Our American Justice System Exposed as a Sham and a Joke on a Par With Any Aberrant Police State You can Name

Accountability is the secret sauce that distinguishes and sustains a constitutional republic. Individual accountability is transcendental-fundamental-more than the law or our system of justice and crimes and punishment.

The Founders explained these principles in terms of religious freedom, religious beliefs, a set of principles and citizens doing their part to be informed members of a society that-in effect-upholds and reinforces the tenets-the charter, if you will-of being a member of the society they foster through their knowledge, education and actions that uphold and reinforce the foundation of such a republic.

Benjamin Franklin gave a short but precise description expressing the above when asked outside the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia what they had achieved. His response was “A constitutional republic, if you can keep it!”

Many these days evidence through their action’s contempt or perhaps confusion about what Franklin meant by his comment. Exemplars demonstrating why that might be the case are ubiquitous and seem to be the rule anymore, rather than the exception. Each day you can find dozens and dozens-myriad examples-that highlight and indicate that many in our society have not embraced their responsibility-accepted their task and role-in helping to uphold our republic by embracing personal accountability to-in effect-“keep it.

And why would they when we have leaders espousing things like socialism, communism, anti-American sentiment, undermining and undoing both criminal and civil law. We see evidence and signs of this problem in society for all things big and small. Which should not surprise because many are voting for those who agree with many of these society undermining beliefs.

The small signs are the most telling, for instance, when it comes to the people we hire, pay, and trust to watch after our children while they are entrusted to the care of educational systems, mandated by law that in most cases have not proven worthy of such trust and in fact have violated the basic tenets that Franklin and others likely felt were under the category of truths being “self-evident.”

One of the more vexing problems today is the well-nigh ubiquitous lack of what formerly passed for common sense or the “self-evident,” best typified by the cultural lunacy of gender doctrine (not todays story, but this is typical-and so is this.)

We don’t have to look all the way back to Franklin to think about this, but merely back a few generations to what we describe as our “greatest generation.” And we really don’t have to wonder or puzzle over what they might think about this madness, particularly the gender silliness and stupidity, but also from the schools standpoint when you consider stories like the shooting of a teacher by a 6 year old boy-a little out of control terror on at least his second school because of violent, unchecked behavior that required a parent to be with him at school-who apparently wasn’t that day/week-, as well as the recent shooting in a Denver school-by a 17 year old that was on at least his second school in as many months-he had to be searched daily as a prerequisite to gaining entry to the school because of his past problems-another troubled, coddled, criminal juvenile who in this case shot administration officials and later himself. In a school system several years into removing School Resource Officers believed to “represent bad optics,” using the type of poor judgement that never seems to help kids in need.

In both cases, as well as the recent transgender committed murders in Tennessee, who hunted children and administrators down in school like so much game, many would have us believe the gun was the problem and not mental illness, gender dysphoria and in at least two of these cases, parents and system failures.

We just don’t seem to be learning any lessons from these tragic, evidence of security inadequacies and mental issues and supervisory problems showing up in our schools.

Evidence of problems ignored become actual problems if left unchecked. In the “old school” military-the Army-there is a tradition that you stay off the grass-you walk around and stay on the sidewalk or the intended path. Which is a small and minor point but indicative of discipline in a unit, as well as embracing military customs and courtesies. Whenever I am on post these days and I see soldiers willy-nilly walking on the grass while in uniform, my first thought goes to this idea that it is indicative of leadership, discipline and morale issues. Kind of the idea of what you do whether someone is watching or not. I literally have to suppress the urge to tell them to get off the grass-are they being taught that anymore? Who knows, but my suspicion is there are few who care and if true, that is the far worse symptom or confirmation of a problem.

The tradition and convention of military saluting is very similar. My unit in Germany had a tradition that you rendered military courtesy without regard to the “distance” or position vis a vis soldiers-if you were close enough to recognize and say hello, you saluted or received a salute: simply the right-and courteous-thing to do. The opposite includes those who are what we used to call “sky-gazers”-when I was enlisted and had a different view of these matters, the technique at the time pertained to our unit soldier’s reaction to our Platoon Leader-a married Captain with Vietnam helicopter service who was having an affair with one of our Flight Operations Clerks in our company-who had suddenly been moved up to battalion.

In those days in Germany combat units interacted throughout the day and months on end in training and in the field-even in a heavy combat brigade of nearly 5K soldiers you get to know people fast. One day an Officer Candidate School classmate of mine and I were walking to lunch at the officer’s club when a Chief Warrant Officer four and three breezed right on by us with no salute and no greeting, as I later recounted, no “Foxtrot U,” nothing. I turned and addressed them to ask if they had forgotten something and they “patiently” explained that they did not salute Lieutenants, that once we made Captain, they would begin to render courtesy: oh, my! I advised them that they had a confused and ill-informed interpretation of Army Regulations-particularly customs and courtesies-that saluting was not optional but in fact required based on rank alone, and that they should render courtesy as required.

