If Not Us Christians, Then Who?

If Christians won’t stand up for and beside Israel, then who will?  As the Good Book says, our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the spiritual forces of evil itself.  We couldn’t see those evil forces more clearly than on October 7, as if they were livestreamed to us by the devil himself.


Yet I still hear voices of equivocation hesitant to condemn the evil deeds perpetrated against Jews, or just as bad, no voices at all.  Morality has become blurred.  The feckless, weak and demented occupant of our Oval Office who is pretending to be President gave a feeble condemnation of the October 7 pogrom on national television by mostly speaking about funding Ukraine, his favorite topic, one he shares with Sen. Mitch the Turtle (R-KY), neither man having ever been seriously accused of leadership in their lifetimes.


Moral dithering leads to more moral dithering.  Evil, however, doesn’t dither.  It stridently marches forward.  The horrifically sadistic actions by animalistic, islamofascist Hamas demons managed to uncover the dark underbelly of the “tolerant” left around the world.  Legions of likeminded demons have sprung up, as if waiting for this moment to make their presence known.  Finally, the opportune moment to vent their hatred of Jews has arrived. 


Their virulent and violent anti-Semitism is being glossed over this very moment by an approving media.  A media that will take any pro-Hamas, anti-Israel piece of propaganda, ingest it without scrutiny, then regurgitate it to us as “news”.  The Fake News media has been spinning itself into knots trying to equate Hamas and Israel.  


The bully that is the Muslim world is being portrayed as the victim.  The brutal butchering of 1,500 innocent, unarmed civilian Jews makes one long for the good old days when islamofascists only beheaded one or two people in France to make a point about not depicting their “Prophet” Mohamed in cartoons.


But alas, the media has been caught with blood on its hands.  The Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, is demanding that the New York Times, CNN, Reuters and AP answer to having photographers embedded with Hamas during the terror attack of October 7.  From Breitbart News:

Netanyahu Demands Answers from CNN, NYT, AP, Reuters, on Embedded Hamas Photographers

“Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s administration is demanding answers from several prominent news agencies after criticism emerged of their photographers appearing to have been embedded with Hamas terrorists during the October 7 attack.”

Apparently, the media is no longer content standing on the sidelines being mere cheerleaders against Israel.  The free-lance photographers hired by these “news” organizations are known islamists that sympathize with Hamas.  Remind me, did the NYT’s hire Nazi cameramen to get the inside photos of the Holocaust?  Nothing better to Fake News than getting the first scoop.  I guess writing “Press” on the back of your shirt excuses you from the confines of human decency.  Fitting.  Very fitting.


Some are comparing the state of affairs now vis-à-vis Jews to the 1930’s.  Actually, it’s worse.  There had been no Holocaust with 6 million Jews dying in the span of less than a decade prior to Hitler.  People then were rightfully reluctant to believe such a horrific thing could be happening.  The Nazis tried to hide their crimes.  They knew they were wrong.  There was no internet, smart phones, or YouTube for instant livestreaming news back then.  We have no such excuse now, yet we have excuse-making all around the world.  Hamas is proud of its own evil deeds and advertised its atrocities live on the internet for all to see.  If you don’t see the difference between Hamas and Israel, you are blind.


However, there was some glimmer of hope and sanity thanks to the new Speaker of the House, Mike Johnson (R-LA), a Bible believer who ushered through a vote of censure on terror-loving anti-Semite Rep. Rashida “Taliban” Tlaib (D-MI) for her pro-Hamas and pro-genocide diatribes.  Her rhetoric has been so hateful that even 22 of her Democrat colleagues voted to censure her.  Of course, she protested, with crocodile tears, defending her use of the genocidal slogan, “From the river to the see, Palestine will be free”, which is a genocidal rallying cry for Israel and every Jew to be washed into the Mediterranean Sea.  She falsely claims its just a cry for Palestinian autonomy.  Kinda like, “Give me liberty or give me death”, I guess.  Apologies to Patrick Henry, R.I.P.


It seems the entire world has been ganging up on tiny Israel since the pogrom of October 7.  It’s no wonder, since there are only 16 million Jews in the entire world, whereas there are over 1 billion Muslims.  Talk about David vs Goliath.  But Israel, the only democracy in the Middle East, is the obstacle to peace and stability in the region, not Hamas, Islamic Jihad, Hezbollah, ISIS, Boko Harum or the Muslim Brotherhood?  Yet Israel continues to survive through one attack after another.  God bless ’em. 


Protests have erupted throughout Europe, the U.S. and even Australia (with shouts of, “Gas the Jews”) supporting Hamas and the phonies who call themselves “Palestinians”.  These people are mostly misplaced or displaced Egyptians and Jordanians, yet this made-up cultish people have drawn a cultish group of followers worldwide.  That cult is a violent, hateful and virulently anti-Semitic one.


With the entire world seeming to collapse onto tiny Israel, the only Jewish state, who is standing in solidarity with its people?  Few, if any.  Dietrich Bonhoeffer, the German Christian pastor who sounded the alarm on the Nazis in the 1930’s must have felt as lonely as many of us Christians do.  The Christian church in Germany then fell silent initially, then joined the Nazi regime in a new fake Christianity that rubber stamped Hitler’s policies.  Bonhoeffer stood up to the Nazis virtually single-handedly and paid the price with his life.


The mass Nazi rallies didn’t scare Bonhoeffer.  He spoke the truth regardless.  The mass pro-Hamas rallies occurring around the world should not scare today’s Christians either.  We also must speak the truth.  Unlike today’s Gazan’s, who have no historic claim to the land they occupy, Israel has inhabited their own homeland for thousands of years.  You can’t name an ancient Palestinian king because there were none.  But the King of Israel, David, ruled the country of Israel thousands of years ago and he wrote the majority of what is now known as the Psalms of the Old Testament.


Psalm 83 is a grim reminder that history and God are on the side of Israel, and that this is not the first time Israel’s enemies have surrounded and threatened it en-masse.

1 O God, do not keep silence;
    do not hold your peace or be still, O God!
For behold, your enemies make an uproar;
    those who hate you have raised their heads.
They lay crafty plans against your people;
    they consult together against your treasured ones.
They say, “Come, let us wipe them out as a nation;
    let the name of Israel be remembered no more!”
For they conspire with one accord;
    against you they make a covenant                                                                                the tents of Edom and the Ishmaelites,
    Moab and the Hagrites,
Gebal and Ammon and Amalek,
    Philistia with the inhabitants of Tyre;
Asshur also has joined them;
    they are the strong arm of the children of Lot…                                                              13 O my God, make them (your enemies) like whirling dust,
    like chaff before the wind.
14 As fire consumes the forest,
    as the flame sets the mountains ablaze,
15 so may you pursue them with your tempest
    and terrify them with your hurricane!
16 Fill their faces with shame,
    that they may seek your name, O Lord.
17 Let them be put to shame and dismayed forever;
    let them perish in disgrace,
18 that they may know that you alone,
    whose name is the Lord,
    are the Most High over all the earth.


When God is for you, who can be against you?  Now is not the time for Christians to get weak in the knees.  Instead, bow your knees only to God, not to His enemies.  Prayerfully support Israel.  Christians, stand firm with our sister Israel, God’s treasured ones. 




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