Climate Nazis Cheering And Jeering

Today’s environmental climate extremists remind me of those predicting the end of the world as they walked around with sandwich board signs over their shoulders shouting, “The end is near”. No one knows when the end is coming, not even AOC or Algore (Rush Limbaugh’s nickname for VP Albert Gore Jr.).  But if you listen to the ramblings of these nutniks, you’d think they all had crystal balls.  Fortunately for all of us, their crystal balls are cracked and haven’t been at all accurate in predicting future weather events or climate.


Before Hurricane Ian hit and devastated southwestern Florida this week, the climate Nazis were busy making their kooky predictions and “tsk tsking” about what we coulda, woulda, shoulda done to prevent this hurricane, if we’d have only elected Democrats.  (I thought we did?)  Yes, they did this with straight faces even as they continued to lie about Trump and hurricanes.  Our would-be president, Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN), said we should elect Democrats this November to prevent hurricanes.  At the risk of upchucking your breakfast, watch this, if you dare:


No that’s not a smile on the brain science rocket surgeon’s face as she tells a joke, it’s her usual “I utter profundities” smirk.  She was serious.  “Give your hard-earned money and votes to me and my fellow political bureaucrats and we’ll stop hurricanes”.  Boy did we dodge a bullet (not by much) in not electing this kook to the Oval Office.  Klobuchar’s comments belie a belief that government is all-powerful and omniscient.  This is about power and its accumulation and nothing else.  All politics, all the time.


The usual suspect talking heads on television were also muttering their obligatory climate change blah blah blah.  The noted climatologist, Mika Brzezinski MSNBC, enlightened us with her scientific knowledge by quoting another “journalist” from WaPo,

“According to the post, quote while storm frequency has not trended upward, research shows hurricanes in the Atlantic have become more intense, partly driven by higher sea surface temperatures linked to human-caused climate change.”


Of course, the data do not back up the claim of increased intensity of storms in Florida.


Major hurricane landfalls in Florida over the last 120 years.

Major Hurricane Landfalls Florida,

Nor does the data support more frequency of major storms hitting the U.S.

Weather expert: U.S. land-falling hurricane frequency since 1851 is NOT following climate claims

US Landfalling Hurricanes, NOAA NHC


In fact, the data actually show an ever so slight decrease in the frequency of hurricanes making landfall.


Meteorologist Dr. Ryan Maue: ‘There is no global trend in the number of tropical storms or hurricanes during the past 50+ years’

Global Tropical Cyclone Frequency, Ryan Maue, research meteorologist CATO


The facts be damned!  The climate Nazis are in charge, and you will listen to them.  Math is hard.  Don’t look at the science, just listen to us and obey.  If they say it, you must believe it.  But are they trying to control the climate or us?


Mark Marano, founder of Climate Depot, thinks globalists are using climate change as a vehicle to wrest and transfer control of sovereign nations into one world globalist bodies such as the United Nations, WEF or EU.  He makes a compelling case for exposing the climate change hoax and the agenda of its promoters in his latest documentary movie, Climate Hustle 2.

So-called journalists are avoiding the facts surrounding climate change just like they’ve suddenly avoided talking about the 25th Amendment, one of their favorite topics in the Trump years, and are instead pointing their fingers at conservative leaders they deem as “science deniers”.  This from the same pro-science crowd that tells us boys can become girls and men can become pregnant.  One of those journalists, Craig Pittman of The Florida Phoenix, wrote Wednesday before Ian’s landfall,

“But I wonder how many of us will think about our elected leaders’ role in causing this to happen. One of them has even been running on what I can only call a pro-hurricane platform.”


The politician he’s referring to is, of course, the MAGA Republican governor of Florida, Ron DeSantis.  Apparently unbeknownst to anyone but hurricanes without a country, DeSantis signed legislation allowing more of them to illegally cross the border into his state, effectively making Florida the first hurricane sanctuary state.


