The Assassination of the President (JFK) of the United States of America Closing on 60: What Lee Harvey Oswald and Richard Case Nagel Chose to Do Part 3

In Part 1 I introduced two heroes of the JFK assassination conspiracy-Lee Harvey Oswald and Richard Case Nagel-and walked through how we would still be ignorant and in the dark on his murder 60 years later if not for the “conspiracy theorists” who stayed on the case and never quit attacking the lies, deception and coverup by our government. In part 2 I laid the blame directly on LBJ and J. Edgar Hoover as the responsible government officials who led and somewhat “masterminded” the coverup: although in describing the actions of these two scummy, lying, murder enabling civil servants, the term somewhat catches in the throat.

We discussed the role of Malcolm E. “Mac” Wallace-an LBJ super lawyer Ed Clark and LBJ operative, hired gun and assassin. A man whose fingerprints were found in the Texas School Book Depository sniper’s nest, but took 35 years to be identified despite his prints already being on file as a result of his conviction for murder in Austin some twelve years earlier and emerging as a prime suspect in a more recent murder I will detail below…

The incurious nature of the government in getting to the bottom of the assassination-when one would have thought that no expense, trouble, line of investigation, or possibility would have been spared for one of our most popular-and frankly-most overrated presidents of all time-which I will justify forthwith-shocks the senses.

Almost as much as the deep state swamp collusion to take down Nixon. Or the LSMBTG collusion to save Clinton over a “personal matter” when the actual charges were lying to a federal grand jury. We don’t need to wonder what would happen to anyone being slimed in the ongoing government criminality against Trump should a similar thing happen-just look at the criminal treatment and the lack of and denial of basic American and human rights afforded the January 6 demonstrators.

But these travesties mostly pale in comparison to the injustices done to President Trump since 2016. Tucker Carlson recently said the quiet part out loud, stating the obvious that the deep state is going to get its way by hook, crook, criminality or faux righteousness. The more they break conventions, rules, laws and decency to go after Trump, and the more they out themselves as total duplicitous hacks using the government against their enemies-continuing a trend that was ubiquitous under the “scandal-free Obama administration” (he cried,) and the more desperate those acts become as they fail to bear fruit in terms of ruining the man and more importantly-keeping him off the ballot in 2024-the more likely it is that they will have no recourse in the final analysis but to do the same thing to Trump that they did to the Kennedy’s-JFK and RFK– and Martin Luther King, Jr.

Just to state the obvious-they-is our government. My plan here is to walk through the evidence that supports the premise that Wallace was in on the assassination plan because he was as pot committed as LBJ and J. Edgar Hoover were to see this plan come to fruition.

Hoover because JFK was not going to waiver his mandatory retirement date coming up when he turned 70 in 1964-which would result in his forced retirement from the government-exacerbated by his mutual hatred of JFK AG RFK. Hoover was also morally offended by the sexual-none too secret- “dalliances” of the Kennedy brothers and the messes left in their wake that he no doubt took particular delight in documenting for his “big black book,” think Marilyn Monroe, Judith Exner Campbell (mob boss Sam Giancana’s girl,) Ellen Rometsch, and dozens of others. He was also no fan of ongoing desegregation efforts, taking no small measure of delight consistently providing dirt and material to RFK on black leaders like Martin Luther King’s affairs and-finally-his total lack of interest in pursuing the mafia-fighting RFK every grudging step of the way at a time when RFK undertook a whole of government campaign to root out mob influence across America-particularly in the labor unions.

Hoover was more worried about communists, no doubt influenced to a great degree by his own tainting and close ties to the mafia via his vacations at their properties and successful racetrack betting aided by tips provided to him by those very same mobsters such as Frank Costello.  Hoover was also obviously acutely aware of the mob ties that he denied writ large and the path to wealth via the boot legging business that was followed by Joseph P. Kennedy and one of his partners-Costello-and had to know about the contract Costello had put on the elder Kennedy for disrespecting him that Kennedy sought out Sam Giancana’s help in canceling in exchange for help in the 1960 presidential election in Chicago and Illinois-via the unions-and the assurances given “Mooney” that the mob would achieve its goal to “have a man in the WH” as a result…

While LBJ was certainly about to be indicted as the Bobby Baker conviction for fraud wrapped up and the Billy Sol Estes agriculture grain scandal in Austin was close to the end state where he was going to prison. And the government-congress-was fixing to go after their “sugar daddy,” LBJ, who was rumored to be in consideration by JFK to be dropped from the 1964 ticket (once charges were brought.) I previously observed that JFK had been quoted as referring to LBJ as a man “incapable of telling the truth.”

It didn’t help when LBJ attempted to distance himself from both men, despite it being well known on the hill-the senate-that LBJ brought Baker in and empowered him, where he was eventually somewhat working as the “master of ceremonies” for events, legislation, the calendar and “schtuff,” a colloquial that encompasses Baker going from someone who couldn’t afford to rent a place to stay when he showed up, to being a multi-millionaire within a few short years: an expert in LBJ’s predilection to get a little bit of every deal for his “beak,” like some mafia Don.

