Operation Infinite Justice: “Crimes Against Humanity and the “Warp Speed” Vaccine”

The Nuremberg Trials, a series of military tribunals held after World War II from 1945 to 1946, were a landmark event in international law, seeking justice for the unimaginable crimes committed by key Nazi figures. These trials focused on prosecuting individuals responsible for war crimes, crimes against humanity, and other atrocities committed during the Holocaust and the war. The most prominent charges included genocide, crimes against civilians, and the systemic persecution and extermination of millions based on racial, political, and religious grounds.

The gravity and scale of the crimes against humanity revealed during the Nuremberg Trials were unprecedented in modern history. Nazi leaders orchestrated and executed policies resulting in the deaths of six million Jews in the Holocaust, along with millions of others, including Romani people, disabled individuals, LGBTQ+ individuals, and political dissidents. These appalling acts, marked by systematic extermination and persecution, represented the darkest depths of human cruelty and hatred.

The sentences handed down in the Nuremberg Trials reflected the severity of the crimes. Twelve prominent Nazi leaders were sentenced to death by hanging, with others receiving lengthy prison terms. The decision to execute the defendants by hanging was based on the gravity of their offenses and the unanimous agreement among the international tribunal judges. This form of punishment was chosen to demonstrate the absolute condemnation of their actions and to serve as a deterrent against future atrocities.

The Nuremberg Trials’ sentences of death by hanging were aimed at achieving justice and accountability for those responsible for the horrific crimes against humanity perpetrated under the Nazi regime. The trials established a precedent in international law, emphasizing individual accountability for heinous acts committed during wartime and the protection of human rights on a global scale. These trials remain a significant symbol of the world’s commitment to justice, memory, and the prevention of such atrocities in the future.

Time will tell if those behind the failed “warp speed” vaccine are also guilty of crimes against humanity. Their ineptitude, arrogance and incompetence promulgated crimes against those who were naive enough to believe propaganda, or forced by their employers, to accept genetic modification via an experimental drug that hurt more than it helped. This experimental vaccine, using previously untested technology, we now know conclusively was neither safe, nor effective. 

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