War Is Peace And Other Democrat Sayings



“War is Peace

Freedom is Slavery

Ignorance is Strength”

George Orwell, 1984


      You could be forgiven if you thought those slogans were written by the Democratic National Committee (DNC) rather than George Orwell.  These slogans of the nation state of Oceania written on the walls of the Ministry of Truth represent the total control “The Party” has over the people of George Orwell’s nation of Oceania.  Keep the people united against a foreign enemy so they are too preoccupied to understand their enslavement to government and the dumbing down through government schools that create little pro-government robots out of the citizenry.  This Doublethink fits today’s Democrat party to a T.


      The Brandon regime led us to believe that it had listened to the people and disbanded their version of the Ministry of Truth, the DHS’ Disinformation Governance Board and fired its Chief Propagandist Nina Jankowicz.  They may have formally disbanded it, but the administration, all its lackeys, the Democrat party and its media have continued the important work of this board.  Why create a formal board when your party minions and your media can do the same work without all the scrutiny and oversight?  That fact was never more evident than this week when our economy entered into a state of recession by traditional definitions of a recession, two quarters of GDP shrinkage.


      The regime quickly went to work disabusing us of our faulty definition of a recession.  Silly us.  They even trotted out Big Brother Brandon himself, fresh from his latest bout of double vaxxed, double boosted COVID, to tell us that this doesn’t sound like a recession to his plugged-up ears.  Don’t believe your eyes or ears, believe his dementia-addled delusional ones.

      No matter how much they spun, Humpty Dumpty’s men couldn’t Build Back Brandon’s Broken economy again.  We’re in a recession.


      Remember, this is the same Brandon who told us last year that inflation was transitory. The same Brandon who tells us he’s doing everything he can to lower gas prices as he continues to do everything he can to cripple the fossil fuel industry in this country.  The same Brandon who told us that sanctions would deter Putin from invading Ukraine.  The same Brandon who denied he ever said that sanctions would deter Putin from invading Ukraine.  The same Brandon who told us Russia sanctions would hurt Russia, as the Ruble’s value soared and the Dollar’s shrank.  The same Brandon who told us the deadly debacle of an Afghan withdrawal went well.  The same Brandon who told us he was simply following Trump’s Afghan withdrawal plan, while upending every other Trump plan and policy.  The same Brandon who told us time and again that he never spoke to Hunter, the smartest person he knows, about his overseas business dealings.  The same Brandon who told us Hunter’s laptop was Russian disinformation.  The same Brandon who told Hunter that he was in the clear in a NYT piece about his overseas business dealings.  Are you starting to see a pattern here?


      Even Dementia’s National Economic Council Director, Brian Deese told us that a recession is defined as two quarters of negative GDP,

“…of course economists have a technical definition of recession, which is two consecutive quarters of negative growth,”   

      Oops!  That was way back in 2008 when Deese was working for Hillary Clinton’s first failed presidential campaign.  Never mind.  That was the old Brian Deese.  The new, modern-day Brian Deese says (emphasis mine),

“Well, we’re certainly in a transition, and we are seeing slowing as we all would have expected. But I think if you look at the full data and the type of data that NBER looks at, virtually nothing signals that this period in the second quarter is recessionary.”

      Bear in mind, he said that with a straight face.  No kidding.


      Like dutiful minions, the editors of Wikipedia have locked the newly revised, Biden friendly definition of a recession in place with no other editing possible (emphasis mine).

“Although the definition of a recession varies between different countries and scholars, two consecutive quarters of decline in a country’s real gross domestic product is commonly used as a practical definition of a recession. In the United States, a recession is defined by the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) as “a significant decline in economic activity spread across the market, lasting more than a few months, normally visible in real GDP, real income, employment, industrial production, and wholesale-retail sales.”


      None of this Newspeak should be a surprise to anyone.  Although it has intensified lately, the left has been manipulating language for decades to favor them and deceive the masses.


      Gay used to mean happy.  Now it means homosexual.  But I haven’t seen too many happy homosexuals lately.  Our Founders used to be revered.  Now they are hated and just some old dead white men who were slave owners.  Their statues should be toppled, and their names removed from schools and history books along with their ideas.  Riots used to be violent.  Now they are mostly peaceful.  Open homosexuality and transgender freaks are great for good order and discipline in the military.  Women are the physical equals of men and therefore should be in the infantry, Rangers, SEALS, Special Forces and all front-line combat arms units. You know, like all the major sports leagues.  It’s worked nowhere else, but it will work here, believe me.


      Check out this Army training video.

      Ok, not quite there yet but getting close.

      The Democrat party and its leftist media tell us drag shows can be child friendly.  They tell us boys can become girls and men can become pregnant.  The Brandon regime has threatened funding of government schools that don’t go along with transexual indoctrination.  We’re told an open southern border is actually secure.  Ballot stuffing, ballot bundling, ballot harvesting, 100% mail-in balloting with no signature verification or ID requirements are all signs of free and fair elections.  Spending trillion$ more and raising taxes in the middle of a recession an economic “transition” will bring inflation down.  Defunding police leads to lower crime rates by reimagining policing.  The FBI and DOJ are incorruptible as they lose Hunter’s laptop, quash all investigations into Hunter’s overseas business dealings, look the other way from BLM and Antifa violent racketeering, name whiteness as the biggest domestic violence threat, investigate Trump and parents and interfere with national elections on behalf of one party.


      The Democrat party has mistaken us for the slaves of Oceania.  Their army of mind controllers and Deep State goons cannot convince us to believe 2 + 2 = 5, but they’ll keep trying.  Their Big Brother Big Tech “telescreens” will never capture every moment of our independent thoughts and actions.  We will not succumb to Doublethink.  We will not succumb to the Thought Police.  Never.  We will remain free.  1984 was written as a warning to mankind.  Democrats are using it as a roadmap to their future.  Freedom is slavery and ignorance is strength, indeed.  Rest in peace, George Orwell.




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