This “journalist” shows his pomposity and that of the environmental movement with this question he says he’d ask DeSantis in a debate if given the chance, “Climate change is making hurricanes worse for Florida. What are you doing to stop that?”.  Did you catch that?  As if politicians could make hurricanes milder if they really wanted to.  DeSantis obviously doesn’t and he doesn’t even know he has the power to.  What a mean and ignorant man the governor is.  Per Pittman’s Twitter feed, “A vote to reelect Florida Gov. DeSantis is a vote for more hurricane Ians.”


Even before rescuers can find the missing, before cold bodies of Floridians killed by warm sea water can be recovered, while millions are suffering and so many have lost every earthly possession, liberal Chicken Littles are clucking about climate change and politics, cheering and jeering at the same time.  Their smarmy “See, I told you so” rings both hollow and hateful.  Soon Climatologist in Chief Brandon will order his Climate Gestapo to raid the homes of climate deniers.  Remember this inane clip of him tying vaccines to natural catastrophes like hurricanes?

Part of preparing for hurricanes is getting your COVID-19 vaccine and booster.  The more you get, the more you’re prepared for the storm.  However, the Vaxxer in Chief didn’t tell us how many boosters it takes to prevent future hurricanes.


If you like what Brandon did for our economy, you’ll just love what he does for our climate.  These same geniuses who can’t tell us what a woman is, can tell us what future weather will look like.  They can’t tell you what the temperature of your town will be next Wednesday within a degree but can tell us what the temperature of the earth will be in 70 years within one and a half degrees.  They lie about historical weather events, but we’re supposed to believe their predictions of future weather events.  They expect us to be as gullible and compliant as they are.  They think we are all sheeple.  We are not.


The left is busy connecting unconnectable dots and non-dots to make the case for global control of the environment by controlling governments and markets, which means controlling you and your family. If they get their way, your lifestyle will be greatly curtailed.  Your (not their) ability to travel will be limited.  EV’s, both SUV and truck EV’s, won’t save you.  Good luck trying to escape from those global warming hurricanes.  Check out this video.


We’re at a point where the left has abandoned all traditional beliefs and are desperately searching for anything to grasp onto.  With their rejection of religious faith, they have embraced a new world religion.  As they flail for meaning in their meaningless lives and try to fill the void of their emptiness, they lash out at you and me.  They want us to believe that man made climate change is real and only they can be in charge of fixing this existential threat.  Their new religion is a cult.  At once, their new beliefs are both laughable and ominous.


“Once people stop believing in the God of the Bible, they don’t believe in nothing – they begin to believe in anything”, Alistair Begg


You can rest assured that the climate globalist Nazis will not be changing their lifestyles.  Belt tightening is for thee, not me.  As in the immediate deportation of illegal “migrants” from elitist Martha’s Vineyard, the John Kerry’s of the world will shield themselves from the effects of their insane policies.  They’ll be too busy pocketing the profits from sales of those “The end is near” sandwich boards.  Do your part to protect the planet from these morons.  Remember in November.


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3 thoughts on “Climate Nazis Cheering And Jeering”

  1. It’s interesting that my 2011 Super Duty, with a 6.2 liter gasoline engine, will tow anything I can put behind it, and for a range around double the “light running capacity” of that electric pile of junk. My light running capacity is between 450 and 650 miles, depending on weather, terrain and the tires. The EV truck can’t break through 200 miles, and that’s if you are easy on the accelerator and not at interstate speeds. My truck cost me $16,000 ten years ago, with 95000 miles on the odometer, now at 168000 miles. No way the EV can come close to that.
    But, all it took for me to never think about buying into the cult of global warming was the type of salesmen and women they used. Really! Al Gore, Amy Klobuchar, Pete what’s his name? Hockey sticks and hobgoblins!
    Now, I know a guy who will eat a can of Friskies cat food, if you take the label off the can and tell him it is Chicken of the Sea Tuna, but really. He won’t question it after the first bite, but this global warming nonsense? You have to be exceedingly stupid to buy into any of that.

    Someone should take that hockey stick to Algore’s head, and hit it into the goal. I’m glad he moved out of Tennessee, and took his crap somewhere else.

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