Where is Your Loyalty?

Where is your loyalty?  I have talked to a few people recently that I consider friends. One works to support veterans. Another tries to shape future generations. Someone else asked me why I am retiring. A yet different person asked me to continue service in an alternate capacity. 

I fully intend to continue service in an alternate capacity, but it will be a capacity that allows me to maintain Integrity. The Army does not allow for that. LDRSP. (Loyalty, Duty, Responsibility, Selfless Service, Personal Courage.) Those are the 5 Army Values. Because the Army has sacrificed Integrity and Honor. 

When I came into this game, I did so with a promise to myself: I would never allow the Army to own my soul. I set very clear lines in my heart and in my mind. I would go thus far, and no farther. I had a Battalion Commander who I love who told us all to do the right thing, even at personal cost to yourself. He was exactly right.  

If your ultimate loyalty is to the institution, then you have a challenge to explain how you are better than the SS. Just because the US has not fallen to the level of depravity of the SS, that does not change the equation. If you truly believe that you would stand up in opposition to the things that the SS did, then good on you. But that begs the question: Where is your boundary? Where is your limit.  

If you truly would stand up and oppose depravity, then where is your limit? Where is the line that shall not be crossed? If you do not have that line already established in your mind, then I would contend that you delude yourself in thinking that you are better than the SS. You have to have a moral compass. You have to pre-think these things. You have to draw lines. Without drawing a line, there is no limit. 

The US military, right now, has crossed lines. I would recommend to no one that they join the Army or any other service. They have adopted the re-institution of racism into our ranks, and those who say that “we are all Green” are mocked. Racial essentialism. They have adopted the idea that a person can defy science and declare themselves to be a man when they are a woman, or declare themselves to be a woman when they are a man. They officially hold that when the Institution of the Military declares a lie to be the new truth (i.e. changing DEERS markers), then all must kowtow and bend a knee to the lie.

The Military has lost its soul. The Army has lost both its Integrity and its Honor.

Therefore, I am out. And I recommend to all persons who still have their souls not to sign up. They will ask you to sacrifice your soul. There is something bigger than the Country, and that is your soul. 

So where is your loyalty? Mine is to the Truth. I support our Country only insofar as our Country stands by the Truth. I have a career of supporting our Country when it was at least trying to stand in support of the Truth, with quite a few “benefits of the doubt” being granted. But now, our institutional Nation is standing for lies and evil, and I will not be a part of it.

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