Globalist Folly Back in Fashion in the Swamp: If it’s True Part 25.

Part 24 in this series covered the somewhat shocking Seymour Hersch article that provides details of the 26 September 2022 alleged Biden administration sabotage of the Russian Nord Stream Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) pipeline extension destined to path directly to Germany. A key excerpt from his piece concerns the use of professional deep sea divers, but not US Special Operations-Navy Seals-because that would have triggered a reporting mandate to the congress “Gang of Eight,” consisting of the leaders of the house and senate and the chair and ranking minority leaders of the intelligence committees: not to be confused with the Magnificent 7 or the 3 Stooges.

Hersch followed up his article with observations of how many of his stories initially suffered from what many would observe as the “Hunter Biden Laptop,” six-foot pole treatment effect. It will not shock or surprise anyone when some of these same swamp weasels-many of whom have “discovered” abortion, LGBTQ rights, the basis for 1st and 2d Amendment restrictions (“hate speech” (I know it when you say it)) and particularly gun control silliness that continually makes up nonsense terms to go after semi-automatics as ”ASSAULT WEAPONS” (lions and tiger and bears,) with some idjiots insisting you cannot own a cannon (says the constitution-2d Amendment-nowhere,) make or support the case that there was no obligation to notify congress cause, not “Special Operations.”

The issue could prove to be a monumental swamp slug fest akin to any World Wrestling event-only with more drama and fake “stuff” when you consider politics in America circa 2023. If there were a theme contest for a slogan that typifies the swamp landscape right now it would resolve to pay backs, retribution and repercussions.

Many would make the case that the discord and lack of civility and collegiality are a legacy of the Bad Orange Man, but we are in somewhat of a “one-upmanship” phase that became a thing during the President Clinton impeachment and has been building and expanding for decades to the point where it would not surprise to see fights on the floor of congress like many countries we view with mirth while considering ourselves much better behaved.

When a politician at any level becomes a total political liability-the rules pertaining to their behavior and actions often adapt themselves-or get translated by those in the “scrum-” to the circumstances and situation: the exigency of the moment toward an outcome. I would offer Al Franken as the most recent poster child of such ramifications.

The swamp may make an argument for Biden that he had no obligation to notify the Gang of Eight-I mean, it’s not like he was touting more collegiality or actively seeking more cooperation with congress during this period, am I right? Not talking about talking, but the doing-action part of those falsehoods. But that might be hard to argue if some-many-all consider it sabotage of the first order-an act of terrorism by the US-and therefore an act of war.

It certainly seems like a very odd thing to do considering that Biden at one point produced for Putin a list of 16 targets that we would “prefer not be targets of cyber-attack.” Maybe Putin’s wish list did not include the pipeline: so there you go-what a relief! Of course, blowing the two pipelines to the bottom of the ocean with C-4 was not expected between enemies or friends. The tit-for-tat that could result from such an action could be cataclysmic: and how-when-would it stop?

And good on Biden for being imaginative, inventive, ballsy and stealthy, right? We showed Putin-at the risk of nuclear escalation in Ukraine and a potential global tag-team of terror-like events that could expand to undersea cables, vessels at sea, remote facilities and installations: definitely raised the price of poker. There is still the Europe reaction to come, particularly the Germans whose former Chancellor has been neck-deep in the Russian LNG efforts.

All the Bad Orange Man came up with in response to this Russian threat of the pipeline (what threat? I know) was to accelerate and incentivize plans for US LNG trade directly with Europe, the building of transport ships and facilities, increasing capacity in Texas, Louisiana and other Gulf States, promoting production to drive prices down to expose the costly investments Putin was making in the Arctic-since about 2008 or so, and helping American citizens achieve lower costs while creating new opportunities in our burgeoning energy sector: what a fool! Trump: always worried about the money, going to all that trouble. Biden-a man of action, cut to the chase-boom-problem solved!

