The Second Amendment: Safeguarding Individual Rights and Lessons from History


In the wake of recent events that have sent shockwaves through our communities and across the globe, we find ourselves grappling with the age-old struggle between good and evil, often personified in the most unexpected individuals.

Is Justice in Philadelphia a Matter of the Color of Your Skin?

We reported, on October 5th, on the charges against Cody Monroe Heron, 26, the (alleged) numbskull who road raged against a delivery driver, who jumped on the trunk of her car, stomped out the rear window, showering kids in the back seat with shattered safety glass. Steve Keeley of Fox 29 News reported that the police-hating, George …

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Even in Liberal Philadelphia, Decent People Don’t Want the Junkies Next Door!

On September 14th, the Philadelphia City Council passed an ordinance to prohibit supervised drug consumption sites across most of the city. Outgoing Mayor Jim Kenney is appalled! Mayor Jim Kenney is vetoing a bill that prohibits supervised injection sites in most of the city Kenney’s move sends the bill back to City Council, which is …

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But It’s The Guns!

Gift From the Supreme Court

It’s not the object, the tool use to commit the crime. It’s the criminal who is not deterred who commits the crime. People generally don’t blame inanimate objects for the actions of the people who handle them. We don’t prosecute or sue General Motors for the criminal actions of the driver of one of their …

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Was Deep Space Nine Prescient?

It was a single paragraph in The New York Times which caught my attention: About 171,000 people living in California are homeless, a total that, stunningly, accounts for nearly one-third of all the homeless people in the United States. According to the Census Bureau’s July 1, 2022 guesstimates of population, California had 39,029,342 residents, out …

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