Are we witnessing the end of democracy in the US?

Statue of Liberty

Shortly before President Joe Biden took office, Fox News’ host Mark Levin issued a warning: America was looking into the abyss. Several months later, Levin revised his message. We were in the abyss.  Ahead of the midterms, many of us anticipated that a red wave would soon wash over the nation to restore equilibrium – …

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George Soros: US Democracy Is Under Concerted Attack … By the Supreme Court and the GOP

Communist China

Like a modern-day Paul Revere, billionaire George Soros chose the occasion of the Fourth of July to deliver a dire warning to Americans: U.S. “democracy” is under attack by the Supreme Court’s “radical majority” and “Donald Trump’s Republican Party which placed those extremists on the Court.” In an op-ed published on globalist website Project Syndicate, …

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Communism’s Dirty Secret (Capitalism’s and Democracy’s as Well)

Communism’s Dirty Secret (and Capitalism’s and Democracy’s as Well) Communism is a utopian philosophy, summed up by the quote from Karl Marx in the figure above. Communism’s secret is that it requires virtue to implement. Its dirty secret is that communism does not teach, induce, or want virtue. But it requires virtue in two dimensions. …

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