The Very Woke and Very Dangerous Pentagon

Austin Milley

       When you have spare time on your hands, it’s easy to waste that time doing fun things, unimportant things, nonconsequential things.  You usually find such time after you’ve worked hard to accomplish your tasks, usually ahead of schedule.  Having the time to do those silly things is a reward for completing your mission with …

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Donald Trump Invaded The Capitol This Week!!

Despite the best efforts of the Democrats to keep him out: building fences, beefing up the security forces, keeping hundreds of innocent Americans in prison as a warning that Congress was serious about keeping the Donald at bay, he showed up anyway. It was as masterful escapade, showing up disguised as Joe Biden

Is Russia-Putin-Threatening to Use Nuclear Weapons-Weapons of Mass Destruction-in Ukraine? And We Were Told the Bad Orange Man was Gonna Cause This!

President Biden, President Putin

Doesn’t it seem strange that with all the hysteria over war mongering politicians and presidents over the past 60 years-including the egregious treatment of candidates like Barry Goldwater-recall the LBJ political cartoon of Daisy Girl happily holding flowers on a sunny day when a nuclear detonation suddenly reflects in her eyes (two additional great candidate …

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