Talk About Being Childish!

New York Governor, Kathy Hochul, and California Governor, Damien Thorne, er uh, I mean Gavin Newsome are doing something they might think is brave, but is very stupid, after the NYR&P Association v Bruen. Both states and their governors, along with their massively Democrat controlled legislatures, are directly defying the Supreme Court decision.

I hope they continue!

The Bruen decision had some language that would normally make someone in power sit back and reflect on his or her actions and attitudes. The Supreme Court is called Supreme for a reason. Those two states didn’t like the decision because it directly affected one(NY) but had strong teeth in the other(Cali). It directly struck down the “may issue” status, even went as far as striking down may issue in any state left doing it, and it set up a standard that was the gold standard for making any constitutional law: History, text of the Constitution and tradition, all revolving around 1791. No more of this two step method of testing for constitutionality. Gone. What did those two clowns do? They said the heck with that and went on about their merry way and passed laws anyway.

Pretty ballsy, wouldn’t you say?

There are still rumblings of packing the Supreme Court, abolishing it, and now direct defiance. What do they want? A war? I seriously doubt you could even pass an amendment to the Constitution to abolish the Supreme Court, but I am no lawyer. Anyway, it would be next to impossible to do, considering the requirements to pass a constitutional amendment, so that’s just showing their immaturity. They have been an immature bunch for a long time.

The President has some emergency powers at his disposal, but nothing that could make anything come of the left’s rantings about losing a big Supreme Court case. They stepped in a cowpie, and their feet all stink. Chauncey Gardner, er uh Joe Biden has said he would issue emergency presidential powers about the climate emergency that the left just adores, but the rest of the country is buying that ice cream cone less and less each day. Suppose Chauncey does issue some radical version of a presidential emergency, and the end result is $10/gallon gas? and while doing it, he throws in a provision that he uses to pack the Court?

You just never know.

And I’ve run out of last straws that I think would be a tripwire to major civil unrest. That’s already happened, just in the name of a dead drug addict and woke-ism, and a few other things.

But abortion, gun law decisions that will dissolve the NFA, GCA and the BATFE, as their bastard stepchild enforcers, all means that a big fight is in the future of our nation. Because of the latest overreach by Democrat governors and even Congress, who is, at this moment, if it has not had its vote, by now, this means direct defiance to the Constitution. These leaders are not leaders, but caricatures of monarchical rulers. They always say they rule, instead of lead.

And they called January 6 an ‘insurrection’.

I don’t want to see another congressional investigation about insurrection. I want to see John Durham make a few more attempts, hopefully outside of the DC Circuit, and if that doesn’t succeed, well, I said I’ve run out of last straws.

What’s that famous statement about good men doing nothing?

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2 thoughts on “Talk About Being Childish!”

  1. Mr Berwind wrote:

    Both states and their governors, along with their massively Democrat controlled legislatures, are directly defying the Supreme Court decision.

    I hope they continue!

    The decision in New York Rifle and Pistol Association v Bruen only came about because someone had the money to appeal lower court decisions. If New York and California continue to restrict the Second Amendment rights of their citizens, many individual Americans who don’t have the money to fight it in court will lose their rights. Even if they have the money to challenge it in court, that can take months, if not years, to resolve.

    • New York Rifle and Pistol Assn. v. Bruen came about like all other appeals to the Supreme Court. It always takes someone, more like a group, to make the appeal.
      Sadly, you’re right. At the same time, people and groups are standing up and appealing, because they know they are right.
      In this decision the Court sent other cases back to be reconsidered. And, just the other day, an Obama appointed federal judge ruled as he was supposed to, according to this decision, so the decision of Bruen is making the process less of a burden.

      What’s good about what the govs did, was make their position untenable. I hope they keep it up, also, because they finally have something they can’t do much other than make noise about.


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