The senior Warrant advised me that the guidance came from our Chief of Staff: yowzer-number 3! I explained that while that was humorous, I was briefing the CofS-COL Schmidt-after lunch and if that was true, I would get a piece of him and be in touch. But in the meantime, they should render courtesy and set an example for others. He was irate at being called out and gave a quick salute and turned to leave-I stopped him and advised that rendering an Air Force salute (fly-by) was even worse than none at all, that his salute was to be held until it was acknowledged and returned-the courtesy extends both ways. I’m sure his day was ruined for getting called out-my classmate advised he thought it was no big deal and was a bit embarrassed by the whole thing, which was frankly typical of what we called a “college-op,” somebody who opted late to serve in the military (to pay for college) and ended up going to OCS after Basic. Letting something like this “go” was not and is not an option: it would be telling about everything we do. Where would such an interpretation of the regulations stop?

My discussion about this over the “Black Book” with Chief of Staff COL “Iron” Mike Schmidt-who would soon take command of the Vth Corps Cavalry-was brief-he was on the phone with the Artillery Battalion Commander LTC Jerry “the Gunner” Laws within two minutes-who personally apologized for the actions of his warrants, leaders who know better but tried to get over on two lieutenants. They had no way of knowing that I was an oddity, a Lieutenant with ten years of service: but those things really do not-and should not-matter.

What is the big deal here? Much like the broken windows policy implemented in New York City by Rudy Giuliani, taking care of the little things, takes care of the big things. The opposite is certainly the case.

There was an article recently out of San Francisco where a former candidate for Attorney General is actually blaming people for complaining about crime in the city where thieves have no compunction-or more importantly-fear of accountability, even when breaking car windows and stealing items out of cars in broad daylight, in the presence of security. People have taken to leaving their windows down and their trunks open to show thieves there are no valuables to steal!

A big problem in America today is that at every level we find instances of people who are not working at “keeping it,” in line with the context offered by Franklin.

My favorite explanation-to me-of what Franklin meant is below:

But an officer on duty knows no one — to be partial is to dishonor both himself and the object of his ill-advised favor. What will be thought of him who exacts of his friends that which disgraces him? Look at him who winks at and overlooks offenses in one, which he causes to be punished in another, and contrast him with the inflexible soldier who does his duty faithfully, notwithstanding it occasionally wars with his private feelings. The conduct of one will be venerated and emulated, the other detested as a satire upon soldiership and honor.

Brevet Major William Jenkins Worth

This week all the worlds and our nations calamities have been relegated to background noise as the long warned against and feared denouement-the final disgrace-of our nation’s justice system shattered any remnants of legitimacy to pieces, on display for all to see. Former President and current 2024 presidential candidate Donald J. Trump was charged and arraigned in Manhattan over dubious charges that not only exceed the statute of limitations in every aspect but also fail the litmus applied by a political-and likely crooked-Manhattan Attorney General to elevate them to the lowest bar of felonies in the New York legal code: although I am speculating, since he did not actually detail what crime was committed to warrant the felony elevation.

It is obviously early in a circus and Stasi Show Trial that not un-like Bessie, will be milked at a rate and pace timed to maximize exposure and output and longevity and to gain max publicity to inflict maximal damage for the 2024 presidential election.

Just consider the torturous logic offered up in order to achieve such an elevation in charges-sufficient to ignore the statute of limitations-and that assumes that the base action could be charged in the first place-offered as justification for this AG criminality. Notwithstanding and in the face of a gaggle of witnesses straight out of the Star Wars bar scene, including one criminal witness who served time for perjury and cheating on his taxes, whose own lawyer testified that he is a serial liar, who is also on record saying he hid the original action from Trump.

Then there is the recipient of the funds paid by the criminal witness-a porn star (not that it’s a bad thing-) who signed a non-disclosure agreement on the issue, and who has been found guilty of violating that NDA, which has cost her nearly 5 times the amount originally paid: the real kicker being that she has disavowed ever having sex with the man that the hush money was allegedly paid for to bury the act.

Which is why most people assume the worst-and are tuning out at this point, because of the “smoke and fire” rule. Which is precisely why many of these types of grocery line tabloid headline charges are brought in the first place: it is all about the sizzle and the headlines and there is never a decent steak or even hamburger involved in most of these political cases.

So even in the face of the fact that a main witness is reputed to be a serial liar-even the judge at his trial was aghast that a man of the law-a lawyer-could have such scant disregard for the law-and the porn star who was the recipient of the money, but has stated publicly there was no “there, there,” the District Attorney still went forward with the story that the “34” charges were upgradeable to a low level felony because they were committed pursuant to a crime.

