America Not “Under God” is Not America

America Not “Under God” is Not America

Have you ever watched as Democrats reciting the pledge of Allegiance omit the words “Under God”? Of all the ways that the Pledge of Allegiance could have been misstated, the only one that I can recall through my life is that particular attack, the removal of the words “Under God”. Why is that?

And do you remember when Democrats removed any mention of God from their platform in 2012? How about when the prayer for the first session of Congress this year was ended “Amen and Awomen”? Are these accidents or meaningless gestures or are they front line battles in the war to “fundamentally transform America”?

These attacks come against “Under God” because “Under God” is the restraint against all that the Democrats desire for America. Many of the rank and file Democrats (and too many others as well) are low-information voters, deluded by propaganda issued by the oligarchy-sanctioned press that is the unofficial media arm of the party. Many believe the lies that they are sold that their leaders want a better nation for all. But make no mistake – the Democrat leadership and more widely the governing class want a nation divided by Marxism, racism, class wars and the like that will never again collectively threaten their elite gravy train. God is the problem because His word is counter to much of their agenda and the actual outcomes of their agenda.

Is this an argument for a Theocracy as the left proclaims, shrieking in horror? Of course not. The case for such was considered during the founding of the country, and wisely avoided. What was institutionalized is a biblical view of man – fallible and indeed fallen. Prone to corruption. And in this light the US Constitution instituted limited powers, and distributed those in a system of checks and balances that would do the best the founders could to stave off or at least delay the worst inclinations of man. While America did separate State and Religion, they did not separate State from its place “Under God” or make any limitations on any people of God serving as led by their consciences would have them serve, fact they recognized that the experiment would fail without Godly men.

In our Pledge of Allegiance, “Under God” is an acknowledgement that God is above, is THE authority, and no government created in opposition to Him will prevail. America as defined became not only the best home only for Christians, but for all men because it allowed God to be God, and for human failing to occur at the level of individuals, rather than at the level of powerful institutionalized authorities that were inherently in opposition to God.

America’s government is a collection of authorities empowered by various civic charters up to and including the US Constitution but at all levels the authority given is granted by God. God is ultimately in charge and delegates authority over earthly jurisdictions. As the authority is delegated it is also by definition limited. God did not abdicate His throne, He appoints or allows authorities to govern. Sometimes they are righteous, sometimes not, but they are always under His ultimate authority.

Returning to the Democrat frenzy to remove God from the picture – God’s sovereignty is attacked by the left not because America demands Americans to be Christian, but because God demands individuals submit to Him (the American way of taking a knee). God’s sovereignty is attacked because the left wants His place. The crown and all it entails. The power to create and the power to destroy. The power to define good and to define evil. The power to define love. The power to define marriage. In reality there is no authority in America or anywhere else that is not under God, and God has already defined truth that the left desires to redefine. God has set limits that the left wishes to cast off.

America as founded was a safe home for all Americans whether Christian or not. America as corrupted by the left is a safe home for no one. For the good of all we need to preserve America’s place “Under God”. An America “fundamentally transformed,” to deny God’s place would be fundamentally transformed be…not America.

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  1. Jonathan,
    thank you for your thoughtfulful post, these are indeed challenging times, we do need to keep our focus on God above, thank you and God bless you 🙏🇺🇸


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