Death Of A Nation – Completing Barack Hussein’s Fundamental Transformation

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“…we are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.”, Barack Hussein Obama, October 2008


      An odd statement from someone who benefited greatly from all that the United States of America has to offer, on his way to becoming the most powerful man in the world twice.  It begs the question, why would you want to transform something that has been so good to you?  Would you want to “fundamentally transform” something you loved?  Most would say, No.  Yet he made it clear that’s exactly what he wanted to do, and he set out to accomplish just that.


       He wasn’t able to complete that transformation in just eight years, but he gave it yeoman’s effort.  With so much potential to do good, he did just the opposite.  At the beginning of his presidency nearly 60% of Americans thought race relations would improve because of Obama.  At the end of his presidency 55% thought race relations got worse under Obama.  Bill Clinton quipped in a SOTU speech that the era of big government was over.  Obama turned that on its head by taking over nearly one-fifth of the economy through Obamacare, without a vote to spare in Congress.  He knew that once a government program was in place, it was virtually impossible to remove.  Per the great economist Milton Friedman, there’s nothing so permanent as a temporary government program.


      Even after the shellacking his party took in the November 2010 elections, Barack Hussein doubled down on his mission to change this great nation.  He doubled the national debt, increasing it more than all previous presidents combined.  There was no stopping him.  He was on a roll.


      He started his presidency with his infamous world apology tour.  The Wall Street Journal described it this way in an opinion column April 2009,

“President Barack Obama has finished the second leg of his  international confession tour. In less than 100 days, he has apologized on three continents for what he views as the sins of America and his predecessors.”


      On this tour, Obama visited multiple middle eastern countries, except our ally, Israel – a sign of his future foreign policy decisions alienating Israel and other allies and propping up our enemies, such as Iran.  The world took note and took advantage.  Rather than destroy the “JV team” ISIS, he allowed it to grow and fester into a full-fledged caliphate, destroying, burning, pillaging, subjugating, boiling in oil and beheading all in its path.  Weak, feckless foreign policy from the leader of the free world, leads to unnecessary deaths and destruction.  Ronald Reagan had it right, peace through strength.


      Regarding that strength, another important way Barack weakened America was by weakening our military.  He systematically purged the officer ranks of those he deemed too traditional and disloyal to him and his regressive agenda, just like a tin horn dictator of a banana republic.  He destroyed morale and therefore our ability to win wars by doing three other major things:  He did away with Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell and allowed homosexuals and homosexuality in the ranks; He, against all recommendations and common sense, allowed females into ground combat arms branches – infantry, armor, field artillery; Finally, and most bizarrely, he allowed transgenders into the military. 


      Like destroying the country from within, he destroyed the military from within.  It has not recovered.  It’s gotten worse.  Brandon has added mandatory CRT propaganda and transgender proper pronoun training to our already weakened military.  We’re in big trouble with our once great military.  The Pentagon is not meeting necessary recruiting goals and both morale and standards are dropping like flies.  Astonishingly, despite all of this bad news, the brain-dead fools running the military may discharge as many as 260,000 troops for not getting the COVID mRNA experimental vaccine.  Real men don’t want to join today’s Woke military. However, we need real men to keep our country safe.


      Barack Hussein’s wing man, not Eric Holder, Joseph Robinette Biden learned well at the head transformer’s feet.  He’s trying to complete what the Great Barack ran out of time to.  In domestic and foreign policy, President Brandon is trying to destroy the country through fundamental transformation.  If you wanted to destroy the country as we know it, I can think of no better way than to do what Amtrak Joe has been doing since entering the Oval Office.


      The life blood of the greatest economy in the world is oil.  Attack oil.  Attack our economy.  Forty-year high inflation and a looming recession are proof that his first plan is working.  Cut the supply and price increases.  That’s why His Most Fraudulent One is in Saudi Arabia fist bumping and sucking the toes of Prince Mohammed bin Salman to pump more oil, so he doesn’t have to.  It’s not like Saudi Arabia is a pariah country or anything!  Apparently, pumping Saudi oil doesn’t lead to global warming like pumping American oil does. 


      Spending, borrowing, and printing money we don’t have on government programs we don’t need creates and adds to inflation.  But the economic illiterate Dems and their leader still don’t get the message.  They are now trying to push through the Senate yet another but smaller version of the Build Back Brandon Better spending boondoggle.  However, it appears President, I mean Senator Manchin may not be as suicidal as the rest of his party and its President.  We’ll see.  Weakening us only economically isn’t nearly good enough though.  To truly destroy a nation, you must help it to rot from within, physically, morally, spiritually as well as economically.


