Is America Over?

Jeff Ulicny asks, Is America Over?

“Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children’s children what it was once like in the United States where men were free.”

~ President Ronald Reagan

Greetings my fellow Americans!

I have opened nearly all of my articles for AFNN with that salutation, and I continue writing for AFNN, because I believe the answer to the title of this one is no, but it is fading. And while I believe there are many of us who still espouse the fundamental principles of American civilization, including those who manage this site, it authors, and probably most of its readers, we are an aging breed who wants to believe that there are enough of us still in positions of relative power within our culture to return the United States to the positions of leadership it has held, albeit quite briefly when placed on a timeline of human history; we also want to believe that if we continue to do our patriotic duty by voting that we can get the “right” people (back) into those seats of power where restorative change may be immediate and quick, and that we just need to keep picking those people to build momentum and ride the ensuing wave of revival which will put us back at least to where we were right after World War II.

As a nation-state, what does the United States of America even mean anymore? For decades now, we’ve allowed larger states like California, and larger cities like New York and Chicago, to dictate the outcomes of elections and legislation to both transform our culture (a la California) and to reinforce and grow strongholds of anti-American power (a la Chicago and New York). States in which such centers of political strength reside have consistently tallied in the so-called progressive column since the end of the Reagan era vis-à-vis H.W. Bush, and several other states with large urban centers have since fallen into the vicious cycle of political post-Americanism.

That Donald Trump won in 2016 was a testament to the notion that there were still enough people able to be motivated in a relatively free and fair election to buy into the notion of making America “great again,” but it’s clear the national election process has been sufficiently bastardized to prevent such a future groundswell, thanks to the changes implemented to address whatever COVID-19 truly was. It also proved that, without a truly firm American foundation, any such rapid restoration as we saw during the first 39 months of President Trump via executive orders can just as quickly be swept away at the hands of the next individual who happens to not ascribe to such reforms nor to the former or current greatness of America.

Allow me to separate the United States from America by saying that the former is a place, the latter a philosophy, for the sake of distinguishing between a fight for geo-political territory and one for ideas, culture and ways of being. Insofar as we have physical bodies, we obviously need somewhere to live; how we live there depends on the outcome of the battles we are fighting for those less tangible aspects of what it means to be American. By all historical accounts we have more people living within the borders of our nation-state than ever; however, the number of true Americans is dwindling. America lives in each and every one of us; it is who we are, not where we live. And it only survives after we are gone if we can inculcate our children in the morals, values and principles which make America the best form of civilization ever designed by Man (with the help of our supreme Creator).

I don’t believe America is over; I do believe the United States is, and the sooner we recognize this and focus our energy more on preserving and perpetuating the former than on the latter the more likely we succeed in this

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1 thought on “Is America Over?”

  1. Sir, you are so right that our generation is still willing to fight for our beloved country, but the last 2 elections have shown me that voting the rats out is getting almost impossible to do. Until people in these states with crooked voting rise up & demand change in their states, we are doomed. If every person in Louisiana voted for Donald Trump, how would it matter if Arizona, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania are still corrupt in their voting systems. There’s a lot of work to be done by 2024; I only can pray that people will demand fair elections again.
    Thanks for a great article!

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