Biden’s SOTU Was a Lost Opportunity

In a speech that really needed to move the needle on President Joe Biden’s tanking approval numbers, his Adderall-fueled State of the Union address was filled with gaffes, lies and most significantly, his stubborn refusal to abandon his administration’s dangerous policies.

John Kerry Worried Ukraine Crisis Will Take World’s Focus Off Climate Change; Yes Really

“Now, it’s [the northern part of Russia] thawing and his infrastructure is at risk. And the people of Russia are at risk. And so, I hope President Putin will help us to stay on track with respect to what we need to do for the climate.”

How Wealthy New Englanders Fight #ClimateChange

It was last January that we noted the Westerly Ranch House project on one of my favorite shows, This Old House. The [ughh!] Magnolia Network is, this Saturday morning, running reruns of This Old House, season 41, originally broadcast in 2019-2020, a major, expensive, remodel of a home in Westerly, Washington County, Rhode Island. Westerly is a …

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