The White House and their select stable of propagandizing sycophants can be counted upon-in fact have wasted no time- getting ahead of and undermining Hersh’s piece. But if this is true, there are very few deep-sea divers who are interested in going to jail for an action performed for the swamp: it was a cool, sophisticated and risky operation throughout-they could not have done it or pulled it off-any of it-without deep state support-and they have no congress Gang of Eight notification obligations.

If Robert Gates became sick to his stomach over Afghanistan, he needs to be put on watch and kept away from sharp objects over this doozy: it will be interesting to hear his reaction to this terrorist-like, act of war attack against an otherwise innocuous economic target-if true-that totally exposes the Biden administration.

Many thought Obama committed impeachable offenses throughout his presidency on dozens of issues-but surprisingly (like my shock face-this is my shock face-) no one talked about him fomenting regime change in Ukraine on the very foothills of the Russian doorstep to take down a duly elected president who was a Putin ally to replace him with one more favorable to the west.

How odd was it that the regime that perpetrated this change-and you are a regime when you meddle in the foreign affairs of other countries, rabble rouse demonstrations and riots, send your diplomatic corps into action to undo an election result-was the same one that turned a blind eye when long-time friend and ally of the US-Hosni Mubarak in Egypt-began taking flack and fire from the Muslim Brotherhood, while another leader who had cooperated and turned in his nuclear/WMD stocks voluntarily-Muammar Qaddafi-suffered the same fate. What did this regime do to counter the narrative of the Arab Spring: crickets?

These acts somewhat pale in comparison to his lies to the American people about the Iranian Nuclear deal, that many American’s still believe was the best deal we could get-rather than put “boots on the ground”-the idjiotic straw man ObamaLinsky wagged as the only alternative-in spite of all the lies that had to be told to get the deal done-(e.g., the notion of Iranian moderates, not paying ransom to get sailors back, paying tens of billions of dollars-in cash-like some cartel transaction, not negotiating a prohibition against Iran killing American soldiers with Improvised Explosive Devices (IED,) you know-all that small detail stuff.)

I might have had more respect-but who am I kidding-for Obama’s negotiation team led by ole Bolt Neck Kerry if one of the first negotiating conditions on the table was pro-America, like-I don’t know-maybe the immediate termination of Iranian Quds Force IED efforts in Iraq and the shipping of the improved (“ing”) technology to Afghanistan. Such a negotiation point would have been the first priority and goal for any American leader who was looking out for our interests. Obama: he was giving, not taking-desperate for a deal at any cost-including his credibility and integrity. He had the DOJ and Treasury Department suspend and dismiss the case built against the Hezbollah drug dealers (Project Cassandra) and car theft ring-eight years of work on the case-in America: too controversial, threat to the Iranian nuclear deal!

Much like the belief many Americans still have about the Russia Collusion Hoax-which is embarrassing, Ostrich-like and seems incredible, naive and -well-dumb-in 2023, just as many if not more still believe the Iran lies created by Obama and Ben Rhodes-and it doesn’t matter-apparently-that he explained how he came up with the lies, showered a friendly and cooperative LMSBTG with them to gain momentum, and then told everybody that he did it.

And then turned attention to achieve regime change in Ukraine that infuriated Putin and inarguably resulted in the takeover of Crimea and then turning attention to Ukraine. And then focusing on undermining that Russian stooge Trump via Paul Manafort through the FBI and then directly after Trump himself: a scandal free regime indeed.

But wait-This American Thinker article by Monica Showalter tells the somewhat surprising tale of how the Obama team may not have been happy with just going after Manafort and then Trump and associates, but actually took the fight to the “motherland”-Russia, in this Mark Wauck-Meaning of History Blog report of who is behind the explosions and fires in Russia, as related by Jack Murphy’s reporting: the CIA….

