The Condescending Karens of Suburbia

There are some awful forces loose in America: Antifa, BLM, Gaza Goons, anti-anything Israeli protesters, radical LGBQXYZ forces, the main stream media (MSM), spineless republicans in Congress. communists in every institution and organization, fomenting misinformation and hatred of the Christian West. Most fall under the heading demoncrats, and they are the mortal enemies of our way of life.

I have thought many times, about which is the worst group of misinformed people in this country. People not out protesting or causing damage, like the thugs in the first paragraph, but people who think they are superior to the rest of the country, especially us rubes in small towns and the countryside. It’s not an easy decision, for all the afore named groups could easily be number one in being dumb, clueless, just downright ignernt, as Dizzy Dean would have said.

Then I realized there was a group left out that have to be the most vapid of the lot, and they are truly the most clueless of all when it comes to reality. Who’s the winner in the Alma contest of doofuses? Why, it is the upper middle class housewives of suburbia, that’s who.

These are the women who put signs in their yards, saying “No human is illegal,” and “All freedom seeking people are welcome here,” that is, until the freedom seeking show up to clutter the streets and parks and public places in these lovely enclaves, strategically placed away from the working world. Because they are relatively wealthy compared to the middle and working classes, their sense of noblesse oblige is off the charts.

They are not having trouble deciding on how to stretch a budget costing $11,000 more a year for a working family, without an $11,000 increase in wages. No worries for them that the elderly or disabled have every week, such as “will I buy food, pay the electric bill or get my medicine bottles refilled?”

They don’t have to worry about the rampant crime on the streets of all major American cities, for they are safely tucked away from such misery. Their hard work, or that of their spouses, have given them the opportunity to live in a safe place, and that’s the American way: work hard to better yourself and reap the rewards of that work.

I have no quarrel with that; in fact, I applaud those that worked for the privilege of a safe environment. What I do loathe is their attitude that somehow, they are now better than those people who have to shop at Walmart and Dollar General, just for the necessities of life. There are so, so many working families, who were thriving financially from 2017-2020, but have seen their lives upended by the wicked third administration of Obama and his communist allies, under the guise of the Biden administration.

You have to hand it to the Obama handlers in 2020: they picked the most corrupt, physically deteriorating, mentally challenged, purely useless politician to steal the election for on that November night. Their pick, and the amazingly incompetent and just plain stupid vice president, assured them that the puppet Biden would remain in office for as long as he could stand up. (Why? Because the VP is worse than him.) And he would go down in history as the worst president of all time, and Obama and Carter would look positively normal compared to ol’ Crooked Joe.

These superior suburban women sniff mightily that Trump is so awful for his mean tweets, but turn a blind eye to the awful truth of what passes for a president this very day. They were so open-minded that they blindly voted for a communist party plant, not once but twice, for president, and just gloried in how non-racist, and non-judgmental they were.

You must understand, this is not an intellectual exercise for me. I know these people, for I grew up in Catahoula Parish with their type.

They graduated and moved to the city, where they became more polished, more aware, more open-minded than those poor people that they left behind. The ones left were saddled with such names as rednecks, hillbillies, ne’er do wells, und so weiter. What those folks really are, are middle and working class people, the people that keep the world moving, but they are a bit uncouth for the refined people they once were friends with, long ago.

The condescension of the mighty is sometimes more than I can tolerate, when I see honest, Christian people, struggling to stay solvent in this demoncrat controlled world. The majority of these working Americans are once again placing their hope in Trump 47 and the administration that he will bring with him. Their hope is to see a return to the policies of his first administration, when everyone was living a better life. And you know what, his policies will help the “betters” living in the suburbs, too, but I doubt that they’ll ever admit that they were helped by Trump and his army of working people.

Just wouldn’t be cool, would it. MAGA

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  1. Isn’t it ironic that Biden administration has been so awful, that now even the suburban elites are being bitten in their tushes with crime, global instability, and a failing economy?

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