New Report: ‘Ukraine Making Big Gains Around Kyiv’ Over Last 48 Hours

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy has begun making the case that the tide of the war is turning. It’s difficult to know if a shift has actually occurred or if he’s misrepresenting the situation so the West will keep the supply of weapons and supplies coming. In the last 24 to 48 hours, reports from both …

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Putin Calls In a Favor From the Belarusian President


Wednesday marks the 28th day of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s ill-advised invasion of Ukraine. His high hopes for a quick victory have faded as the war appears to have reached a stalemate. The Russian Ministry of Defense does not reveal casualty numbers. However, for a six-hour period on Monday, the pro-Kremlin tabloid, Komsomolskaya Pravda, reported …

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Biden Democrats Playing Politics with Ukraine

The Biden Democrats are using the war to divert attention from Biden’s failures at home. Biden has not tried to mediate and push for a cease fire and settlement of the war.   Democrats have a history of playing politics with wars.   Why are the Biden Democrats now gung-ho to send weapons, money, and to get …

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Actually, Russian Cosmonauts Did NOT Wear Yellow and Blue Uniforms to Show Solidarity With Ukraine

Rumors began swirling through the western media on Friday after Russian cosmonauts arrived at the International Space Station wearing yellow and blue uniforms. The reports said they had chosen the colors to show their solidarity with the people of Ukraine. Given Russian President Vladimir Putin’s level of intolerance, this was considered to be an extremely …

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The Wisdom of a Seasoned War Correspondent

In the 1990’s, Steve Harrigan was an American student in Moscow when he asked CNN if they needed a translator. They did, and he was hired. He ended up in Grozny, the capital city of Chechnya, where he witnessed a precursor of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Here’s what happened there: “The 1999–2000 battle of Grozny was the siege …

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FSB Documents Allege Russian Invasion Derailed Xi’s Fall Plans to Takeover Taiwan

Might there be a silver lining to the Russian invasion of Ukraine? Documents allegedly written by an FSB (Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation, successor agency to the KGB) analyst claim that Russia’s disastrous invasion of Ukraine has ended Chinese President Xi Jinping’s plans to make a run at Taiwan this fall, according to Fox News. …

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Alas, the Best Outcome in Ukraine Now, May be a Relatively Quick Russian Victory

It’s hard finding an American, anywhere, who believes Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is a good thing. I’m no exception. War is ugly, and innocent people suffer as the pseudo-elites play their geopolitical chess games driven by power-lust, pocketbook and politics. This also isn’t about rooting for the “good guys.” For Vladimir Putin cannot be counted …

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Reconstructing History, Part 2: The Maskirovka of History

Reconstructing History, Part 2: The Maskirovka of History   Traditional wisdom is the state has a monopoly the power to enact laws and compel their enforcement. As the Commander of CJTF-180 in Afghanistan once told me, “that briefs well, but can you do it?” Over the relevant range of western civilization since the Treaty of …

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The World Is on Fire, Yet a New DNI, DOJ Threat Assessment Prompts DHS to Target ‘Domestic Violent Extremists’

The world is most definitely in crisis.  At pivotal moments in the past, nations would look to the U.S. to show the path forward. This time, however, the rudderless U.S. government is failing to provide the leadership the world needs so desperately and has come to expect. Ukrainians are being slaughtered indiscriminately by the Russian military, …

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Biden Repeats the Mistakes of Lyndon Johnson

LBJ was afraid to “provoke” Russia, even though Russia provided the weapons and some personnel for the Vietnamese to kill Americans. Biden won’t send MIG 29 planes to Ukraine because he is afraid it would “provoke” Russia which is slaughtering Ukrainians. Russia does not worry about provoking the USA when we have a weak president.