While Sol Estes had-in the not-too-distant past (like mere weeks) -bank rolled LBJ fundraiser dinners-in DC and was one of his most generous contributors. With the team of Wallace-positioned in the Department of Agriculture-and Estes helping oversee agriculture grain allocations worked through the good offices of the former senior senator based out of Travis County, Austin, Texas, now number two man in the government, life was good, and the gravy train was consistently running and contributing to lavish lifestyles for all involved.

But Sol Estes started living like the gravy train would never stop, and when things took a downturn, it dawned on him-not being the most honest overseer of government programs-that there were tens of thousands of these government subsidized grain silos-and there was only one person actually keeping track of how many were full-and how many were distributed. Somewhat of a Ponzi scheme ensued and unfortunately for Sol Estes-there was an honest Department of Agriculture (DAG) investigator named Henry Marshall who smelled something stinky in Travis County and discovered that a large percentage of the grain silos that were supposed to be full-weren’t: all they contained was air, and yet-not only had they been sold as if they were (full,) but they had been “inadvertently” sold or distributed several times over.

Also, when it became noticeable and bad enough that those paying bribes to LBJ via Sol Estes to get favorable consideration for the grain allocations began complaining about paying “the required fee,” but receiving no grain, it also became apparent that these grain allocations were consistently going to those who could afford the fee, that is, wealthy Texas farmers, and not the “little people-” who could not afford the “carrying charges-” the program was intended to help: and it may not be a blinding flash of the obvious, but there is no fee under these taxpayer funded DAG programs-except in Travis County where there was a “beak fee.”

Brewing into a huge emerging scandal that slow rolled into a criminal trial for malfeasance that was about to get much, much more complicated as it morphed into a huge and obvious stinking pustule that led to LBJ as sure as the overstuffed ballot box 13 in the 1948 stolen Senate election that bread crumbed right back to LBJ’s doorstep.

Enter Mac Wallace, whom LBJ’s fixer-lawyer Ed Clark-asked to talk to Marshall to find out what price it would take for him to “slow his roll” and declare he was mistaken or whatever “humma, hummas” were required. But Clark made 2 mistakes in this silencing campaign. One is he mistook Marshall as the run of the mill, nickel and dime politician, judge, Travis County official that Clark was used to buying for LBJ: it had worked every time up to this point through either money, appointments, judgeships, whatever it took. He had never had a problem buying a solution, but Marshall was not cooperative.

His more serious problem was using Wallace as the messenger, despite him knowing that while he most often did good work, he almost always deviated from the plan-as evidenced by his murdering the golf pro some years earlier in such a blatant, clumsy and public way that he had no alibi or excuse, counting on raw political power to make it go away.

Wallace did not disappoint or surprise. His negotiation apparently did not go as planned judging by the results, as Marshall was eventually ruled to have suicided himself out on a remote part of his ranch by initially hooking up a hose from his truck exhaust inside the cab, and then apparently shooting himself in the side 5 times with a scoped, bolt-action hunting rifle: apparently a very determined man.

It was ruled a suicide in LBJ’s crooked Travis County, by a coroner coincidentally put there by Clark on behalf of LBJ. But there was a slight hitch in the giddy-up of the cover-up, as a Texas Ranger-Travis Peoples-who smelled a stinky story when he saw one, made it-along with the DAG workers who would not settle for such a miscarriage of justice-a quest to seek the truth for Marshall.

Ironically enough when they reopened the investigation, starting with the autopsy/coroner’s report, they found that in addition to exhaust poisoning and five gunshot wounds in the side, any 3 of which would have been fatal to the point of preventing the last two, they also found evidence of blunt force head trauma-serious enough-debilitating to the point of unconsciousness-which might have interfered with the first 3 shots-that was apparently missed/not reported in the original autopsy.

Wallace-who now lived in California at the time-might never have been a suspect if he hadn’t stopped at a nearby gasoline station to ask about directions to the Marshall Ranch, where the attendant chatted him up while filling up his car (back when they “did that-”) talking about California (his plates,) what brings him here-you know-small town, small talk with the former Texan Wallace. Seems somewhat innocuous and forgettable, unless you know that Wallace stopped at the same gasoline station and talked to the same attendant on the way out of town, informing him that he didn’t make it to the Marshall ranch, as he discovered he didn’t need to talk to him anymore.

The attendant-whether sharp or not-was likely able to put two and two together in a somewhat one-horse part of Austin that maybe Wallace would not have needed to talk to him because Marshall was unavailable, being suddenly dead in-between the two appearances at the gas station by the Californian. The conversation and meeting was memorable enough to generate a good composite picture of Wallace that was not exactly a puzzle to solve for Ranger Peoples.