Seems that Russia has been suffering the same kind of puzzling explosions and infrastructure problems as the US. The story is President Obama allegedly signed a covert action order to spread mayhem in Russia as a consequence of Putin having a very bad reaction to Obama authorizing regime change and meddling in the sovereign affairs of Ukraine: so Obama-ironically enough-allegedly authorized covert action against Putin-Russia-as a reaction to Putin seeking regime change and meddling in the affairs of Ukraine: it is honestly hard to keep straight.

That sounds pretty bad-if true-but it would be quite a surprise for things to quietly go on behind the scenes for this long before or without the story getting out. So who knows, but it certainly adds new light to the disturbing and potential conspiracy theories building around the many infrastructure, livestock, chicken-turkey-bird flu and egg shortage-critical industry, meat packing plant issues, industrial fires and explosions on agriculture-related infrastructure across the US over the past several years: could it be his “tit to our tat?”….

Then we have this piece by the former Israeli leader Naftali Bennet about how there was a Kissinger moment in the works- “peace at hand-” in Ukraine until NATO decided it wasn’t time for it yet because Russia was appearing weaker than was initially believed and they should not be rewarded for invading by ending things “prematurely.” From the piece:

The headline-grabbing news is Bennett’s claim that negotiations that were yielding fruit and that could have ended the now nearly year-long war after a little more than a month were ultimately blocked by the NATO governments underwriting Ukraine’s war effort.

With the recent lowering of the bar vis a vis Trump-where the precedent has been set that not only can the bar on impeachment be placed so low as to appear it’s a limbo contest-but it is okay to eschew the appearance of balance and to lie about and hold back critical facts and patterns to make it a show trial that attempts to substitute public opinion and condemnation, rather than a process that allows the facts to be presented-defended-in an attempt to “woo” the other side to see the offense as impeachment-worthy-the stage is set in the swamp to proceed apace to the nuclear option pronto: you impeached our guy, we got your guy-over to you. You held our DOJ in contempt, we got yours…You stole my drink, rinse and repeat… hold my beer…Adult politics and hackery prevail.

That train left the station-meaning the notion or obligation to present and let the facts build the argument and “fend for themselves,” rendering the process and those who abuse it guilty of a mockery of the constitution and the procedures to hold the executive accountable to the people for their actions.

What were the high crimes and misdemeanors committed by the executive in the Trump case: mean tweets? The question is whether the crime of deliberately-with malice aforethought-circumventing congress by using mercenaries to avoid the constitutionally mandated notification, consultation, advise and consent process and commit an act of terrorism-war-is a sufficient bar to invoke articles of impeachment in the House of Representatives: if proven true-corroboration of Hersch’s story-those articles write themselves. Note that in matters of impeachment-as we learned in two separate efforts-the only thing that matters is the votes.

The democrats laid to rest-absolutely tore asunder-the precedent that articles of impeachment should not be undertaken unless the votes are available to complete the deal, an action that for several hundred years and more has been recognized as such a devastating and toxic remedy for other than top-line, consensus illegal-impeachable offenses that politicians formerly eschewed-knew better-than to undertake them lightly: but that was before the Bad Orange Man sent mean tweets, became a threat to the swamp, canceled Nanny Peloozi’s overseas boondoggle, trifled with the Golden Goose in Ukraine and achieved unprecedented success in areas the career politicians had been wringing their hands over for decades with little to no progress. Oh, and he rubbed their faces in it-it is part of his New York charm…

Trump was a threat to democracy-the speaker of the house poked him and stood up and wagged her incoherent finger at him during a meeting at the WH-tore up his state of the Union speech on national TV-later threatened to punch him in the face if he showed it in the Capital during her faux insurrection drama with the fake pipe bombs-two of them-diverting security to protect the threat to the nominative vice president-a “woman of color-” while the main plot played out with the barrier breech team (led by the mysterious Ray Epps) striking at the abandoned posts at just the right time and the opening of the capital to “insurrectionists” timed with the “run-away” order to panic the herd-the pampered politicians-over the pipe-bomb threat, putting them hysterically (double entendre intended) smack in the middle of the crowd that had just been let in the front doors that were controlled from inside the capital: surrounded by sweaty, noisy, Wall Mart patron Patriots-the horror!

