As we focus on the Middle East, terrorists are infiltrating the homeland

I believe in the notion that we can learn a lot from history and that if we don’t learn from it, we are condemned to repeat it.

So, as Americans are preoccupied with Hamas and Hezbollah terrorists in the Middle East and Israel’s newly declared war on them, I find myself increasingly worried about the 160 mostly young males listed on America’s terror watch list who were stopped so far this year by Federal agents from entering the U.S.—the highest number ever.

Actually, I am less worried about those 160 who were stopped than I am about the hundreds or perhaps thousands of young male terrorists who may be among the six or seven million migrants from 150 nations who have flooded into the country illegally since Joe Biden took office and decided to throw open our southern border.

“Terrorists and criminal actors may exploit the elevated flow and increasingly complex security environment to enter the United States,” the DHS conceded in its annual Homeland Threat Assessment report.

Do you think?

And this is where I look back at history and illustrate how history might repeat itself.

Let’s return to the year 1940 and the nation of Norway.

During late March of that year, Norwegian ski resorts were ecstatic when a large influx of young German males began arriving by train with their skis. They came in groups of three or four—all young, athletic young men carrying large bags filled with their ski equipment—ski poles, ski boots, clothes, etc. They traveled by train and bus to resorts throughout Norway.

Hotels in the Norwegian ski resorts filled up fast with the German skiers. The hoteliers were elated as for about two weeks, the German tourists hit the slopes and spent lavishly.

Then, on April 9, things changed dramatically. That was the date that Operation Weserübung—the German invasion of politically neutral Norway began.

German Troops Invading Norway April 9, 1940

The German “tourists” discarded their ski togs, put on their German army uniforms, and headed for local Norwegian governmental buildings throughout the country to successfully complete their little-known “silent” invasion of Norway.

Like many obscure events that occurred during World War II, I have only read brief accounts about this one and have not independently confirmed its total accuracy.

Nevertheless, those German infiltrators numbered just a few hundred, and they only spent a few weeks hiding in plain sight in Norway.

Today, in the United States, we have no idea how many terrorists have crossed our borders in the past three years to infiltrate and set up cells, but Border Patrol officials say it could be thousands out of the six or seven million migrants who have invaded our country since Joe Biden became president.

Border officials say since 2020, 1.5 million “getaways’ have entered our nation illegally. These are individuals who have essentially disappeared into our country. And authorities have no idea where they are.

It’s America’s version of Norway’s silent invasion–only in this case, our government is aware it is happening and even encourages it.

Some of the 6 or 7 million migrants who have entered the U.S. since 2020

According to former Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy, the Biden administration has allowed 99 percent of all migrants who have illegally crossed our borders to remain in the country.

That is absolutely unacceptable, given the dangerous world we live in today.

The U.S. is not tracking any of these people, even though there have been 659 Iranians, 538 Syrians, 1,613 Pakistanis, 30,830 Turks, 13,624 Uzbeks, and thousands of others who have entered the country with little or no vetting since January 1.

And yet, we have a president who still insists the greatest domestic threats to America are white supremacists and Trump supporters—not the foreign terrorists who have certainly infiltrated our country.

He and others in his regime ignore House Intelligence Committee members who say that there is clear evidence that the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard has been working with Mexican drug cartels to gain access to the U.S. through our open southern border.

For the uninformed, the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guard are the folks who have been training Hamas—the barbaric terrorist organization that just committed thousands of atrocities in Israel.

Hamas terrorists kidnap an Israeli woman.

That should be enough to make the most ardent open-border advocate sit up and take notice.

Sadly, it doesn’t.

Biden’s open border policy is nothing less than an invitation to those who hate us to enter our nation and kill us.

I hate making predictions, but given what just happened in Israel and given the 1.5 million “getaways” who are scattered coast to coast, it’s only a matter of time before we are attacked from within by terrorists—not by Republicans and others who support Donald Trump.

I fear the day when I wake up to hear that some huge shopping mall filled with thousands of Christmas shoppers has been attacked by terrorists.

Or that terrorists have launched hundreds of 122 mm rockets at the heart of big cities such as New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles.

Or that a stadium filled with 80,000 football fans has been blown up.

None of this seems farfetched to me in light of what we just saw happen in Israel.

When it does, we can thank our feckless president–not Trump supporters.


(Ronald E. Yates is a U.S. Army veteran, an author, a former Chicago Tribune foreign correspondent, and Professor and dean Emeritus of Journalism at the University of Illinois.)

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