Yes Mr. President, We Are In A Recession

The Biden administration says that we are not in a recession. Historically, two consecutive quarters of negative GDP is the criteria for a recession.  Perhaps the President may be correct except for the fact we have, “Seven Recession Red Flags Waving Right Now!” Besides this pattern there are other red flags pointing to a further …

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The Biden Administration Easily Demonstrates How to Destroy an Economy

The easy answer on how to destroy the U.S. economy is to do what Biden and the Democrats are doing now. A longer answer is to flagrantly violate the laws of economics – even those taught at the most liberal universities. The most comprehensive way to destroy an economy is, simply, to act counter to commonsense and every historical precedent for all of recorded history.

War Is Peace And Other Democrat Sayings

No matter how much they spun, Humpty Dumpty’s men couldn’t Build Back Brandon’s Broken economy again.  We’re in a recession.

Biden Administration Propaganda on the “R” word

When is a recession not a recession? When there’s a Democrat in the White House! The Bureau of Economic Analysis is scheduled to release the first guesstimate of real gross domestic product for the second quarter on Thursday, July 28th; the second guesstimate is scheduled for Thursday, August 25th, and the third for Thursday, September …

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