He clearly had to be smeared, tarred, feathered, and tarred again-no matter that there was no path to removal-and he had a big old fork in him: done. Much like working on the referee for the next foul in sports. Notwithstanding that fact, the point of it was still removal-that delusion was harbored-the thought of threats that republicans must do the right thing-regardless of how silly, inadequate, laughably short of high crimes and misdemeanors the clown show might be.

It’s quite a notion when you think about it: I am going to put together lies, innuendos and half-truths-totally one sided, without any glimpse or sham pretense of balance, and I expect you to man up and support my idjotcy and pretend that it is real and there is no defense-or else you are an “ism,” NAZI, racist, Orange Man stooge.

There was still a great side benefit to the effort from the democrat view, in that it would allow a great, compelling smear campaign to go forward touting how unqualified a twice impeached president is for office: the dirty deeds generate their own momentum!

The one thing that held no sway over Peloozi’s quest was the fear of who would take over should Trump resign (was never a thing) or be impeached, since the ultimate politician and moderate Mike Pence would step into the breech-who had for years played the opponent for the republican nominee debate prep.

That’s not the case for Biden and is a caution for any who believe that such a “net” is in place for Biden given the horridly disappointing performance by Biden’s VP. Particularly with a republican now next in line….If you think Biden has been bad, wait until you see the Obama-Harris ticket with ole Barry getting a third shot at the big house…

If true, the notion of the worlds good guys and bad guys will be rewritten over this operation. Nobody in the Army I grew up in has any empathy, sympathy, compassion-nothing-for the Russians-for the people, yes! For their poor, conscripted military-farm kids-being killed by the tens of thousands in Ukraine-yes. But for their government-rot in hell and burn. But I don’t need anyone explaining how this was a righteous action to stop Putin and any countervailing view is support for Putin!

Also, the idea of an activist State Department bodes poorly for United States influence going forward if our personnel are seen as fomenting regime change and aberrant policy in countries that are not ready for or interested in being used as “messaging” venues for woke topics and aberrant issues that are not supported by leaders from those countries: we seem oblivious to these issues with our flying of rainbow and Black Liberation Revival Movement Flags (but nations like Hungary are noticing….)

The winds of impeachment start as a whisper and soon become a bellows-If it’s true

24 February 2023

LSMBTG: Lamestream media echo chamber (LMEC-L) social media (SM) big tech tyrants (BT) and government (G)

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  1. Of course, Brandon spiked the Nord Stream pipelines. Well, not actually him. It was his handlers. But it could not have made Berlin jubilant since they held 49% ownership. These sorts of things happen all the time in war, and elsewhere. Most people, even those alive at the time, don’t remember the joint US/ARVN “incursion” into Cambodia on 28 April 1970. This will refresh your memory. Cambodia had just replaced Prince Norodom Sihanouk with the Pro-US Prime Minister Lon No in the “Cambodia Coup of 1970”. Nixon figured the new Pro-US former General would gladly sing “The Yanks are Coming.” But he didn’t. Right away anyway. It took the influence of a couple of US Army Huey Gunships visiting the inland Cambodia lake where his yacht was docked waiting to be shot full of holes to convince Lon that the US/ARVN incursion in search of the alleged COSVN – the mythical underground HQ for coordinating VC/NVA action in S. Vietnam – was a fine idea. And so it goes.

    • Oh, I neglected to mention the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution that triggered the U.S. entry into S. Vietnam. That was LBJ’s work. It had the same veracity as COSVN.

      He famously stood and shook the hands of the Fort Bragg soldiers of U.S. Army’s 82nd Airborne Division boarding aircraft taking them to S. Vietnam. Media cameras captured the moment for history. Then, after the plane was out-of-sight of the witnesses of this historical moment, the aircraft landed and emptied the soldiers back onto the noW-vacant tarmac. Hi ho.

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