      Our nation is built on the rule of law, a common language and a unique American culture.  All uniting forces.  No more.  Since the self-inflicted death of Saint George Floyd, Brandon and his party are open about their utter disdain for law and order.  Previous to that, they were almost coy about it, almost but not quite.  Barack Hussein ridiculed the stupid Harvard police, the racist Ferguson, MO police and virtually hugged the thug Trayvon Martin as his own.  He targeted conservative non-profits with the IRS.  He sicced the DOJ, FBI, CIA, NSA and the FISA court on his party’s presidential political opponent for the first time in our history.  Nixon would have been proud and envious, having accomplished what he could not.  Being on the wrong side of illegal activity is in vogue for Democrats. 


      The Chief Executive dementia patient is happy to lead Two Justice Systems, one for Democrats and one for all others.  His hack of an Attorney General is happy to mete out injustice since being denied a seat as a Justice.  He is quick to investigate parents concerned with their children’s education and loathe to enforce federal law banning protesters from judges’ homes, attempting to influence court decisions.  He’s quick to arrest protesters at the Capitol but not a peep regarding rioters who laid siege to a federal courthouse for months and those who overran a police headquarters in Minneapolis, insurrection style. 


      The DOJ hasn’t bothered to look into a clearly coordinated and funded nationwide attempt to thwart law enforcement.  While campaigning, Brandon’s VP pick, word salad queen Kamala was bailing out violent protesters across the country and urging others to contribute to lawlessness by funding jail bailouts.  A 69 year old grandmother with no criminal rap sheet gets sent to prison for trespassing while George Soros funded DA’s, who think that stands for “Defense Attorneys”, let hardened criminals including attempted murderers out of jail with little or no bail.  Two Justice Systems – one for justice and one for injustice.


      Our Chief Executive is tasked with keeping the country safe and protecting our borders.  Rather than protect the country’s security, Brandon has ushered in an invasion from the south.  He’s sends billion$ to Ukraine to defend their border and wrongly lies about and attacks border patrol agents trying to do their job on horseback defending our southern border.  He complains about 10-year-olds being raped but fails to mention the alleged rapist (who happens to be the boyfriend of the girl’s mother) and the girl’s mother are both illegal aliens who can’t speak English.  How convenient.


      Our country, any country, cannot assimilate 2 million+ illegals into its culture.  The Bidenistas know that.  That’s why they’re doing it.  The America-hating DHS Sec Mayorkas is purposely doing this to dismantle American culture.  Divide and conquer.  Separate then pick off the pieces.  Disjoint your enemy making him easier to destroy.    


      Rot the minds of the youth and you rot the future of the country.  Eliminate spirituality, faith and morality and replace those with nothing or better yet, with government.  You can never start too early.  Here are the results (the original video was deleted by Youtube – I wonder why?):


        Numb women to motherhood.  Lie to women and convince them they are the same as men.  That women can have everything that men have without the burden of pregnancy and motherhood.  Embryos and fetuses are just an inconvenient clump of cells.  Life is cheap.  Your career isn’t.  When we cheapen life, people treat life cheaply.  You can just throw it away with the trash.  That’s when you get headlines like this from the New York Post,

Louisiana toddler found dead in trash can, mom and boyfriend arrested

“Louisiana police have arrested a mother and her boyfriend after they say they recovered her missing 2-year-old dead in a trash can.”


      All in all, not a bad job.  Joe Robinette has accomplished more destruction in 18 months that Barack Hussein accomplished in 8 years.  Barack must be proud.  This is his legacy.  I’m sure he’s surprised his toady did so much with so little so quickly.  Is Bumbling Joe responsible for all of this?  Of course not.  He barely knows what day it is.  But he and his party have been sowing these and many more destructive seeds for decades and now we are beginning to reap the horrendous harvest.  


      But is our country really that fragile?  Can we be destroyed so easily?  Can we be made to renege on the promises of our Founders in just a couple of centuries?  I sure hope not.  So much is on the table.  So much riding on the line.  I pray the dastardly plans of the Oval Office occupiers will be thwarted.  Men of good will must make a stand before it’s too late.




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6 thoughts on “Death Of A Nation – Completing Barack Hussein’s Fundamental Transformation”

  1. I feel, even today, a thorough forensic evaluation of Obama’s Birth Certificate is necessary. IMHO his birth certificate is doctored and a forgery.

      • Curiously, it’s worth noting that the layout, font and language are all identical to my mother’s known-legit Territory of Hawaii birth certificate from ’56, aside from changing the word “Territory” to “State.”

        The COLB language came about because the original form of identity theft was to find a stillborn or died in infancy, get a copy of their BC and claim to be them.

  2. Sadly, you are correct again.
    Let’s not forget that Libs intend to destroy EVERYTHING America has built in order to weaken us and demoralize us to the point where we are so desperate for someone to help us, that we willingly welcome the UN, the WHO and the ICC to assume leadership of our nation so we may eat…


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