It’s Us Vs. Them (again)

The contrasts cannot be clearer or greater.  The differences between true Republicans and Democrats have not been this evident since 1860.  As everyone knows full well, the Republican Party was birthed out of the evil and depraved indifference of the Democrat Party to human suffering.  Today’s Democrat Party has not changed one iota in its clinging to that same depravity and lust for absolute power.  It’s truly sickening.


Case in point, the Democrat Party’s insistence on disobeying the Rule of Law, our Constitution and ignoring our very own national sovereignty by demanding our borders, especially our southern one, be wide open to every Tom, Dick and Harry that can crawl their way here and drag themselves over the finish line, our national border.  Democrats insist on this lawlessness in spite of, or perhaps because of, its deleterious effects not only on our citizens (whom they apparently hate), but on the illegal aliens they beckon to our shores with their siren calls of disaster.


Democrats care not about the human misery caused by their open border policies.  If they did, our fake president wouldn’t have opened the border in the first place, then wait for an election year to pretend he cares.  What they care about is raw power, theirs not yours, and the bigger the influx of undocumented Democrats, the better.  If they have to denigrate the citizens of Texas and their governor (and every other American) in the process, so be it.  Whatever it takes.


So many fools slavishly (pun intended) follow the lead of their Dem party leaders without taking the time to think what effects those policies will have on them and their fellow Americans. 


Resident Brandon’s open borders policy is devastating the entire country in so many ways.  For a supposed leader to flaunt the laws he’s sworn to uphold so openly and flagrantly sends a very pointed message to everyone around the world who is watching, “If I can break the law, so can you”.  No wonder our crime rate is sky rocketing.  If governors like Newsom and Resident Brandon openly condone lawlessness, why not anyone else?  The criminal class, our own and foreign, is taking note and taking action.


Just watch how arrogantly illegal aliens can beat NYC cops, get released from jail with no bail thanks to a Dem DA, then flip their middle fingers at all of America, much like Amtrak Joe himself is doing.  What other nation would allow Americans to do this in their country?  Spoiler alert: None.


Contrast that to the image of Good Samaritan Daniel Penny last year stopping a violent repeat criminal in the NYC subway and being arrested by the pro-criminal DA Alvin Bragg, for his troubles.


Yesterday, even CNN anchors were stunned into silence when they learned that illegal aliens actually get arrested and go to jail for criminal behavior…in Florida.  They embarrassingly just couldn’t understand why enforcing laws keeps Florida safe, unlike in New York where victims are prosecuted, and criminals are freed.  You have to watch this clip:


This is what the Resident of the United States and his sorry excuse for a political party have spawned.  Illegal aliens think they have the right to come here without our permission, abuse our legal system and our police, take social/healthcare/education/welfare services that they haven’t earned nor are entitled to, then like any good Democrat, demand even more just because our current “leader” can’t fight his way out of a wet paper bag.  Is this what our Founding Fathers envisioned for our once great country?


The Mumbler/Bumbler/Fumbler-in-Chief then attacks a sovereign state, its governor and its citizens, for stepping in and doing the job of protecting the country that said Mumbler is supposed to be doing.  What’s his response when Gov. Greg Abbott of the great state of Texas doesn’t back down?   El Jefe, Dr. Demento sues in federal court to allow him to continue breaking the law then complains that he needs new legislation in order to ignore that new law the way he ignores the current law.  If you can understand any of the words that he mumbles and garbles and spits out in this video, you’ll know that Brandon already has the power to shut down the border and do anything else to enforce our current immigration law, if he really wants to (he doesn’t).  Watch:


Democrats live in their own world, separate and apart from reality yet able to inflict their disasters on the rest of us who don’t share their bizarro, Twilight Zone world view.


The true Republicans mentioned earlier does not include the usual suspects of assorted RINOs and establishment types (Lankford, Graham, Thune, Romney, et al) found throughout The Turtle’s Senate ranks.  Those fake Republicans are colluding with their fellow open borders Democrats to pull a fast one on the American people by proposing a dressed-up amnesty bill no different than the failed amnesty bills of the past.  This “border security” bill increases legal immigration, foreign work visas, turns even more Border Patrol agents into nannies, calls for more judges to process more fake asylum seekers and does not one single thing to seal up the border, thereby incenting even more illegals to our shores.  This “border security” bill buys us a secure border like an Obama $3 bill can buy you a cup of coffee.


Have you wondered recently where all the hundreds of thousands of Muslim pro-Hamas protesters suddenly appeared from nowhere on our streets, blocking access to various airports and businesses, demonstrating against Israel, against America, against our middle east policies and against our laws and police?  Think illegal immigration. 


Resident Joe “Jefferson Davis” Biden is threatening civil war with Texas, if Gov. Abbott continues to protect his and the U.S.’s border with Mexico, even though Article 4, Section 4 of the U.S. Constitution specifically requires that,

“The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion;…”


However, patriotic governors Stitt (OK), DeSantis (FL) and others are offering to bolster Texas National Guard troops with their own NG troops to fend off the feds.  The Democrats seem all too eager to start and lose another Civil War, like they did last time.  They’ll lose this one just as badly as they did that one.


Don’t fall for Biden’s or the Democrat’s election year conversion to border security.  Their newly found love of country, border security and national sovereignty is phonier than that Obama $3 bill.




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