Follow The Money. Biden Has Sold Out The Country Part 2:  Unanswered Garagegate Questions

As I showed in my column last week, China and the CCP are everywhere in the Biden Administration and they are to be found surrounding all aspects of the classified document scandal known as Garagegate.  Biden is more than just friendly with the communist Chinese.  He said this to reporters about the Chinese in 2019 while campaigning, “They’re not bad folks, folks. But guess what, they’re not competition for us,…”.  Think about it, when was the last time you heard Biden say a harsh word about our most imposing national threat, China?  Answer:  he hasn’t.  The question then, among many others, is why?  Why is Biden so reluctant to utter any criticism whatsoever about America’s biggest and most powerful foe?  Answer this and you get to the crux of Garagegate.


While in Mexico on January 10, Biden made the following comment:

“I was briefed about this discovery and surprised to learn that there were any government records that were taken there to that office. But I don’t know what’s in the documents. My lawyers have not suggested I ask what they were.”

This statement begs more questions than it answers.  He uses the passive tense as if someone else mysteriously took classified documents to his think tank, the Penn Biden Center.  After 50 years of (mis)handling classified documents, how could he not notice them and suddenly be surprised about them?  According to Reuters,

“Biden periodically used the think-tank office space from mid-2017, after his term as vice president for Democratic President Barack Obama ended, until the start of his 2020 presidential campaign.”


We are being told to believe that for nearly six years since leaving the WH as VP, Biden never saw these documents or noticed they are classified?  Is that even close to being believable?  Classified documents are clearly marked, as the leaked photo of Trump’s Mar a Lago documents shows (Where are the Biden leaks?).

Trump Mar a Lago documents

You can’t mistake these documents for your high school English term paper, and Joe knows this.  He and his media expect us not to notice and not to ask questions about it.  But for some strange reason, many in the Dem media are starting to ask questions of the Biden White House.  Two years too late, but it’s a start.


However, we’re also being told by the Dem media that the Trump and Biden cases are very, very different.  They are right, but not in the way they think.  The Trump case is cut and dry.  Trump knowingly took documents that he claims he declassified and doesn’t hide that fact.  Correspondence between Trump’s legal team and the national nanny librarians at the National Archives and the Justice Department prove that the Trump team was cooperating with the investigation and had a cordial relationship.  No such correspondence has been forthcoming in the Biden case.  In fact, the Biden WH has sealed itself up tighter than a drum with no information leaking and no questions being answered.


But there is more to this story than just some sloppy handling of classified documents, much more.  There are countless stories of similar document mishandlings throughout Washington, D.C. over the years.  Even though most of these are innocent oversights with no nefarious purposes, many have gone to jail or had to pay fines as a result.  Some have gone to federal prison for espionage.  There are obvious gaps in this Biden Garagegate scandal that reek of possible espionage, yet no one, including Republicans, are asking the tough questions.  At least not yet.


The Mar a Lago documents were locked and sealed in a secure location protected by the Secret Service.  Where have the Biden documents been for the last six years?  Who had access to them?  More importantly, who accessed them?  We need to know.  We cannot accept the Biden team’s explanations for any of this.  They have lied throughout the past 11 days regarding every aspect of this scandal.  The Biden team, including the Justice Department, cannot be trusted to divulge the truth.


Chinese money poured profusely into UPenn which housed the Penn Biden Center, where the first classified documents were supposedly discovered on November 2, 2022, to the tune of nearly $60 million since 2014 and much of that since 2016.  UPenn funds the Penn Biden Center.  UPenn paid Joe Biden millions of dollars for putting his name on the Penn Biden Center.  Nice work if you can get it.   