I’m not a lawyer-it never appealed or occurred to me-although there are quite a few in our family-but I have watched a lot of Perry Mason (Raymond Burr) in action and it strikes me that assuming the one action was done to pursue another that is a crime is exactly what Worth was talking about above, or perhaps more akin to the legal standard in Stalin’s Russia (show me the man, I will show you the crime.) Obvious hand in the back: Wouldn’t such a charge specification require that the referenced “crime” would actually have to be a thing in order to be referenced-in the first place? In other words, some tangible act already settled that can be tied to the other act? Or is this a shoe intended to be dropped down the road?

Well Vern, apparently not when it happens in “Trump-time,” where none of the conventions, rules, laws, protections-constitution-or civility apply: presumption of innocence be damned. Even experienced legislators like Nanny Peloozi know that when it comes to the Bad Orange Man, he has to prove he is innocent-cause he is presumed guilty, just like with his impeachments…

A hypothetical-if you will-in an attempt to clarify what is being created here-so let’s say the police arrest what they assume to be a criminal (not just alleged-just assume it is “Trump-time” and we will see why that is important) who has a lot of money on them and they charge them with a felony because they believe (1) he stole the money (2) to buy illegal drugs. Maybe the money is not as serious a charge as the drug buying, so that is the insinuated rationale for the charge. And if they just went with the charge on the money, it would not be as serious a charge, and also, the statute of limitations has run its course for the money, but not if we can prove that it was to buy illegal drugs.

What is this, Minority Report, with the “waifs” in the ozone channeling future events? Did some crystal ball provide this evidence?

How in the name of all that is supposed to be holy, honored and venerated in the American judicial system could such an abomination take place? Everybody knows about the indictment of the ham sandwich and the one sided nature of grand juries, as well as the dishonor among the political and the judiciary where there are dirty, scummy, historical favors, funds, contributions and a system of rewards that are most often repaid in terms of key appointments such as judgeships, that result in friendly court appearances where such favors are repaid “back” in terms of favorable rulings, findings, soft-glove treatment of the “in” favor and one way justice for the “out” of favor suspects.

The courts are run very much like a mafia or influence peddling racket in most states: it is our system. Think of Michael Flynn being railroaded and then the judge in the case-even after all the malfeasance and Brady violations take place, are admitted, and acknowledged, which results in DOJ dropping the charges. And what does he do-Judge Sullivan-decides he wants to pursue the case regardless. He, the so-called judge-representative of Lady Liberty with the blindfold and the scales, having pointed out in trial the possibility that Flynn was a “traitor,” decides to pursue “justice.”

Now going after someone like Flynn was a new low-and circus in American justice when you consider he is an American hero, his military service saved thousands of American lives while he served selflessly overseas for the better part of a decade rooting out terrorists, ISIS and Iran groups (Quds Force) hell bent on killing American soldiers and civilians with IEDs. And he was treated worse than any average criminal you can think of who never did a good deed in their life.

Worse is the case of Senator Ted Stevens, where the FBI and DOJ went after him on the thinnest of evidence that subsequently turned out to be fabricated and total lies. But not before he was found guilty, lost his senate seat-to someone who provided the 60th and final vote putting “Obama Care” over the top-and by the time the lying, cheating and stealing done by the DOJ and FBI was undone-ironically enough called out by the same Judge-Emmit Sullivan-who described it as one of the most scurrilous acts he had seen in his career-it proved too late, as Stevens died in a plane crash.

There are hundreds-thousands of these stories of FBI and DOJ-justice system malfeasance, but they pale in comparison to what has happened and been done to Trump and any who have supported him by the swamp and deep state since 2016: may all these swampsters rot in hell….

Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom,” Benjamin Franklin observed. “As nations become more corrupt and vicious, they have more need of masters.” Failing to recognize this truth is deadly.

Amen Ben…


6 April 2023

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2 thoughts on “Our American Justice System Exposed as a Sham and a Joke on a Par With Any Aberrant Police State You can Name”

  1. I had a similar occurrence to your warrant officer encounter as a Marine 2nd Lt at Fort Sill on the Marine Corps Birthday in 1983. When I confronted the offending staff sergeants, one attempted to explain that the Army had different customs and courtesies. The other rendered an appropriate salute that was returned. When the other could not explain which difference in customs led him to fail to render a salute, he attempted a lame salute, which I was forced to correct before returning it.

    I was very annoyed that I had to do, but I too was an early believer in the “broken windows” theory you articulate, long before Kelling and Wilson got the credit.

    • Hi Albert-I missed this…Having been a SSG before I went to OCS, the only issue I ever had with saluting was when the CTLT West Pointers showed up in summer for seasoning-but the regs call for a salute-so a salute it was. Over the last decade (in the Army) or so I always endeavored to mentor these folks-give them platoon responsibilities, motor pool, CTT and weapons range, as well as our MOS job set. NCOs have a duty to train these kids-and they know better.

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