The Left Wants to Shred the Constitution; For the Right, It’s the Difference Between Freedom and Tyranny

I don’t typically agree with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. about anything, but I was struck by comments he made during a March 2021 podcast entitled “Truth.” Recounting an experience he’d had at a recent political rally in Berlin, Kennedy said, “I was shaking hands and I wasn’t wearing a mask. Nobody was. There were a …

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The Assault On America Is Coming From Within

U.S. Constitution

Last month, former Assistant Treasury Secretary Monica Crowley told Fox News’ host Jesse Watters the midterms will be “an extinction-level event” for Democrats. Crowley is right and the party knows it. Because there’s simply no defense for their epic abuse of power and the damage it has caused, party leaders have once again tapped the …

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Oprah Winfrey, Barack Obama, Bill Clinton Call on Joe Manchin to End Filibuster

One year into the unmitigated disaster that is the Biden presidency, Democrats are well aware they need a miracle to hold back a red tsunami in the upcoming midterms. The passage of the well-known “For the People Act,” best known as H.R. 1, could provide just the miracle they’re looking for. It should really be …

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