Even the Wall Street Journal Sees That “Woke” Is Killing Military Recruitment

A recent WSJ article outlined an alarming trend: The children of military families, who typically make up 80 percent of US Army recruits, are telling their children not to serve, especially those from the South.

Throughout history recruiting great Soldiers simply took a Soldier telling his story. The failures of the current administration and woke leadership have changed this paradigm.

Just a few veterans’ comments:

I joined the Army at age seventeen during the final years of the Vietnam conflict. I served two decades. I would not join the current military and I have advised young people who have asked me about a military career the last two years that the military is no longer a good choice for those who wish to serve America, as it no longer protects and defends the Constitution and American values.

My son refuses to join because of the woke mentality the military has adopted. He is healthy, college educated, with a strong work ethic. I served 24 years on active duty and support his decision.

Why doesn’t the Defense Department ask veterans why they are telling their children not to join the military? Do some research, find out why this is happening, and develop plans to address this issue.

Who wants to join an emotional all inclusive diversified WOKE military. Feelings don’t win battles. Lethality does. More comments:

I enlisted in the early 80s when homosexuality was forbidden. Then they made it optional. I retired before they made it mandatory.

I have answered the same for years “I will never reccomend anyone, especially family, to go into the military- probably ever again !”

As a former Vietnam era Army captain, I would hate to have to serve in todays military, especially with Austin and Biden in my chain of command!

Joe Biden; Lloyd Austin and Mark Milley. Three reasons why military recruitment is down. 

On the bright side – the next war will wipe out the rainbow coalition on the first day and clear the field for those who understand the art of war… 

Notice the common denominator…. The current leadership inspires only America’s enemies

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