines were brought out from the lab and into your shoulder muscle. And that is worldwide.

     Insurance actuaries have been seeing the trend, and have been reporting the problem, but it has probably just been kept out of most news articles, because it might just upset Phizer’s bottom line, and all the other jab manufacturers. Go ahead and sue me, big pharma. There are facts and evidence that back up what I say. I first saw evidence of some possible correlation between those jabs when I saw the insurance companies show concern for the rate of increase in deaths among the young and fit. Then it turns out that they also had concern for excess deaths in all age groups. Some of that could have been kept from us by the way that Covid-19 was being reported and recorded for medical billing and general narrative speak, which I know was going on. How do I know? Well, look at people dying in their sleep, in the middle of the night, who went to bed as usual, just didn’t wake up. Then see results of autopsies and pathological reporting that exposes that little first reported problem of Covid causing myocarditis. Have you seen what it looks like in the heart muscle? It looks awful, and more than just the look, it produces disruptions in the electrical pathways, causing arrhythmias, which for those of you who don’t know what that is, is the stuff that doesn’t belong, in the normal beating of your heart. Arrhythmias can be as little as an occaasional skip, or pause, up to ventricular fibrillation, which, if not treated by competent health providers, very quick, leads to sudden death. But, there are a lot of other problems, like atrial fibrillation, which can be deadly, that are rarely mentioned, as a result of that jab. Atrial fibrillation is caused by interruptions in the electrical conduction pathways. Atrial fibrillation can kill you, or cause you to have a stroke, which can kill you. The media is not talking about any of this, because, well, you should no why. By the way, Phizer, why did you try to bury all the papers in your studies about your own research and development, for decades after?

     To the tragedy of that very young man who collapsed in front of all who was watching the Bengals play the Bills, Damar Hamlin, the story is more than just some sports medicine physician rushing  to make the ridiculous claim that this accident was “Absolutely anything” as his diagnosis, and I’m not even certain this came from any physician who rendered treatment or was his physician. Has anyone ever heard of differential diagnosis, or does anyone know how a physician even diagnoses a patient’s illness? Well, it sure as heck isn’t part of some broadcast. Can there be one or more contributing factors that cause a condition that can cause your heart to stop? To borrow the sports medicine guy’s latest and favorite blasphemy, “Absolutely!” And remember that the NFL required all the players to get that “Jab”, so you can’t rule it out as a potential cause to what happened on the football field until you rule it out, through differential diagnosis, getting to the cause, instead of the narrative. Who knows? It might have had nothing at all, to do with his collapse. But you won’t ever know if you don’t try to find out whether it did or not. Some people are so ate up with narratives that they must have fallen out the back door of the school bus, when they were kids. That’s how stupid they are. Pray for Damar Hamlin’s speedy recovery, and pray that someone gets to the root causes of what caused his collapse, better than “Absolutely” by someone who may not have a clue what is going on.

     I began to listen more closely to the news on the radio, and that idiot radio host, and I noticed that there was a rush to judgement that it was caused by a blunt crushing blow to the sternum, like a fast ball can cause, or a hockey puck to the chest can cause. The claim that was circling the drain of the news was that Hamlin received a blow to his sternum that caused his cardiac arrest. The problem is that there is no way to prove that, and the likelihood of that being the case won’t be known unless an autopsy is done, but thank God that Hamlin is still alive. I’d rather skip the autopsy, and see him recover. The problem is that people rush to judgement and skip the part about having some kind of intellectual discussion. That’s prevalent on social media. But, it is also idiotic to try to go after what is always going to happen, gossip and speculation, and look at all the reasons to drag the Covid jab into this, now that you know that there are excess deaths, and all those excess deaths just happened to have begun after the jabs became a “Thing”, my concern is that the problem of all those excess deaths will go unreported, not studied for cause and effect, and physicians will be left with one less reason to find the right differential diagnosis, which will be one more thing that goes in the pile of a collapsing civilization. If you don’t even know there is a problem, you won’t ever get around to discovering the root cause, and this jab just happens to more serious a health threat to those who took it, than they may realize, especially if no one even tries to get to the bottom of the problem. But, the problem doesn’t exist, so keep your heads in holes, and just die without knowing why.

