Liberals Beclown Themselves in Reaction to SCOTUS Decisions

Liberal reactions to the high profile decisions from the U.S. Supreme Court this week read like a parody account. On Thursday, the Court dealt a blow to affirmative action by invalidating race-based college admissions programs in favor of a merit-based system and the responses from many on the left were downright racist. Rev. Al Sharpton …

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The Supreme Court Destroys All Chances of Race-Based ‘Reparations’

It was 2003 when the Supreme Court released its decision in Grutter v Bollinger, 539 U. S. ____ (2003), in which a bare majority allowed the University of Michigan Law School to continue to consider race in its admissions decisions. Associate Justice Sandra Day O’Connor concluded, in something we have cited previously: We take the …

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Will We Keep Our Republic?

Benjamin Franklin

Ben Franklin famously said, “You’ve got a republic, if you can keep it.” That warning is particularly haunting now, because we seem on the verge of losing it – not from foreign invasion – not from revolution – but because we stopped caring about it.

Justice Alito Leaves UNC Lawyer Sputtering – Affirmative Action Destroyed

If Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito’s questioning of North Carolina Solicitor General Ryan Park, who is defending the University of North Carolina’s use of affirmative action in their admissions decisions, had been a chess game, I’m pretty sure the jurist would have announced, ‘Checkmate.’ Like a tiger toying with a kitten, Alito very efficiently struck what …

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Supreme Court; Final Days of 2021 Term

The final days of the 2021 Term of the United States Supreme Court greatly pleased conservatives of all stripes. One unifying theme found through the 4 largely 6-3 decisions are not just that the lefties are big mad and super upset about the outcomes, but the Court is returning to the constitution’s history, text and …

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George Soros: US Democracy Is Under Concerted Attack … By the Supreme Court and the GOP

Communist China

Like a modern-day Paul Revere, billionaire George Soros chose the occasion of the Fourth of July to deliver a dire warning to Americans: U.S. “democracy” is under attack by the Supreme Court’s “radical majority” and “Donald Trump’s Republican Party which placed those extremists on the Court.” In an op-ed published on globalist website Project Syndicate, …

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The Left Wants to Shred the Constitution; For the Right, It’s the Difference Between Freedom and Tyranny

I don’t typically agree with Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. about anything, but I was struck by comments he made during a March 2021 podcast entitled “Truth.” Recounting an experience he’d had at a recent political rally in Berlin, Kennedy said, “I was shaking hands and I wasn’t wearing a mask. Nobody was. There were a …

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Woke Companies Respond to Roe Overturn with Pledge to Employees


Although they’ve had nearly two months to absorb the blow of the Supreme Court’s overturn of Roe v. Wade, we knew the left would take the final ruling hard. And they did not disappoint. Progressives immediately took to the streets to protest this violation of their “rights.” Politicians, from President Joe Biden on down, distorted …

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SCOTUS Overturns Roe v. Wade; A Victory for Life

The Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade on Friday morning in a 6-3 ruling. This decision will return legal authority over abortion to the states.  “The Constitution does not confer a right to abortion; Roe and Casey are overruled; and the authority to regulate abortion is returned to the people and their elected representatives,” Justice …

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