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A few days back, Bob Eikey published: Time To Reclaim Duty: The Urgent Call For Reinstating The Draft. As part of our mission to foster robust debate on reaching agreed upon goals, here is a response piece by Dave Cloft.


In the dazzling carnival of American exceptionalism, it seems the call to duty has faded to a mere whisper, drowned out by social justice hashtags. With less than 1% of Americans eager to lace up combat boots, Uncle Sam might need to swap his recruiting posters for protest signs— far better return on investment.

In a nation where activism is the new star-spangled banner, citizens are more likely to join a protest than the military. Less than 1% signing up? Well, at least as a Nation we’re leading the charge in perfecting the art of 259 different genders and social justice.

The idea of a nation drafting its citizens into the military should strike fear into the hearts of every Patriot. Is this the democracy we voted for, or did we accidentally enroll in the authoritarian studies program? When less than 1% willingly grabs a picket sign instead of combat boots, it’s like the nation may be collectively headed in the wrong direction. Besides we don’t fight wars for survival anymore, but to spread capitalism and democracy to the unfortunate and unwashed  masses.

In conclusion, when the call to arms falls on deaf ears to the beat of less than 1%, it’s not just a statistical quirk; it’s a flashing “Check Engine Light.” Because nothing shouts “land of the free” like a country that can only mobilize its troops through the the power of the draft. A country that must resort to conscription forfeits its right to exist;  as its people are no longer free.

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