The Philadelphia Inquirer and Their Writers Really Hate It When the Rule of Law Goes Against Their Police-Hating Views

Philadelphia Inquirer, Building

It is, of course, no surprise that most of the writers at The Philadelphia Inquirer hate the police. Columnist Helen Ubiñas, tweeted her great disappointment that former Philadelphia Police Officer Ryan Pownell should be reinstated, with back pay and restored seniority.

Terry Stops and Three Strikes Laws-(Pt 3, Broken Windows Policing)

This article is the third in a series about policing and public safety policy. Today, we’ll talk about “Broken Windows Policing.” Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani is widely and properly credited with cleaning up the mess his predecessor, David Dinkins left him. Giuliani in turn, credits Broken Windows Policing for his success. The …

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Terry Stops and 3 Strikes Laws-Time to Revisit Both (Pt 1)

Some time back, I remember listening to the David Webb Show** and he had on a retired NYPD Police Captain. His guest was pretty brutal in his assessment of the then Mayor of Gotham. His view was pretty close to mine, although not quite as salty. His words did however, provide the start point for …

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The Police Are Short-The Politicians Are Not Helping

Between the micromanagement, the 20/20 hindsight judgements and the “help,” from the politicians, people don’t want to be cops anymore. In an earlier post on AFNN I made the point that Body Worn Cameras (BWC) have, for the most part, been a positive for policing. More times than not, when an alleged infraction occurs, it …

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Once again, De-escalation training is needed for civilians, not for cops.

De-escalation training is not for people in mental crisis, and unless a suspect is willing to de-escalate, it won’t work. Again, according to our political betters, we need to teach the cops to de-escalate. Not the civilians. While on patrol last week I found this interesting article on what our great leaders (excuse me, just …

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