Joshua And Judges

     Joshua and Judges. We fight in wars for a variety of reasons, some justified and some not. A lot of weight should be placed on justification when often, wars are fought solely to distract, or to take something, like land. All countries that engage in warring against other countries do it for the same reason, but for different motives, like regional disagreements over what a country does with its resources, or the abuses of its citizens, and many other reasons, with or without justification. 

     We fought a war against slavery in our own land, divided by the same thing that is happening right now with an ideology that is trying to destroy institutions, change culture to the point of causing an extinction of our people. Why are we not fighting a war against those who are robbing our country of its most valuable resource: Children?

Some say that slavery wasn’t the reason the Civil War was fought, claiming that it was about states’ rights. Someone else can argue about that, somewhere else. The bottom line is that a war was fought that was caused by a big disagreement and a remnant not made whole in the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution, specifically the latter.

Was the Civil War justified? Sure it was, and it was the bloodiest war Americans fought in, brother against brother. I never knew why the term “Civil” was placed in front of “War” to mark a place in history, because it was nothing approaching civil. It also took decades to repair all the open wounds left in its wake. Reconstruction. As far as I’m concerned, it was a justified war against the evils of man. Slavery was the evil.

     The Book of Joshua is an interesting book that has value when deciding wars to be fought, and why. The Book of Joshua should be very instructive to anyone who chooses to pick up the Bible and read it. It is God’s instructions to Joshua to take and protect the land God gave the Israelites. It involves spies, deceit, defection, battle, all the elements of war. Joshua is the teaching that Judges follows up after his death showing the aftermath of the lesson. God directly intervened in Joshua to deliver lessons for future behavior, when God would not be intervening. In other words, the duty Joshua learned had to pass down through the ages, to fight to protect against the invasion of evil forces against the Israelites. In other words, God was teaching a valuable lesson to His chosen people, and He expected the lesson to be passed down, to protect against evil, to prevail over evil.

     God delivered the enemies to Joshua, told him what to do, and Joshua gathered his armies, and did as God commanded him. He told Joshua and his people to be brave and fight to protect what his people were given. After Joshua died, the Book of Judges takes over and tells the story about how some lessons got learned and others not, and how the decay and rot ensued in the promised land. Some battles were successful, just not taken to their completion, and after a while, the problem of the remnant left over caused the Israelites to be punished. Instead of a tribe defending their territory, they moved to a land they were not given Why? They didn’t learn the lessons God gave them. That is what I got out of Joshua and Judges, and every time I go back and re-read them, I learn more.

     That leaves me with some questions. What lessons have we learned? We have fought in many wars. Have we fought in wars that protect our rights and freedoms given to us, in the past? Sure we have. Have we also done as the Israelites, by not completing the task of protecting our most valuable assets, our children? Sure we have. We are living in that cesspool of evidence, to this day, and it appears only to be getting worse. We live in a time where up is essentially down, just like what George Orwell warned us about. God beat Orwell to the warning by several thousand years. So, why have we quit fighting justified wars, and, instead, chosen to allow our leaders to engage in wars that are only very expensive distractions, like Ukraine. That is not our war to fight. We are only there in a proxy war that began as a bunch of lies from Hillary Clinton’s mouth, and perpetuated by her mainstream media allies. It is an evil and costly distraction, especially for the people of Ukraine. And if we had honest and fair elections, it would have been avoided. Notice that I never said Putin was some saint like figure.

     Protect what is yours. Defend it with courage and defeat the enemy of your people. Defend your land from aggressors. Protect your people from the evil of others. Don’t let the pagan beliefs of others destroy your children, through their attempts to destroy what He gave us. They have used the devices of paganism and evil ritual to kill our children in the womb, They have been and are continuing to rot our children in the classroom, through the use of indoctrinating them against their own parents, who are the only ones who have the duty to raise their children.

They create evil ways to corrupt our once great founding idea of government; Replacing it incrementally through devices that, instead of rewarding good behavior, take from those who produce good and give it to those who don’t, in the name of lifting up those who will not lift themselves up. They make laws that restrict us in ways that they have no right to do, like punish us for trying to become equipped with the tools that help us defend ourselves against tyranny and evil. They want to use our own guilt against us, by making and using lies about how we destroy our environment, and rob the resources of our land, in their twisted bag of lies, that God gave us to exploit and improve our condition through the use of our own creativity.

     The people I am talking about who are against us have boldly stated their omission of God in their political platforms, and are against everything good and proper that we have learned by and through our Creator’s lessons and Commandments.

     What is the difference between us and the Israelites in the Book of Joshua and the Book of Judges? We did fight for those things, once. Why are we not willing to fight for them, now? It’s not good enough that the Supreme Court gave the right decision in Hobbs, because babies are still being killed. It’s only a step in the right direction.

It’s evil that we even have an agency, known as the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, mainly because it is used against the rights of free people to defend themselves against those who only wish to disarm us in order to enslave us. They are motivated by their ideological beliefs, which we know are founded in evil. Biden said that we would need F-15s and nukes to fight against him. For a sitting president to even say something like that is so reprehensible that it makes me sick we just laugh him off. And, for a sitting president, supposedly a Roman Catholic to be pro-abortion, that’s just heretical.

     I want to know what a real civil society is like. I know what we have, right now, is not that. When we know that those before us fought to protect what was right, and we don’t continue to fight for the same causes, what does that make us? We can’t leave this up to politicians, because we know their level of corruption, not all, but many. What we do have is a society that condones evil and seems to not look at the uncomfortable. Sounds like sinning, to me. All we are doing is lying to ourselves, and we should be hanging our heads in shame.

     It is not enough to say that we “will be” judged by our actions, but that we “are” being judged by our lack of respect of the lessons we were taught, and we will be judged harshly if we don’t change our ways. We need to repent our sins, and then undo the damage we caused from not obeying God’s lessons and Commandments. We have that duty. There is only one path to take, defending what is right. Some might say that is vengeance, but vengeance is an act after that fact, and one that requires we wait for the Lord to deal with them. Our enemy is already engaged in a war against us. We are the ones not defending what is ours. I have no desire to be forced to eat bugs instead of burgers, and let our children be placed at the sacrificial altar of Moloch. Do you?

     Our God is a loving God. He is also a jealous and wrathful God, if we don’t obey Him. If we can put the Ten Commandments in every courtroom, we can and should put them in our hearts, and live by them. Then we should fight for what is right, not leave it up to untrustworthy politicians and scoundrels. Shine the light over darkness.

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