Laughing Off Critical Race Theory: Unpacking the Hype and Hypocrisy

CRT may have its supporters, but let’s just say it’s the quirkiest guest at the academic party. It’s time for a good-natured ribbing and some critical thinking about this buzzworthy concept.

2,000 Sociologists Enthusiastically Discredit Their Profession

Over 2,000 sociologists (and climbing), from some of the world’s most prestigious universities, have proudly signed a letter of support for Gaza after the October 7 attack on Israel. They accuse Israel, not the Palestinians nor their Hamas operatives, of genocide.

For What I Am Thankful

Their lives being so personally miserable, the Usual Suspects on the left want to make normal people’s lives miserable, too, combitching that the holiday should be renamed ‘Truthsgiving’, and too-numerous-to-count articles telling leftists how to ‘survive’ a family get-together in which an irascible uncle — or perhaps even most of the family — are, Heaven …

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Western Civilization Has Been a Great Boon to the Entire World, Even If the “Decolonizers” Hate It

The Nation is an American biweekly magazine that covers political and cultural news, opinion, and analysis from a ‘progressive’ perspective. With current articles like It’s Time for American Healthcare Workers to Stand in Solidarity With Gaza and “Made in America” Never Meant More Ethical, well, you get the picture. And now, just in time for …

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As Dumb As a Box of Rocks!

Sadly, while ignorance can be cured through education, there’s really no cure for stupid! I got this image via a tweet from Guy Benson, and it’s just shaking my head stupid. Just what do they believe that the ‘Palestinian’ Arabs think about “feminist values of protecting women and queer people of color”? According to Amnesty …

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