Marshall’s death was refiled as a homicide and all signs would eventually point to the already convicted of one murder in Texas-Mac Wallace. Super lawyer Clark on behalf of LBJ was finding it very difficult to put the Genies back in the bottle-culpability for LBJ in the Baker and Sol Estes cases, and problems about to become public knowledge in the Marshall homicide case.

All problems that would likely go away if LBJ could somehow become president.

Which brings us somewhat full circle to the question of, what in the world of Waldo were Mac Wallace’s fingerprints doing in the sniper’s nest of the Texas Book Depository in Dealy Plaza the day of JFK’s assassination? What a colossal mystery of life. And-wow-it took 35 years for the incurious Dallas PD and FBI to hear that the prints matched because a private fingerprint expert was put on the case. And I say hear because when they looked at the prints, they did not find a match. Talk about stinky collusion, corruption and our government at its worst…

One can either believe that Wallace went solo and decided to take out JFK because he was a Marxist, or that Wallace was as pot committed as LBJ, Hoover and Clark on LBJ’s behalf, particularly Clark who was in for a huge payday (that Barr McClellan detailed in his Blood Money & Power) for his role handling the coordination.

One of the greatest ironies among the ironic threads comprising this complex, convoluted JFK assassination where myriad motives co-mingled and even more people willingly signed-up to do their part as momentum turned the impossible into a plausible alternative, is that I don’t believe that LBJ-Clark’s hiring of and Wallace’s actions killed JFK: and regardless, it was-in the final analysis-unnecessary.

I personally believe-based on the exquisite photonic scientific based analysis of Tom Wilson-and not just because it is somewhat my field of expertise (see a Deeper, Darker Truth: Tom Wilson’s Journey Into the Assassination of John F. Kennedy, or the full and complete History Channel series, The Men Who Killed Kennedy. As previously mentioned, there are nine parts in the original series, but in the continuing “conspiracy theories” that characterize the government coverup of the JFK assassination, lawsuits blocked televising the last three episodes that addressed the explosive information that included Wilson’s analysis, Judy Vary’s love affair with Oswald-and their work developing a fast acting cancer to kill Castro as a derivative of classified work in support of RFK that was somewhat disguised in the classified work to remedy cancerous causing Monkey Pox inadvertently introduced into Polio Vaccines, and more importantly-the case for LBJ in the assassination. Many who hear about these aspects of the “conspiracy theory” are puzzled as they believe they’ve seen “The Men Who Killed Kennedy,” but don’t know anything about these facts: That’s what makes it such an undeniable conspiracy, as the lawsuit blocked the release of the information and the threat of further lawsuits have blocked any media coverage since-only about 50,000 copies were released with all nine parts and they disappeared very fast, whereas millions of copies were released with just what is believed to be the “original” six episodes)) but his absolute photogrammetric positioning and validation of fit for the events that took place proves the kill shot was fired from the sewer drain and could not have come from the Grassy Knoll because the trajectory or bullet path was up from the horizontal-not down-by some ~15 degrees and also slightly left to right trajectory or path-wise in relation to the target movement and vector of the limo-which accounts for all the blood splatter and material hitting the rear road-side motorcycle police escort.

Wilson’s photonic analysis methodology was an early, emerging sophisticated version of computer aided graphics and grid mensuration techniques that had emerged at the time as the global positioning system solution but providing or solving the “Z” or height component of the precision challenge. Such techniques are now ubiquitous in dentistry (although largely based on LIDAR-Laser Imaging Detection and Ranging,) manufacturing, 3-d printing and precision parts fabrication, construction, and military targeting.

When tunnels are built underneath features like the English Channel, from Calais crossing from France to England, such grid mapping, charting, and geodesy techniques are what allows two engineers to punch a hole through and shake hands with crews from the other side at a place with centimeter accuracy.

Wilson discovered evidence that discloses the total number of shots in the available documented scenes and directly-and indisputably-proves the manipulation of the photographic and video evidence, including the famous Zapruder film. Which-according to Wilson’s photonics and photogrammetry analytics-places the video depicted limo position approximately 7.6 feet short of its position when the actual shot hit in order to fit everything in juxtaposition to the geometry of the pacing item-the head shot that killed JFK-which precludes-excludes the Grassy Knoll from being the shot location. Of course, also eliminating the Book Depository as well. Have you seen any of this evidence?

The media has heard about it, particularly Dan Rather-the original liar who started all the fiction about what he saw when he was one of the first to view the Zapruder film-and started on the cover-up. So has the LSMBTG, the government and any who are aware of the full story-the reason the History Channel named it “The Men Who Killed Kennedy” (vice the “man.”)

But it was a man…

Will we get the truth in this 60th year since it happened? Is it still possible to find the truth?

End of Part 3.

Max Dribbler

7 September 2023

LSMBTG: Lamestream media echo chamber (LMEC-L) social media (SM) big tech tyrants (BT) and government (G)

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