Russian antiwar activists from Moscow tO Siberia once again took to the streets SUNDAY

Russian antiwar activists from Moscow tO Siberia once again took to the streets SUNDAY

For the third day from Moscow to Siberia Russian anti-war activists have taken to the streets. As the marching took place they chanted, “No to war”. Vladimir Putin has set his Russian Nuclear deterrent on High Alert.

If he is trying to strike fear into the United States by upping his Nuclear Deterrent to <HIGH>

Public Demonstration Rally
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, I’m sure the Biden administration has not just taken this seriously, but also made the necessary preparations. I’m almost certain it will not come to that.

The Associated Press is reporting that Russians hold anti-war rallies amid ominous threats by Putin

From Moscow to Siberia, Russian anti-war activists took to the streets again Sunday to protest Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, despite the arrests of hundreds of protesters each day by police.

Demonstrators held pickets and marched in city centers, chanting “No to war!” as President Vladimir Putin ordered Russian nuclear deterrent to be put on high alert, upping the ante in the Kremlin’s standoff with the West and stoking fears of a nuclear war.

“I have two sons and I don’t want to give them to that bloody monster. War is a tragedy for all of us,” 48-year-old Dmitry Maltsev, who joined the rally in St. Petersburg, told The Associated Press.

Protests against the invasion started Thursday in Russia and have continued daily ever since, even as Russian police have moved swiftly to crack down on the rallies and detain protesters. The Kremlin has sought to downplay the protests, insisting that a much broader share of Russians support the assault on Ukraine.

In St. Petersburg, where several hundred gathered in the city center, police in full riot gear were grabbing one protester after another and dragging some into police vans, even though the demonstration was peaceful. Footage from Moscow showed police throwing several female protesters on the ground before dragging them away.

We already know Ukrainian civilians have picked up arms against the invading Russian forces. The accurate death toll of civilians isn’t quite known just yet. The world needs to take a good look at this. Are there any more civilians of other countries willing to do what Ukrainian civilians have done?

I know in America we are all willing to fight for our country as a whole. We may be having political turmoil between the Democrats and Republicans, but I assure you, if needed, we would put our differences aside and fight for our freedom.

Civilians are dying in Ukraine. But exactly how many remains a mystery.

The father of two preschoolers was driving them to their grandparents’ house on the fertile plains of eastern Ukraine when, he said, a Russian convoy opened fire.

His car’s tires blew out. The engine started smoking. And Victor’s shoulder radiated with pain as a bullet lodged within. “I knew immediately that I was wounded,” said the 40-year-old, who declined to give his last name.

On Saturday, he was being treated at a hospital for a punctured lung and a cracked rib, a civilian victim of Russia’s invasion. But exactly how many Ukrainians have suffered a similar fate – or worse – was unknown, three days into a conflict that has continuously upended expectations.

How much longer Ukraine can hold off the Russian military forces is quite unknown. for those of us (Americans) that think, why don’t we help them as we did with Afghanistan? First, we were attacked by the terrorist that we ran out of Afghanistan.

Second, we had to retaliate against the terrorist group. If we had not retaliated, the world would definitely see this as a weakness. Lastly, Putin isn’t a terrorist group, he is a Dictator who has an entire country to do what he is doing. He has an entire military who will follow his orders.

I believe Putin is having a good but dangerous time trying to make The United States look weak. He is trying to cause doubt with our Nato allies. The reason we didn’t jump to defend Ukraine, they are not part of our Nato allies. If Ukraine were a part of Nato things would be entirely different.

God Bless America, God Bless the Veterans.

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