The list of professors working at UPenn reads like a Shanghai phone book.  Connect the dots. In 2019, the Feds warned about Chinese spying at U.S. colleges,

“We want to encourage people to come here and study,” Andrew Lelling, the U.S. attorney for Massachusetts, told reporters Friday. “This isn’t about targeting everyone who’s a Chinese national. But there are thousands who are directly linked to a state-sponsored effort to steal intellectual property.  That warning underscores the scope of China’s “economic espionage,” as the Justice Department terms it, as a tool for national security and economic threat. That threat is part of a broader effort by Beijing to take advantage of American colleges and universities, which provoked a backlash among U.S. officials.  The message to all the schools is: One, be aware that you are a target,” John Demers, the assistant attorney general at the Justice Department, said during the briefing.”


Once again it is time to connect the dots.  Everyone should be concerned about the Chinese connection.  How many UPenn professors, Chinese or otherwise, and administrators had access to the Penn Biden Center documents?  How many used that access?  Who and how many other visitors had access to those documents?  Have those documents been dusted for fingerprints?  Why not?  Why did UPenn and it’s slew of Chinese professors lobby Merrick Garland to end the Trump era anti-Chinese spying program known as the China Initiative?  Is the new Special Counsel planning to question the university administration and professors?  What is contained in these documents?  Are they true national security documents that could harm Americans, if acquired by hostile forces or are they just some of Hunter’s favorite coke cooking recipes?  What is the chain of custody of these documents the last six years?


What about the documents found (and continuing to be found) at Biden’s Delaware house?  I mean the ones found next to Biden’s classic 1967 Corvette.  What is Lunch bucket Joe, Amtrak Joe, Truck driver Joe, Middle class Joe, Aw shucks Joe doing with a 1967 Corvette?  Where did Joseph Robinette’s millions of dollars come from?  What was in the classified documents found in the garage?  How sensitive and important are they?  Hunter had access to the Corvette and the documents.  He accessed the Corvette.  Did he or his shady business partners access the documents?  Presumably, the Biden residence has security cameras.  Is the Special Counsel issuing subpoenas for those cameras?  Have these documents or those found in adjacent rooms been dusted for prints?  Why hasn’t the FBI conducted the search instead of Biden lawyers?  How long were these documents in the Biden residence?  What is the chain of custody of these documents for the past six years?

Biden Family tree


The Biden Crime Family is extensive.  Will the Special Counsel interview all Biden family members with access to the Delaware home: Joe Biden, Jill Biden, Hunter Biden, Jim Biden, Frank Biden, Ashley Biden and Naomi Biden.  All have direct or indirect connections to the Chinese government or Chinese government associated companies.


The Department of (in)Justice is completely compromised in this investigation.  This explosive story broke on Thursday in Breitbart News,

“The White House and Justice Department (DOJ) reportedly agreed to hide President Joe Biden’s classified document scandal from the American people until it leaked to the press, despite their repeated claims of transparency.”


The WH and the DOJ are working together as a team.  As my colleague, Elizabeth Vaughn, reported on these pages, the two Special Counsels appointed for Biden and Trump have very different jurisdictional scopes, of course.  Merrick Garland doesn’t skip a partisan beat.  The very liberal never Trumper Special Counsel Jack Smith has a much broader scope that goes well beyond just classified documents.  The anti-Trump Biden Special Counsel Robert Hur has a much narrower scope of investigation and will do one of two things, he’ll either cover it all up and issue a bogus slap to the Biden wrist (likely) or he’ll dig deep and get to the heart of this sordid story (highly unlikely).  If he issues a wrist slap, we’ll all know that the jig is up and our suspicion not to ever trust Washington, D.C. is confirmed. 


Regardless, in either case, the House Republicans led by Kevin McCarthy, James Comer and Jim Jordan must do their duty to the nation and should keep digging until they get to the bottom of this scandal, wherever it leads.  Joe Biden and his family need to be revealed as the traitorous grifting villains that they are and that we all know they are.  Yesterday was the two-year anniversary of Joe Biden’s inauguration, a day which will live in infamy.  Although impeachment and removal from office would be too lenient a punishment, it would be a fitting end to a miserable, awful and failed Presidency and career.




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