There is a gal who used to be on The Hill’s “Rising” show, who I have really come to appreciate, because of her honesty in reporting and just generally seeking out the truth. She has been removed once or twice from Youtube, had to leave the Hill show because she got to the truth, too often, and now has gone to Rumble. Her name is Kim Iversen. She is still a liberal, but you wouldn’t know it by her reporting.

In the video, she is interviewing thhe man who created the mRNA technology that was used in making the “Jab”. His peers, who were once friends, have ridiculed and downplayed all his thoughts on the Covid-19 fiasco. The media and the censors have all spread lies about him. His name is Dr. Robert Malone. If you watch the video, you will see why. He sounds and acts like a man of integrity and professional skills, who draws conclusions using his noggin, instead of going along with political narratives and agendas. What he had to say about Hamlin might give many some pause. He uses his profession like people like him used to, before politics and narratives took over.

If that doesn’t convince some that the excess deaths might just be caused by that jab, try looking at what morticians are finding when in some corpses when they try to embalm them. But, that’s something else that needs studying, to get to the root cause.

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7 thoughts on “Excess Deaths And The Jab”

  1. This comes down to one’s ability to think critically, and to recognize that no one is any less prone to succumbing to sin than any other. Anything less leads to idol worship, and a cult mentality (on both sides of the proverbial aisle)

    • I agree with you, but setting aside the sin, one who is able to think critically, and honestly, should never be the same as the sinner, because just thinking critically and honestly would more likely than not lead the critical thinker to steer away from sinning. Some might argue that philosophists are all atheists because they are very critical thinkers, are wrong, when you consider the writings of one or two of the great philosophers, like Thomas Aquinas, or Augustine of Hippo.

      In my opinion, the sin is from those who have evil intent and start false narratives, which among those, I think are the Faucis and those who latched on to his bureaucratic public health attitude, and those in the World Economic Forum, China and many other progressive thought leaders, all for taking advantage of those who might not think critically, and have the necessary skepticism.

      Dr. Atlas, Malone, Bhattacharya and several others tried to get out a better and more reasoned message about the “Pandemic” and it’s treatment, and were silenced. It was all for the narrative, which was the evil. Thanks for your comment!

  2. These are good points. For those who doubt the excess deaths, I’d suggest you look up the data and see for yourself. Even the government is showing excess deaths, they just don’t want to admit it.

    Secondly, if there was nothing to the observations that the jab is a likely cause of the excess deaths, then why won’t they debate, debunk, discredit these views with data? They don’t do that, but dismiss them as conspiracy theories to avoid addressing the data. Why? The answer is pretty obvious. They don’t want to consider it becasue it violates their religious devotion to the jabs or they know it causes it and don’t care because the power, control and narrative is more important than the truth and the lives of Americans.

    • Exactly! Good to see you, ET. Stick around. Been quite a while…

      The government has been hiding much of the numbers by the coding of patients into the classification of the Cooties, and bribing too many otherwise good physicians, also. I remember all the times I went to the doctor’s office, and all the garbage about the masking and six foot separation, and then the trying to push that jab on to me, that I stopped going to several of my doctors. And then all the treatment of patients was based on one main protocol: the jab, and not diagnosing and treating the illness, to the point that good alternatives were banished from regimens. And not just Ivermectin!

  3. I consider the vaccine mandates to be the most evil thing perpetrated on the American public by a politician in like forever. I had the jab in the spring of 2021, because Biden was talking about requiring it for air travel. Within 30 days I found myself in afib and congestive heart failure.

    • All I kept thinking about was “Six hundred threescore and six.”

      You and my wife share the same situation, almost to a tee. I’m the ass in the family. I will refuse almost anything, but especially that jab. After that jab, she got the same diagnosis. Same with my two sons, and this football player, and all those who have been healthy one minute and dropped dead the next.
      I almost caved and got the jab, but I kept hearing nonsense being passed off for medicine that I just decided something else was going on, so I just didn’t get it.

  4. Dr. Ted Noel just posted an article on American Thinker about differential diagnosis and his article does a great job overlapping with mine. Maybe people will start waking in larger masses about the absurdities about things like this.
    Notice that he points out that Covid-19 should be in consideration in a differential diagnosis, as I suggested, and he’s the doctor!

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