Understand the Biden Plea Deal for What It Is–Evidence

After 5 years of investigation, and a damning amount of publicly available evidence, Hunter Biden got a sweetheart plea deal from the Department of Justice. The son of the President was given a deal that would have never been offered to Donald Trump, and we all know it. He plead guilty to two misdemeanor tax violations which will probably result in a couple of fines.

He was also given a diversion program for a weapons charge. The left wants to further restrict our access to instruments of self-defense – because “something must be done.” Yet Hunter lied on a federal affidavit to illegally obtain a firearm, lost it near a school, and will face no significant consequences.

The plea deal boils down to no jail time, and nothing to discourage further bad behavior. The political right has understandably exploded with outrage.

I don’t want to downplay the significance of this plea. It is a big deal. But the outrage shouldn’t be about a crackhead deadbeat escaping justice. Hunter Biden is of no consequence to our society. But what it indicates is very significant. Our criminal justice system is broken.

I want to put the plea deal in context. I watch a lot of those forensic crime shows. I don’t recall a single episode in which the detectives at a murder scene were disappointed to find a fingerprint. That’s what Hunter Biden is – a greasy smudge on America’s window sill. His only significance is that he is also a metaphorical fingerprint – a piece of evidence exposing serious wrongdoing. The deal is further evidence that “public servants” are using the power of their offices to undermine the US Constitution.

While it remains bad when any crime is committed, it is good when evidence is left behind. If our Department of Justice is corrupt, it’s good that evidence of the corruption is mounting.

That evidence is becoming too much to ignore.

  • Michael Flynn was prosecuted for the same offense that Andrew McCabe was excused for.
  • Donald Trump is being prosecuted for the same offense that Hillary Clinton was excused for.
  • Mark Houck faced federal charges for protesting outside an abortion clinic, yet more than 100 pro-life organizations have been vandalized with no federal response.
  • Derek Chauvin was convicted for violating George Floyd’s rights for holding him down, yet Michael Byrd received a commendation for killing the unarmed Ashli Babbitt. Both Floyd and Babbitt were committing crimes. But Floyd was 6 foot 4 inches of fentanyl induced resistance, while Babbitt was a 5 foot 2 inch unarmed woman. Why was her killing excused?
  • January 6 protesters are charged with insurrection for trespassing, yet agents of the FBI and CIA colluded to overthrow an elected President, and they’ve become celebrity contributors on the cable news networks.

All of this is evidence that our federal criminal justice system has been corrupted for political purposes. A clock that is only correct twice a day is not a timepiece, and a law enforcement system that only prosecutes enemies of the left is not a justice system. It has become an enemy of the republic.

Evidence matters, and it is making a difference. Politicians, pundits, and citizens are talking about the need to defund, reorganize, or radically overhaul the DOJ and FBI. Such discussions would have been considered “crazy talk” just three years ago. Now they are serious debates.

According to Pew Research, only 21 percent of Americans trust the government to do what is right. A recent Rasmussen poll found that 53 percent of voters agree with the Roger Stone statement that there is “a group of politicized thugs at the top of the FBI who are using the FBI … as Joe Biden‘s personal Gestapo.” The evidence is speaking to the public – and the public is starting to listen.

Why do Donald Trump’s poll numbers climb every time he’s indicted? It’s not because we’ve developed an affection for criminals. It’s because we don’t trust the allegations of a system run by criminals. We know that FBI lawyer Kevin Clinesmith tampered with evidence. We know that the Michael Flynn prosecutors violated Brady rules by withholding exculpatory evidence. We know that the FBI and Robert Mueller team investigated Trump for 3 years without a predicate – violating his due process rights. Why should we trust such an organization’s allegations about Donald Trump?

Public opinion on our federal criminal justice system is changing, and every piece of evidence that drops is adding to our understanding of the problem. We have not heard the DOJ’s death rattle yet, but its reckoning is approaching.

There will eventually be a tipping point, when the public will demand that a correction be made. The only mystery is when that tipping point will arrive, and what form the public demand will take. Overhaul of federal law enforcement has reached the point of serious debate. With each new piece of evidence, it inches closer to being an imperative.

In those crime shows I mentioned above, the criminals invariable leave more evidence when they try hide their crimes. That’s what we’re witnessing now. The DOJ is in too deep to turn back. It’s trying to cover its corruption, and the coverup is creating more evidence – like resisting congressional subpoenas and punishing whistleblowers. The problem is becoming more evident every day. It’s impossible to know how close we are to the tipping point, but the Hunter Biden plea deal has moved us a few inches closer.

This article appeared previously on American Thinker.

Author Bio: John Green is a political refugee from Minnesota, now residing in Idaho. He has written for American Thinker, and American Free News Network. He can be followed on Facebook or reached at greenjeg@gmail.com.

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