United States of Africa; A Dark Comedy in the Desert; When Killary went to War.


In the vast desert of geopolitics, where dreams are as fleeting as a sandstorm, Muammar Gaddafi dared to dream big – a United States of Africa big. But, alas, the world wasn’t ready for that level of geopolitical Netflix and chill. Enter the U.S. and its NATO buddies, swooping in with all the subtlety of a democracy missile.

Picture this: the 2011 Libyan Civil War, a plot twist in the Arab Spring series. Gaddafi, playing the role of a dictator in distress, faced off against rebels while NATO flexed its military muscles, enforcing a no-fly zone – because nothing says ‘humanitarian intervention’ like a well-timed bombing symphony.

Cut to October 2011, and Gaddafi’s grand finale. Reports suggest that NATO’s aerial choreography turned his convoy into a diplomatic demolition derby. Our protagonist ends up in a drainage pipe, fashionably hiding like a Bond villain waiting for his final act. Didn’t Saddam have a hidey-hole too? Is this a trend?

But, oh, the saga continues. Enter Hillary (Killary) Clinton, the diplomat with a grin that could launch a thousand ships or, in this case, airstrikes. “We came, we saw, he died,” she declares, adding a chuckle for dramatic effect. A Shakespearean tragedy? More like a Tarantino screenplay. Thankfully captured for posterity and still available on YouTube. https://youtu.be/6DXDU48RHLU?si=yz-VdJCKBB0w3c2K

Now, pause for suspenseful music. Gaddafi’s fate was sealed by rebel forces on the ground, playing the role of unsung heroes or geopolitical vigilantes, depending on your perspective. It’s the kind of story where everyone’s got a motive, and the script is more unpredictable than a climate change conference.

As the curtain falls on Gaddafi’s desert drama, we’re left with a lingering question. Did the U.S. and NATO assist in a geopolitical assassination? Well, thankfully I’m not a lawyer; so that’s a legal rabbit hole we won’t venture into today. The grand theatre of international politics – where dreams crumble like sandcastles, drainage pipes become hideouts, and sometimes, just sometimes, the punchlines are darker than the nights over the sands of the United States of Africa

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