Founding Principles: Natural Rights come from God

Natural Rights. Until the formation of this great Nation, all rights and privileges came from someone else.  Who else?  Perhaps the king, the tyrant, or the head of the clan; the key point was that no one was sure who controlled the rights and privileges.  Keep in mind, that until recently in this Nation, the basic right of man was survival, and there are still many countries in the world were survival trumps all other daily activities.

Still, man has rights, just who controls them.  Just when you were comfortable keeping a week of food from hard work, half was taken.  Just when you felt safe travelling to an adjacent neighborhood to visit family, posted road signs forbid it.  Just when you thought you could pray to God in your own manner, soldiers showed up and killed the pastor for heresy.  And just when you were comfortable sitting with your family, sheriffs arrived, took you away and threw you in jail for a crime not revealed.

Such is life when all rights to live are controlled by a flawed human with a similar intelligence as anyone else, and often time less due to family inbreeding.  Such was the power of the king, the despot or whomever was in charge.  Such was the power of the lunatic ravings of a leader poisoned with fear that some opponent might take his life.

Perhaps the first person to fully define the origin of rights was Marcus Tullius Cicero.   He defined Natural Law as the basis of good government and proper human relations.  He believed that Natural Law was a gift from God, that Natural Law could not be changed, that Natural Law was permanent over time.  The result was that man could live understanding the conditions of his survival within the community versus attempting to live at the whim of the powerful. 

Why would Cicero, a pagan, believe that there was some higher force responsible for the Natural Rights of man?  As Plato, Socrates and others, Cicero studied humans.  It seemed that all beings on earth had thoughts, but only man had reason.  Why?  Lions and tigers and bears had thoughts, they ran, they foraged, they fought, they procreated, but they never sat and thought.  If only man has reason and thought, then that is a gift from some higher authority.  Cicero further pondered the idea of reason and thought and realized that when carefully applied, there is wisdom, the ability to understand that actions have a consequence.  No other animal was capable of that; for what have they accomplished, other than survival?

And with wisdom, comes justice from which we can build a community, a commonwealth were men work in harmony.  When man understood the gifts of reason, thought, wisdom and justice, man was in harmony with Nature.  Therefore, these gifts had to be a gift shared with man by an Almighty, and outside the control of other men.  

Cicero was the father of the Natural Law thought process.  He was admired and read by all the Founders, who believed in Natural Law and the Law of Natures God.  

Thomas Jefferson expanded the thoughts of Cicero, Aquinas, Locke, Vittel and others.  There are unalienable rights, rights that no man can take from another, rights such as life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, including owning property.  No man had the power to control those rights, they are natural.

The right of life over death is basic, and with that natural right is the right of being able to protect oneself and their family, and to protect their castle from invasion.  Throughout natures kingdom, animals protect themselves and their offspring from danger, there is no difference, it is Natures Laws.  

One has the right to liberty over confinement.  Nowhere in nature does one animal confine another, it does not happen.  So, what is the justification for confining another human being?  Slavery has been evident throughout the existence of man, but it is not nature’s law.  Taking one away without due process, a man not having control of his own body, indeed is inconsistent with Natures Law.  

  From the concept of justice and wisdom comes the right of pursuit of happiness.  Why are men not able to keep the bounty that they fairly earn by the sweat of their brow?  It is a natural law that man cannot take from another man what they did not earn.  Natures Law dictates that slothful beings do not survive, for they are unwilling to work.  

What man cannot have his own thoughts, his own dreams, or his own voice.  Those traits of mankind do not harm another, they are part of the individual person, part of his soul and his struggle to find wisdom and justice.  

Every person has talents, natural gifts and desires.  Each person has a right to pick their mate, decide on a profession and the make choices.  There is a natural right to pick friends, assemble, discuss and to complain.  No government, no person can abridge these Natural Rights, as they are gifts from the Almighty and they are one with Nature.

We are entering dangerous territory where government and groups want to control speech, thought, comments, professions, desires, religious freedoms and personal defense.  The despotism of tyrannical governments would rather not face varying opinions, for wisdom and just laws are indeed an accumulation of the thoughts and discussions of man, where their God-given rights are promoted and nurtured.  

Today, we have the marxist organizations telling us what to do, what to say and what to think.  We have codified into law the word hate, as if any government can take the thoughts within our minds and control them.  

No, our thoughts are gifts from God, they are part of our Natural Rights.  This great Nation was created to protect the Natural Rights of man, the rights of Nature.  Natural Law does not mean that everyone agree; in fact, given that each of us is as unique as a grain of sand, it would be against Natures Law to believe in total conformity.

Talk about it, think about it and perhaps pray about it.

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